Kindle Edition Þ Full Package eBook Ú

Kindle Edition Þ Full Package eBook Ú

Full Package [PDF / Epub] ✅ Full Package ⚣ Lauren Blakely – I’ve been told I have uite a giftHey I don’t just mean in my pants I’ve got a big brain too and a huge heart of gold And I like to use all my gifts to the fullest the package included Life is sm I’ve been told I have uite a giftHey I don’t just mean in my pants I’ve got a big brain too and a huge heart of gold And I like to use all my gifts to the fullest the package included Life is smooth sailingUntil I find myself stuck between a rock and a sexy roommate which makes for one very hard placeBecause scoring an apartment in this city is harder than finding true love So even if I have to shack up with my buddy’s smoking hot and incredibly amazing little sister a man’s got to do what a man’s got to doI can resist Josie I’m disciplined I’m focused and I keep my hands to myself even in the mere five hundred suare feet we share Until the one night she insists on sliding under the covers with me It’ll help her sleep after what happened that day she saysSurprise—neither one of us sleepsAnd even though we agree to return to roomies without benefits I uickly realise I want than someone to split the utilities with Now all I want is to spend every night—and every day—with my gorgeous roommate Did I mention she’s also one of my best friends That she’s brilliant beautiful and a total firecracker Guess that makes her the Full Package tooWhat’s a man stuck in a hard place to do.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 300 pages
  • Full Package
  • Lauren Blakely
  • English
  • 13 March 2016

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10 thoughts on “Full Package

  1. Chantal Chantal says:

    Full Package I need me a house call Another hot romance brought to us by no other than Lauren Blakely Just when you think you found your favourite couple she manages to introduce you to yet anotherMeet Dr Chase Handsome charming and oh so sexy Finding himself without a place to live the offer from long time friend Josie to move in with him as her new roommate comes at the right time But soon enough he finds out that being around her in such close proximity proves to be difficult than he'd imagined Josie Wyatt's little sister is uite the character Opening her home up to Chase was supposed to be easy He would be the perfect roommate because they've been friends for uite some time he'd be the perfect person to try out her newest sweet treat inventions he'd be the perfect person to laugh with and play scrabble with But for her too does his closeness prof to be harder than anticipatedBecause there are feelings not knowing the other feels the same they venture into don't do it with your friend territorybecause once you cross that line it's almost impossible to go back to the way things were Right?A fun loving sexy story about two people who obviously like each other than either cares to admit You will fall in love with this couple and their story Another five star read I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book

  2. Anne& Anne& says:

    5 Swedish fish starsPaging Dr McHottie to the ER stat This girl is about to faint SUEEEEEZE I just finished the sweetest most beautiful swoony delicious friends turned lover romance I especially love the hero in this book but I am a little biased because my hubby is an ER doctor and I have to brag – he is sweet handsome and sexy to me But seriously everything Lauren described is spot on the doctor porn the peculiar things that get stuck in different orifices – I kept poking my husband and said “Listen Here is another story sound familiar?” this story is so hilarious hot sweet flirty charming well just the full packageChase and Josie both live in NY – Chase needs to move closer to his work Josie needs a roommate to help with the rent They are both desperate Chase found himself in a predicament way bigger than not finding a decent apartment He is attracted to his best friend Josie who also happens to be his best buddy’s sister Everyone can see it except the man himself Chase put that “friend only zone” nail in the coffin when he agreed to move in as her roommate Chase is dying slowly trying to resist Josie because he doesn’t want to lose his best friend crossing that line when things don’t work out Can Chase separate these feelings and thoughts? Cohabitating with a sexy gorgeous woman that he has the hots for?I love Chase – he is truly the full package smart handsome sweet funny and caring I also adore Josie – she is like the best girlfriend everyone wants to have Josie is beautiful sweet talented and giving These two are obviously stupidly in love with each other They are meant to be but they are both stubborn and afraid of losing each other to take a leap I’ve got to say I love Lauren’s book because she writes an incredible male POV I don’t know how she does it but she understands the mind of the male specimen so well – the way they think or act or talk This book is no different I love Chase’s POV but I was also dying to see what is in Josie’s head; what she is feeling or thinking about Dr McHottie The chemistry between Chase and Josie is guaranteed to burn up your sheets All the flirting as friends turns into lustful foreplay then combusts to full on passionate sexy love GAH Uber hot guys Full Package is definitely one of my favorite friends to lovers romance The epilogue is just lovely – adding another level of sweetness to the story Lauren is the ueen of rom com and this book has a perfect recipe of passion sweetness fun heat and love So EAT IT UP you guysI highly recommend Enjoy Purchase

