Paperback ✓ Big Rock eBook Ú

Paperback ✓ Big Rock eBook Ú

Big Rock ❰Reading❯ ➿ Big Rock Author Lauren Blakely – It's not just the motion of the ocean ladies It's definitely the SIZE of the boat too And I've got both firing on all cylinders In fact I have ALL the right assets Looks brains my own money and a big It's not just the motion of the ocean ladies It's definitely the SIZE of the boat too And I've got both firing on all cylinders In fact I have ALL the right assets Looks brains my own money and a big ckYou might think I'm an ahole I sound like one don’t I I'm hot as sin rich as heaven smart as hell and hung like a horseGuess what You haven't heard my story before Sure I might be a playboy like the NY gossip rags call me But I’m the playboy who’s actually a great guy Which makes me one of a kind The only trouble is my dad needs me to cool it for a bit With conservative investors in town wanting to buy his flagship Fifth Avenue jewelry store he needs me not only to zip it up but to look the part of the committed guy Fine I can do this for Dad After all I’ve got him to thank for the family jewels So I ask my best friend and business partner to be my fiancée for the next week Charlotte’s up for it She has her own reasons for saying yes to wearing this Big RockAnd pretty soon all this playing pretend in public leads to no pretending whatsoever in the bedroom because she just can’t fake the kind of toe curling window shattering orgasmic cries she makes as I take her to new heights between the sheetsBut I can’t seem to fake that I might be feeling something real for herWhat the fuck have I gotten myself into with thisBig RockBig Rock is a standalone dirty romance novel written from the guy’s POV by NYT Bestselling author Lauren Blakely.

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  1. Candi~Dirty Laundry Review Candi~Dirty Laundry Review says:

    Omg What a fantastic book Filled with LOL moments uirkiness sexiness sweetness and Spencer and his dirty talkin and his very BIGROCK This is a true romantic comedy that will leave you wanting of Spencer and Charlotte The friends to lovers or in their case fake lovers are just the best And this one is no exception There isn't one darn thing that I didn't love in this story It's one that captured me from page one and had me up into the early morning hours still reading It is now 3 am and I just finished and HAD to write this review I loved how the story was told from the male POV for the whole book It was different and it was done brilliantly Spencer might come off as cocky arrogant or the playboy type Well actuallyhe is But that's what makes him Spencer He's absolute perfection And Charlotte She's sexy and confident She's the whole damn package So basically we have Spencer and Charlotte True best friends and business partners A certain situation comes about where him and Charlotte have to act as an engaged couple for one week Spencer's heart is in the right placeand soon his big rockwill be in all the places The faking it leads to them having a week long sexcapade While thinking they are still just friends and will be able to both end things after the week is up But during this time lines are blurred rules are broken and feelings have developed Will these two be able to go back as just BFFs minus the whole benefits thing? Or will one or both realize that what they want is forever? Or will it be too late? Well you're just going to have to read to find out I'd like to point out on how much I loved the family dynamic It is so refreshing to read about a normal loving supportive family With no baggage or demons or disturbing pasts Now don't get me wrong I do love those But it's so nice to read about the happy ones too And I just absolutely LOVED Spencer's dad I don't think I ever wrote about a character's dad He's amazing And I loved his and Spencer's time together As well as his sister Harper I think she needs a story of her own I'd be happy with a novella even This book from the first time hearing the title and then seeing the cover caught my eye and attention I knew it was going to be something special And it has become my favorite Lauren Blakely book It's no secret that Lauren writes some of the hottest books and the sexiest of men But to be able to still do all that and lighten a story up and add humor And to write one of the best books I've read this yearwell that my friends is pure excellence This is sexy rom com at its best And a definite 1 click

