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Flooty Hobbs and the Jiggling Jolly Gollywobber Flooty Hobbs And The Jiggling Jolly Gollywobber Epub Author James W Dixon Polishdarling.co.uk Shadows In The Dark And Things That Go Bump In The Night That Is Flooty Hobbs And His Pals They Re Never Anything And Usually Much Less The Only Thing That Keeps These Guys Going Is Our Own Fear Of The Dark, But Tonight Our Bedtime Monsters Are In For A Big Surprise It Seems Someone Has Turned The Tale On Flooty And The Gang Look For An Unexpected Twist When They Are Confronted By A Jiggling, Jolly, Gollywobber Who Beats Them At Their Own Game You Will Enjoy This Comical And Entertaining Story That Tells Us What We Really Have To Fear When We Go To Bed At Nightnothing.