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    Recipe for a Bestselling Book 1 hot doctor with a sexy dirty mouth1 sassy baker full of passion2 bags of Swedish fish you know you’ll eat one bag as you readYears of friendship2 cups simmering desire1 600 s foot apartmentCombine above with clever witty sexy writing from Lauren Blakely Instant BestsellerIt’s no secret that I’ve been chomping at the bit for a chance to read Full Package This book was full of things I LOVE friends who become lovers a sassy heroine bonus that she’s a baker a hot as hell hero and delicious writing from Lauren Blakely This book was definitely the Full Package for me once I started it I couldn’t put it downLauren Blakely has a way of writing from the male point of view that never fails to amaze me I have a ton of book boyfriends from her and while I fully expected to like Chase I didn’t expect to fall as hard for him as I did He’s uite simply irresistible A sexy smart flirty and dirty talking man? Sign me up please At his core Chase is incredibly protective and sweet which combined with his other attributes? Yep he’s definitely the full package I couldn’t keep the grin off my face as I watched him realize his feelings for Josie and I can’t lie this book made me cry The way we gain insight into how Josie is feeling is so uniue and fitting to her character Her point of view isn’t heard often but that just makes it all the powerful and meaningful when it is This character is definitely in my top 3 of heroines from Lauren Blakely She provides the balance that Chase needs without losing any of her sassy strong and sweet self This book is a standalone book but it does give us glimpses to characters we’ve met before in Well Hung Mister O Big Rock and the Sexy One and I LOVE that You don’t need to read them in order to enjoy Full Package I just personally love getting to revisit old characters It’s those little touches that help make the writing feel even real; it’s like I’m part of the cool kids table at lunch when I recognize these other characters and get to catch up with them for a momentFriends to lovers is not a new concept in the world of romance but Lauren Blakely’s writing makes it feel fresh and new Ms Blakely has truly found the recipe for bestselling books and I know I’ll buy them every time If you’re ready for a funny sweet story with incredible sizzle and heat grab a bag of Swedish fish and settle in with the Full Package I can’t recommend this book highly enough

  4. Shayna Shayna says:

    Sexy and romantic to the fucking core I don't know how the hell she does it but Lauren Blakely melts my heart over and over and OVER AGAIN with each new release No one brings me to my happy place uite like Ms Blakely It's like she has this superpower that puts the BIGGEST SMILES on romance readers faces Whatever this author is dishing out it's an ADDICTION and it's a high I NEVER want to get down from Her kiss is cupcake and frosting sex and love It's everything that turns me on and everything I need to be happyHer With Chase's hilarious and swoon worthy dialogue and the hilarious love struck recipes from Ms Josie I couldn't put this gem of a romance down I've said this a million times and I'll say it againLauren Blakely does the male POV like no other There was a treat that I wasn't expecting in between the pages A special treat from Josie herself and that just made my smile go even wider I think that's why I'm so entranced by Blakely's stories In each of her romantic comedies she gives us something that we weren't expecting making the read THAT MUCH MORE enjoyable Her characters suck me in and spit me out a damn grinning fool I'm a complete sucker for this author's characters and they each find their way into my heart instantly This is the second best thing I've ever tastedWhat's first?I curl my hand around her head You Chase and Josie are EVERYTHING and they will captivate charm and seduce you FULL PACKAGE is a friends to lovers romance you will never forget It has humor of course It has passion It has a tremendous amount of heart Do you want a guaranteed 5 STAR romantic comedy? Pick up FULL PACKAGE or any other Blakely RomCom and go to town Believe me you will not even want to come up for air