  2. Angie - Angie& Angie - Angie& says:

    Oh My Goodness melts with pure delight That was sooooooooo sweet That was pure delectable sugary goodness for my bookish soul It was such a pleasureful read it made me fall in love with Lauren Blakely all over again My word Spencer is he's as sweet and as sexy and as perfect as can be I feel like someone's breathed life into me as a reader Big Rock was refreshing and did nothing but make me smile and giggle and FALL in LOVE with reading and this sweet friends to lovers story line Everything was perfect Absolutely PERFECT There was nothing was over the top There was no crazy dramatic drama No drawn out dilemma's The characters were entirely relatable completely lovable and unbelievably heart warming And the steamy scenes were HOTTTTTT I mean WHOA WHOA WHOA This author can write some hella hawt scenes I was fanning myself in smutty heaven And then to top it off to add the cherry to the already yummy sundae I got a swift kick in the feels Not only were the steamy scenes hot they were heart tugging and AHHHHHHH screamsGod I loved it I just LOVED this sweet little romance It's the perfect book when you want to feel good When you don't want to be bogged down by angst pain and over the top storyline's When you just want a book that is soothing and happy Spencer is a GREAT guy He's so sexy it's ridiculous With his adorable grin sexy as hell smirk and funny one liners I just LOVED him He's not an asshole at all He's a gentleman who knows he's hot who knows he brings a lot to the table and instead of using all that to be pompous or arrogant he does the opposite God like I said before it's so refreshing I loved reading about a hot rich well endowed man who's a GREAT GUY and not an absolute arrogant ass I mean he has a great family and great friends and he is just all around AMAZING person I LOVED that Then we add Charlotte to the mix a successful sweet and lovable woman who is sexy as sin easy to talk to isn't high maintenance and for me the combination of her and Spencer was a win The dynamic between those two is pure perfection The banter is hilarious and seamless It's all so natural Every thing about these characters give this delicious little romance it's own heart beat The pages have a pulse They breathes life into you the reader and immediately you're invested in this story and these characters GAH I'm over the moon in love If you're looking for something light and sexy fun and romantic then this is for you It's absolutely one of my faves of Lauren's and I am so ready for Nick's book it's not even funnyOverall there wasn't a scene or a sentenceor a single thing I would change I just LOVED it I LOVED it so much

  3. Karen Mc Karen Mc says:

    Fun flirty flaming hot and fabulous Big Rock lights you up with laughter and heats you from head to toe touching your heart along the way Big Rock is seductive sinful sexy and one super amazing package You’ll devour Lauren Blakely’s latest sensation Big Rock with a voracious hunger taking all of it in as it’s that delicious and decadent Big Rock is simply the perfect fit for the lover ofromantic comedies and steamy storiesTypically I’m not a fan of single point of view POV stories as it’s hard to capture the viewpoint of both leading characters when only one is speaking However Big Rock is written in a refreshing and melt your panties male voice with a fine tuned and detailed storyline entailing countless character thoughts and dialogue making Lauren Blakely’s execution of the single POV flawless and fabulous Before you dig in and go put that BIG Rock into your lap perhaps have a few pairs of panties on standby and maybe your own man boy toy or battery operated toy handy as well This super sexy story steams up your e reader delivering heat to your head right to your lady parts Holy hot How can you not love a scorching story with a first line like this one?