Chicago's Nelson Algren PDF ☆ Chicago's Nelson PDF

Chicago's Nelson Algren PDF ☆ Chicago's Nelson PDF

Chicago's Nelson Algren [PDF / Epub] ✅ Chicago's Nelson Algren ⚣ Art Shay – They met in 1949 when Art was a reporter for Life Shay followed Algren around with a camera gathering pictures for a photo essay piece he was pitching to the magazine Life didn’t pick up the article They met in when Art was a reporter for Life Shay followed Algren around with a camera gathering pictures for a photo essay piece he was pitching to the magazine Life didn’t pick up the article but Shay and Algren Chicago's Nelson PDF or became fast friends Algren gave Shay’s camera entrance into the back alley world of Division Street and Shay captured Algren’s poetry on film They were masters chronicling the same patch of ground with different toolsChicago’s Nelson Algren is the compilation of hundreds of photos—many recently discovered and published here for the first time—of Nelson Algren over the course of a decade and a deeply moving homage to the writer and his city read Algren and you’ll see Shay’s pictures; look at Shay’s photos and you’ll hear Nelson’s words.

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  1. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    I read this first a couple years ago October 2014 though I was aware as a midwesterner of many of these pics always; they were in galleries newspapers and so on I have it home again to look at as I plan to read some Algren this summer And I am trying to read everything I can get my hands on by Algren's decades long buddy and photojournalist Shay too Sets the tone a bit for the reading AND they are classic urban Chicago photographs I live in Chicago; I'm a person of a certain age who grew up with gritty socially conscious black and white photography And that kind of writing too in AlgrenUnfortunately at this very moment the cool cover photograph is not visible But inside there are many photos of Algren in his various haunts and some of just those haunts Street scenes bars Some of the Simone de Beauvoir photos are here too Scandalous A French Feminist philosopher The Second Sex which I read for important information when I was in my late teens who has a wild affair with the hard boiled profane American male writer News flash Read all about it Algren and Frenchie were two of the main subjects that made Shay famous in and out of Chicago But that's just a kind of outlier in Algren's and Shay's experience Most of this is economically disadvantaged street photography photojournalismShay writes the profane fun intro for his collection very chatty as if one one should be in a bar while looking at the book He likes to put in rave reviews of Algren and his own photography too which is only slightly annoying American myth making And ego But you forgive him finally because the photos are really that good Working class photography for the most part except when Simone comes to town Here's a lot of photos from the book worth at the very least skimminghttpswwwgooglecomsearch?arts

  2. Rich Farrell Rich Farrell says:

    Being that Damen and Division was my adult reintroduction to Chicago it was interesting to see how much things have changed and in some ways have not changed since Algren’s years in pictures As a fan of Algren’s work this was an interesting different view into his life Really it’s like imagining that Algren had an Instagram account these pictures function much the same way

  3. Heather Shaw Heather Shaw says:

    Chicago’s Nelson Algrenphotographs and text by Art Shay with a foreword by David Mamet Seven Stories Press 978 1 58322 764 0In 1950 The Nation Book Award presented its first awards and The Man with the Golden Arm by Nelson Algren was the winner in the fiction category The novel tells the story of a WWII vet with a heroin addiction who discovered a talent for dealing cards while in the service Just before the award Life magazine staff reporter Art Shay pitched a story and won an assignment to follow the writer around his South Side Chicago neighborhood Although Life dropped the piece drug addiction is a hard sell and a book with Doubleday dried up as well the photographer and the writer remained friends The photos taken with a Rolleiflex and a Leica follow Algren on his Schwinn peeking in windows hamming with friend Marcel Marceau listening to housewifely complaints contemplating an afternoon party girl speaking with lover Simone de Beauvoir yes she was married to Sartre While he was at it Shay snapped photos of waitresses children coffee breaks and bullet holes with eual measures of irony and joie de vivre Sixty years ago Algren wrote an introduction for this book that was never made titled If You Don’t Like These Pictures Get Your Own Damned Camera Don’t miss this wonderful book and be sure to read the captions Seven Stories also publishes most of Algren’s once out of print work

  4. Conrad Wesselhoeft Conrad Wesselhoeft says:

    Few novelists have captured the gritty essence of Chicago better than Nelson Algren 1909 1981 author of The Man with the Golden Arm and A Walk on the Wild Side And no photographer has captured Algren's love affair with the dispossessed of that city better than Art Shay one of America's leading photojournalists who died at age 96 in 2016 Here is Algren in the 1950s and '60s wandering a city of winos beggars addicts hookers pawnbrokers hucksters and gamblers and yet everywhere finding dignity humor honor and tenderness We see the all night cafes near Division Street the boxing clubs of Wabash Avenue the on the make and on the take characters of the demimondeLong ago as a kid wandering the bustling corridor between Union and LaSalle Street stations with my mother and sisters in the several hours between trains from Boston to Seattle I glanced down the old alleys and caught glimpses of Algren's fast disappearing Chicago I've returned to the city many times over the years but it's Algren's mix of gritty majesty tragedy and humanity so unapologetically reflected in the photography of Art Shay that sticks like a fine mortar in my memory

  5. Ginger Ginger says:

    David Mamet writes a short but commanding Foreward in this edition where he describes Art Shay's photos as having the Chicago accent Mamet describes Chicago as a city where after decades away he finds himself saying dese dem and dose tapping the other fellow on the forearm to make my point Mamet closes by saying Art's work feels like that guy tapping me on the forearm That statement really lit me up inside and I have to say I agree; Shay's photos feel like Chicago in a very personal and persuasive wayMany of the photos here are the same as it's predecessor Nelson Algren's Chicago Although the pictures are formatted uite a bit smaller and the overall uality of the prints are often not as good the pictures themselves are just as powerful and telling and often times present a slightly different frame or crop highlighting a new angle or detail A vivid glimpse at the gangways back alleys and sidewalks of Chicago

  6. Adam Adam says:

    Shay's photography is natch beautiful but he really does himself and Algren great service by sticking to the Chicago's Nelson Algren conceit Shay is no slouch as a writer either and he does a great job of showing how the city shaped Algren's sensibilities The opening preface is a great and tender recollection of a friend and never slips into elegy or sentimentality Nor indeed do the photos A must read for anyone who wants to see a picture of Marcel Marceau being thrown out of the Art Institute Or a photo of Simone De Bouvoir's naked ass

  7. Paul Paul says:

    I'm behind the curve when it comes to reading Algren's books but the I learn of him the enad I've become I'm a sucker for all things gritty and Chicago so viewing Shay's remarkable photos capturing the time and place of Algren captivated me Devoured the entire book in one sitting granted it's mostly pictures Highly recommend for those interested in a forgotten era of Chicago and an under appreciated literary giant

  8. Lish Lish says:

    Very interesting photos and essay of Nelson Algren by Art Shay What else can I say?

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