  5. Ginny Rose Ginny Rose says:

    Full Package is just what the doctor ordered A prescription no a recipe in which your ingredients are Friendship Delectable sweets Humor Sexual chemistryAnd you mix all that with love What do you think you're going to bake? A story that is sultry sexy and seductive Chase and Josie raise an important uestion Can friends be lovers? Or can you go back to being friends after being lovers? Ahhh you're going to need to read Full Package and see what Chase and Josie find out This romantic male only POV sexy story just gets better within it's line of serial standalones It does With that being said did you like Big RockMister OWell HungThe Sexy OneThen Full Package is going to be just the gift to unwrap Ms Blakely does an amazing job in giving us glimpse of the characters you love and bonded with In addition Ms Blakely gives a prelude glimpse of Joy Stick which I seriously CANNOT wait for itThe best way to ring the new year is with this book Get On This

  6. Kara Hildebrand (Two Book Pushers) Kara Hildebrand (Two Book Pushers) says:

    Full Package by Lauren Blakely is her newest hit It's Fresh funny and sexy Lauren has mastered the male point of view and I'm loving the view from Chase's eyes He's the sexy doctor we met in Well Hung also known as Wyatt's best friend and Josie is the little sister of the Hammer twins Nick and Wyatt Can you say friends to lovers AND best friend's little sister? YES Chase is back from doctors without borders and he needs to find a place to live He's crashing with his brother Max yum and is having very bad luck finding a place to live Josie lost her roommate Natalie to Wyatt and she's looking for a roommate All the crazies are answering her ads One day over a Swedish Fish Roll the brilliant idea of them being roommates strikes Problem solved They've been best friends for years They get along have fun together They can totally be roommates Chase sees it as an opportunity to taste all Josie's delicious dessert creations Win Win What happens when the smell of Josie becomes too delicious? When the thought of her in the shower clouds his senses? Chase makes his move Or is it Josie? Either way the result is explosive They knew their chemistry would be outstanding They both want this but they've been burned before and don’t want to lose their friendship Can they go back to being just friends when it's over? Or will their hearts get involved? I loved this story Chase really is the full package Smart sexy funny witty and loves dessert Josie is beautiful hilarious and definitely the yin to Chase's yang I loved how we get to see Chase be a doctor Treat patients hear some funny stories and some tragic ones Josie's love for baking made me hungry and wishing I had a friend to make me desserts like peanut butter balls Overall this is a beautiful story about friends to lovers where falling in love is the best thing to happen to the friendship I'm very excited about Max's story Bring it on“For you I make house calls The doctor is always in”Living with Chase will be like having HBO on all day Except you know minus the nudity Unless I peek at him in the shower And I’m totally not going to do that“Fine Pleasure den Can we call it your Pleasure Den of Personal Delights?”“Only if I can call the shower your Whack Zone”

  7. Melinda Melinda says:

    Full Package by Lauren Blakely Oh this book Loved it sooooo much Look it's no secret that this series is one of my absolute favorites I've loved every book with varying degrees but Big Rock had a very special place in my nerdy little heart and while all the others were way up there with all sorts of awesomeness they didn't uite get to Big Rock levels Until now Full Package is the perfect recipe for a friends to lovers slash roommates to lovers slash oldest friends sister We have emergency room doctor Chase aka Dr McHottie and his best friend Josie the owner of Sunshine Bakery and as Chase calls her a world class dessertier Chase is having the worst luck possible finding an apartment to rent and Josie is in need of a roommate They have a lightbulb moment and decide to move in together and why not? They're besties they know each other as well as they can and they have vague guidelines And if there's a simmering attraction there well they're both smart enough to lock that shit down They both have reasons for wanting to ensure they won't lose the precious friendship they currently enjoy so are understandably hesitant in taking things to a new level They both also know that when best friends turn to lovers it's hard to get the friendship back That's all well and good until limits are tested and they reach the truly sexy point of no return Do you want to know about the characters? Probably not so I'll be uick about them likable is too mild a word for how I felt about Chase and Josie Separately they're fun and loving and yeah likable but throw them together and they are phenomenally addictive I read every single word of this book with a smile on my dial an occasional snort and than a few outright laughs The book being told in Chase's viewpoint resulted in some seriously swoony moments most particularly the moment he realizes he's in love with Josie My heart is still all aflutter We also get a bit of insight into Josie's thoughts in the form of recipes which adds a lovely touch to their story And frankly if I was the cooking kind I'd be whipping up a dessert storm with some of these Aside from the relationship development there were two other factors that I really loved The first is that neither of these two was rich or came from any money They both work damn hard for what they have and appreciate everything all the for it The other factor is and I've said it before Blakely just keeps giving us characters with close families and friends that genuinely care I can't express enough how important that is for me when I'm reading It absolutely enhances my reading experience and this book delivers it in spades Chase's relationship and interaction with his brother Max had me cracking up as the dynamics there are so easy to relate to Speaking of Max deep breath he's a tattooed mechanic has a smart mouth and muscles to boot How soon can I claim him as mine???? I adore this series You can read each book as a standalone and almost feel like you're part of the family when older characters pop in As far as I'm concerned Blakely delivers the Full Package with this delightful RomCom and wraps it up with a perfect bow arc received in exchange for honest review Reviewed by Melinda for Joandisalovebooks Blog