“My dick is fking awesome”Skip down just a few lines on the first page“You don’t want to ride a miniature pony when you can saddle up on a rock star cock at the rodeo of your pleasure”OMGiggles Barely into the book I was already contemplating a shower to cool off my body that was suddenly on fireMoving on to just the second page the fire burning through my body uickly became an inferno“When it comes to my best asset all I want you thinking about are these words long thick smooth hard If the Renaissance masters were carving sculptures of cocks mine would be the model for all of them”You get the BIG picture Big Rock is big HOT Smoking Smoldering Multi nightclub owner Spencer Holiday is one ultimate alpha who is locked and loaded with a weapon that packs a nearly foot long powerful punch Dark haired blue eyed chiseled and muscular Spencer is over six feet of man candy with a BIG rock or weapon of mass destruction that ladies of NYC line up to sample This young and rich playboy works his BIG rock like a fine tuned guitar slow steady hard fast an instrument that performs to perfection It’s too bad his BIG rock has to go on lock down while Spencer plays the part of the good guy a gentleman a one woman guy a family man It’s time to find a fake fiancé to impress a potential buyer for his father’s jewelry store empire “Ouch I’ve just handcuffed my favorite appendage for the next few weeks But that’s okay I can do this I can pretend to be engaged I can put my dick on ice So to speak”What better woman to play this role than his beautiful best friend Charlotte Rhodes?? They have already faked a relationship before to rescue each other from bad dates How hard can it be? The chemistry is electric so no faking that part A few weeks of pretend and then back to normal “Charlotte and I can both appreciate each other’s appearance That’s one of the great hallmarks of our friendship I can acknowledge she’s a babe and she can do the same with me and we’re still all good That’s why she has to be my pretend fiancé”The problem is that Spencer does not realize nor could he fathom just how Charlotte would make his BIG Rock want to come out of hiding and playHARD “Charlotte is kissing me On the streets of New York Her lips on mine She tastes fantasticI want to tug off those panties sink into her heat But she’s my best friend and I can’t do that”Lines are blurred Feelings are forming What begins as a game starts to become and feel real “All I want is of this fake kissing More tongue lips teeth More contact More her Exactly what I can’t be wanting”When a secret unfolds and a tornado of trouble starts spinning their way the game may be over soon Spencer may have dug himself into a mess bigger than his BIG Rock I love a well written friends to lovers story and Big Rock delivers the goods Lauren Blakely is a master at romantic comedies humor and heat that soar through the pages in stories that are achingly addictive A playful and mesmerizing masterpiece that pulls at your panties and tugs at your heart this book is pure pleasure I still want a longer play date with my BIG Rock Lauren Blakely has banged out another BIG hit that leaves you hungry for ROCK Go grab your Big Rock now and devour himI meanitthis brilliant bookFive BIG and brilliant starsARC provided to Bookalicious Babes Blog for an honest review

  4. Wendy& Wendy& says:

    5 Male POV Friends To Lovers Win Spoiler Free This is the Stand Alone that started all those Sexy Men Books by Lauren Blakey 142017 12212015There is nothing better than picking up an author's book and knowing you are going to have a terrific read When I read Lauren Blakely I know for sure a couple of things are going to happenThere will be men who know how to whisper in your ear all the naughty things you need to make you feel wanted and hotThere will be men who can then back up all those teases with the real dealThere will be women who will not stand for being taken for granted or disrespectedthey are complete in their careers and have a pretty strong sense of who they aremeaning they can give as good as they getBoth characters will have personalities which work maybe a uirk or two maybe not but they will have hearts and be people we would want to knowAnd most of all when the story hits just right it is because of a terrific lead up to the event There has been banter joking touching and just being together in other ways than sexual So when the main event takes place for these two characters everyone involved is primed for it meaning not just the characters but the reader as wellBig Rock is a perfect example of this type of book From the obvious teasing cover Spencer Holliday is presented to us in all his glory Our minds have this image of a stud half covered with a sheet and in our mind's eye we think we can see what he is sportingand we are not ashamed about it as it is presented to us from the start in the first conversation Spencer has with us He is proud of his euipment and proceeds to explain all that he has done with it and how well it has served the women he has been with and him He also breaks the mold of the usual sob story of woo is me never learned to care for anyone because my family is so messed up hence my playboy ways reasons Nope Spencer comes from almost a perfect family has been educated at top schools and is a very successful businessman Oh and he is charming loves his family and has a best friend as a partner in their 3 barsOh did I mention his best friend co owner of the bars is a womanYup his best friend is Charlotte They met during college and have been friends through various boyfriends for her and hookups for him Both followed their own business path and at the right moment became partners in starting their bar businesses This has worked perfectly; they have movie nights hang bullshit and can feel free and easy with each other with never a moment of weirdnessWe even are there to see how all of this works when Spencer sees a fella start to come and hit on Charlotte when she is deep in work mode not wanting to be disturbed Faster than the guy can get out a line Spencer is by Charlotte's side touching her arm and letting the guy know this woman is his fiance and isn't he Spencer lucky After the guy leaves the two of them banter a bit and then say goodnight Easy right good friends and business partners What happens is a perfect storm; Spencer's dad is looking to sell the Jewelry Business to this conservative buyer Spencer's reputation of being gossiped and pictured with all types of women needs to be cut back for the sale to go through Spencer wanting his dad to be happy gets carried away and says something to the effect of no worries I am engaged to CharlotteThe next part of this perfect storm is Charlotte's ex making her life miserableIt seems he can't accept Charlotte doesn't want anything to do with him They were about to be engaged buying a bigger apartment in the building they lived in and she discovered him cheating Now that the fling is over he wants her back and is sending annoying presents every day making it a spectacle in the building and embarrassing her daily Enter Spencer needing Charlotte to agree to be his fake fiancee for a week while the sale of the business goes through for his dad Spencer wasn't able to tell his dad it is fake because then the dad would never allow it as honesty has always been key Charlotte hems and haws thinking this over but when the idiot ex approaches her while Spencer is thereshe makes that turning point decision and the fake fiance is onAll of this is in Spencer's POV The charm sexiness and just plain enjoyable guy is there throughout We are there to see and anticipate all of the changes we know are going to happen This couple is hot tender and sexy It doesn't matter this is a tried and true story lineIt all flows together and we become interested in all of it to the very end Lauren Blakely has a huge hit on her hands with Big Rockand she knows it with a cover and even smartly formatted title How could she not? If you want to have some manly thoughts and fun with a love story you will adore Big Rock is for you These can be read in any order although this was how they were published Big Rock Big Rock #1 Mister O Big Rock #2 Well Hung Big Rock #3 Full Package Big Rock #4 Joy Ride Big Rock #5 Hard Wood Big Rock #6 gifted copy was provided by authorpublisher for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