  8. Kelly Kelly says:

    I devoured this romantic funny flirty page turner and so will you Lauren Blakely yet again delivers a tale that could not be put down I am obsessed with her ability to create relatable stories with characters that are unforgettable Josie and Chase will become your new favorite book couple Laced with heat reality truth and a bit of angstFull Pacakge was true to its title in oh so many ways

  9. Beth ~ Panda & Boodle Beth ~ Panda & Boodle says:

    Her kiss is cupcake and frosting sex and love It’s everything that turns me on and everything I need to be happy Books like Full Package are everything I need to be happy Books that are funny lighthearted cute sexy and flirty Books that make me smile Books that leave my heart feeling like it's just fallen in love Again Ahh I'm so in love with Doctor McHottie And Ms Hammer the sweet sweet maker It always seems to be this way at the end of a book by Lauren Blakely because it feels like they're written for me Full Package is just one in a long list of books by Ms Blakely that I've adored So what exactly did I adore about this book? Since everything is probably too broad for a review although accurate let's talk about Josie and Chase’s relationship It was playful and fun; I couldn't help but recall some of my favorite RomCom films while voraciously reading this book This couple their friendship made me smile and laugh because their banter was lively and their chemistry on point Not to mention the crackling tension between them And when that electricity came to life? ALL THE SPARKS y'all Full Package should come with a warning— exposure to this book may set your Kindle and your panties on fire Actually add your heart to that warning too Because their story is just the right amount of swoon and ache There's longing Mistakes are made But there's never any crazed drama or OTT heartbreak Instead there's this need for Josie and Chase to figure it out the belief that they will and the knowledge that it will make your heart soar Mine is Soaring high and happy And not just for this couple and this book which is the Full Package when it comes to romance reads But for this series of standalone books—and the couples we see cameo here—and for this author who I swear writes books just for me Books that are everything I need to be happy something is happening Something wild and crazy and undoubtedly incredibly foolish But right now it feels so fucking good like sailing like flying like soaring FIVE STARS

  10. Theresa Theresa says:

    I FLOVED this book Chase and Josie have been friends for years and I love how Lauren writes this friends to lovers story between them When he finds himself lusting after his best friend's sister Chase does what he's done all his life compartmentalize his dirty thoughts and keep them separate from his friendship wJosie When circumstances have them sharing a 600 suare foot apartment separation turns out not to be so easy for ChaseJosie owns her own bakery and is a whiz in the kitchen She and Chase have a flirty but solid friendship They know each other pretty wellor so they thought When they decide to take their friendship to the friends with benefits level watch outThe sparks between these two are off the charts I love how Lauren tells a story She's one of my favorite wordsmiths it's obvious she loves words sometimes she'll throw uncommon words or phrases but they flow perfectly in the story she's tellingI love that the gang from her previous standalones that could be a series appear in this book I always love catching up with my book boyfriends and their significant others Sometimes you know from reading who will probably have their own story but I love when Lauren throws you a curve ball and someone unexpected will have a full length or novellaI give this wonderful beautiful silly story that hit all my good spots five stars I voluntarily read an ARC of this book

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