  5. Chantal Chantal says:

    She's done it yet again Big Rock a witty funny and yes sexy story How is it possible for Lauren to have you loving yet another one of her men Yes Spencer you will fall in love with him Starting with the prologue All things BIG right? It turns out though that it's not all about that This story is about true friendship A friendship which will test Spencer and Charlotte a friendship almost broken apart by a game of pretend But to what cost? I couldn't put it down I was laughing out loud numerous times suirming in my seat yet again This story is witty funny sexy and yes sexythank you Lauren for another fantastic read❤️ Received an ARC for an honest opinion

  6. 1-Click Addict Support Group 1-Click Addict Support Group says:

    When Spencer Holiday propositions his best friend Charlotte to be his fake fiancée for a week in order to help his dad seal a business deal he thinks the most difficult part is going to be living without sex for the duration He’s not prepared for the reaction Charlotte has to him or—in turn—the reaction he has to her unexpected behavior When Charlotte makes a proposition of her own everything fake starts feeling a little too real The line between friends and lovers is sometimes thin but can these two cross it without losing the best friendship either of them have ever known?I expected this book to be hot I mean it’s Lauren Blakely and we all know that Lauren Blakely excels at scorching hot panty destroying fuck hot sexy And she nailed all those things and then some here I also expected this book to be lighthearted and funny And it was littered with laugh out loud moments and an overall feeling of happiness What I did not expect was for it to be sweet in a way that was not overdone or cheesy but hit me right in my feels and made my heart go all ooey gooey Because sometimes the magic is in the little things And Spencer and Charlotte do the little things just perfectly right I’m a sucker for these friends to lovers romances I’m also a sucker for these fake relationship romances So basically this book was already set up to be a win for me It had some subtle twists that set it apart from others of its kind I loved that it was written from Spencer’s point of view—though it was maybe a little distracting how in love he was with his own junk it was also hilarious and all the sweeter when his feelings began to deepen I also love that there’s no damaged goods here; Spencer is a player because Spencer loves the game Charlotte had some unfortunate relationship issues in the past but she’s not wilting from it Life goes on She’s strong and smart and completely likeable Basically she’s the best kind of book heroine Everything worked for me in this book It’s light and maybe a little fluffy but I loved that about it I loved that Spencer was a good guy and Charlotte wasn’t afraid to call him on his shit when he was being an idiot They felt like real people to me—the kind of people who love their families and love to have fun and occasionally do stupid things but aren’t afraid to roll with it when the game changes on them It was adorable and sweet and crazy sexy andfun It coaxed out my big goobery “I love this book” smile and left my heart completely happy And then it left me with a Nick Spencer’s other best friend tease that has me basically salivating for Well played Ms Blakely Now please Shelly 5 stars Stick a fork in me I am DONE I just finished Big Rock and yes I am grinning from ear to ear Can you blame me? It was fantastic fun and fucking hot from start to finish Spencer Holiday has it all—looks money charisma and ahem the goods between his legs And he knows how to use it all to his advantage too Which is why it's a little unfortunate that instead of doing just that he's pretending to be engaged to his very hot best friend and business partner Charlotte They both have their reasons for the charade and they both know the score Don't fall in love Except somewhere along the way things on that front get a little dicey for Spencer And while it might have started as a fake relationship it may not end that way So good Seriously so so good This was Lauren Blakely at her slay me finest—a book so full of humor and banter and swoon that putting it down was a task I was unable to accomplish Read in cover to cover in one sitting? Oh yes I certainly didSpencer is definitely going to win hearts in this male only POV standalone He did mine Because whoa he's the perfect blend of hubris and humility Sex and sweetness Lust and love He was self aware enough of his attributes and his rightful arrogance in them to be the best kind of alpha hole—able to back up his words with his actions both in bed and out Oftentimes when reading single POV books I feel a little robbed of the other perspective but not so here While I adored Charlotte I uite loved seeing this tale unfold solely through the eyes of Spencer—and trying to decipher what was happening between our hero and his best friend right alongside him Just as I loved seeing him interact with the people around him; uirky and lovable family members not so loveable schmucks and lickableerr I mean likeable friends Mister Orgasm where do I sign up for that? It’s not typical for me to sit at my laptop smiling as I write a review but in this case I just can’t help myself Every time I think of something else I liked loved melted over in Big Rock my face cracks and I remember exactly why Ms Blakely remains one of my favorite go to authors—she can give me fantastic fun and fucking hot Oh yeah I’m definitely done Beth 5 stars OMG – I can’t stop laughingFrom the opening sentence this book found my funny bone and kept on kicking it I’ve read a lot maybe everything? by this author and know any story will be well written super sexy and offer something fresh and new This one though this one hit it out of the book stacks for me It was big in so many ways It was hilarious with the dialogue and Spencer’s inner monologue just inviting me in to share the joke and laugh along with them And someone was truly inspired by his twig snicker And I really thought rock was a euphemism for something else I know I know – but I couldn’t help it“My dck is fing awesome But don’t just take my word it”The sex OMG the hot toe curling sex The story was told entirely from Spencer’s point of view and he wasn’t shy about sharing his thoughts on how to treat a lady When he said “back arching toe curling” – he was not kidding Watching his casual though oddly respectful approach to the opposite sex get turned on its ear was simply a treatAnd at the heart of it this story was all about love Somewhere in the midst of the lies the truth came out I wanted needed to believe that their romance was simply waiting for the right time to come out The tickles tell allBoth Spencer and Charlotte were so good together and being surrounded by supportive eually engaging family and friends that I need to hear from was icing on the cake A deception that turned into so much this is a friends to lovers romance that just made me sigh over and over in contentment This world needs Lauren Blakely Diane 5 stars

  7. J. McCoy J. McCoy says:

    Avail for Preorder ReviewHands down this is my favorite and Lauren’s BEST book to date I absolutely LOVE Spencer and Charlotte together This book is going at the tippy top of my Best of 2016 list and it’s only January I lost track of the number of times this book made me laugh out loud The comedy throughout this book is spot on and so smart No dirty jokes for the sake of a dirty joke here folks every line is meant to move the story forward and gives us insight into the characters and their relationships with each other I truly believe this book is going to be a smash hit for Lauren Where do we start with Spencer From the prologue you may think Spencer is going to be douchey but come on if anyone knows Lauren she’s not going to make her hero be a dick Nope Spencer may be cocky he may have been a previous manwhore but he’s so much than that He’s smart he’s driven he’s self made He is SO SWEET And the dude is freaking hilarious Also he’s got a big cock and he knows what to do with it WINNER He does have a bit of a playboy image in the media but he’s still a gentleman He doesn’t “use” women in fact he’s the type of guy to pull your chair out for you before he bends you over it and fucks you from behind Now that's a gentleman He’s close to his family and one of my favorite things about this book is the banter between Spencer and his family They love each other they’re straight with each other And they are so down to earth despite being internationally known Enter the BFF Charlotte I love her She’s smart as a whip sexy and so sarcastic She may be one of my favorite Blakely girls ever written She gives Spencer just as much grief as he gives her but you can tell that there is true friendship between them no secrets I loved that she was so willing to help Spencer when he asks to do the biggest favor in the history of favors And even though we don’t get Charlotte’s POV during this book you can still feel her character fall as this charade turns into something so much Once Spencer and Charlotte give in to their growing attraction it's on You can't stop a freight train and you certaining can't stop Spencer from screwing the hell out of Charlotte once he's gets started But best of all there's this friendship between them plus the amazing sex And you just KNOW that it's going to lead to something really fucking amazing Not often do the side characters scream “give us our own story” like Nick and Harper did God I need their story One of the things I’ve always said about Lauren’s work was that she makes sure each character is original and leaves a mark in your brain Nick and Harper have done just that I’m dying to get my hands on Mr Orgasm which is going to be their spin off Bottom line this book is fantastic It’s sexy It’s laugh out loud hysterical It’s memorable I just loved everything about Big Cock I mean Big Rock ; I can’t wait for you all to read this book

  8. ~IreneOust~ ~IreneOust~ says:

    This book This book is funny It's sexy It's light It's feel good it's super entertaining If you love romantic comedyfriends to lovers story told from male POV you should definitely give 'Big Rock' a go because Lauren Blakely did such fantastic job creating what has now become one of my favorite couples Charlotte and Spencer The chemistry the banter when I wasn't laughing I was grinning at my Kindle like a loon And then there were parts when I wasn't laughing OR grinning but was trying really hard NOT to suirm in my seat because those parts were SO HOT that they left me VERY hot and bothered TMI I know but it is what it is Bottom line if you want a lighthearted read that reads like a breeze go 'BIG ROCK' or go homeCheers

  9. Dena Dena says:

    If you haven't heard of Big Rock yet hurry up and buy it The cover is Hot Hot Hot especially with Spencer on the front showing off that big ass ROCK and delicious body I read the prologue and instantly fell in love before knowing anything else about Ms Blakely's newest release The prologue will have you drooling and giggling like a school girl wait Spencer will do that to you constantly throughout Big Rock Spencer is a typical manwhore banging different chicks every night and loving the single life When Spencer tries helping his father sell the business Spencer's slutty ways are uestioned and without thinking he blurts out his brand new engagement or should I say fake engagement After begging and pleading Charlotte Spencer's best friend and business partner she agrees to be the fake finance for one week As you can guess the manwhore has to keep it in his pants for a week that's the deal he's made Will he be able to keep that beast put away for just a week?Big Rock is a breath of fresh air I've been bored lately with what I've been reading and needed something fun fresh and different while still sexy at the same time We all know I need to have some hotness in the books I read Ms Blakely delivered everything I was looking for and much much Spencer is fun flirty and oh god SEXY AS SIN Spencer will leave you drooling and licking your kindle with every single page Spencer is and will always be my #1 BBF of all of Ms Blakely's sexy men PS I licked him so he's mine Back off Of course I loved Charlotte's character as well she has the spunk and knows just how to keep up with Spencer's wise ass I loved this so much as soon as I finished I wanted to dive back in since I couldn't get enough of Spencer and his big Coc I mean big rock I can't wait for you all to enjoy his sexy ass as much as I have Big Rock was a perfect read with 5 filthy rock hard stars

  10. Lauren Blakely Lauren Blakely says:

    The Kindle preorder is now available wrote this book It's funny dirty and romantic Hope you love it

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