Confessions of a Wedding Planner PDF/EPUB Ù

Confessions of a Wedding Planner PDF/EPUB Ù

10 thoughts on “Confessions of a Wedding Planner

  1. Melindam Melindam says:

    OH MY but this book gives new depths opens up new dimensions to the meanings of DRIPPY and SILLYObviously I did not expect anything apart from some mindless entertainment but only got mindless If it wasn't for a team reading challenge I would have dnf ed it at chapter 3Anyway enough said Fortunately it was a kindle freebie small mercies and all that

  2. Bookgyrl Bookgyrl says:

    This is such a confusing book Veronica is a wedding planner and has just gone through a breakup with Jake only 3 months ago He went on a trip to Paris fell in love with Sandrine and now is getting married And has the gall to ask his ex Veronica as the wedding planner That alone should have made alarm bells go off in my head but ok The fact Veronica said yes made her look weak She was never enad with Jake's best friend Levi but as the best man she has to deal with hem during the wedding planning During a dinner she gets drunk really? During a dinner with her clients? and wakes up with Levi When Sandrine asks her to be her bridesmaid and she said yes again I was done with Veronica Really??? And why would Sandrine ask her? Jake's ex? So confusing It seemed an elaborate move by the author to get Veronica to Paris to have time with Levi Who is the actual hero in the story There was a lot of soul searching by Veronica bad communication between Levi and her and I never got to learn what Levi said to Diego at the cake tasting afer being kneed in the balls by Ophelia LOL

  3. ItaPixie ItaPixie says:

    Wow I didn't expect to like Confessions Of a Wedding Planner so muchIt was so so sweetThis is a truly good storyThe flowing and descriptive writingthe very well depicted characters picked my interest since the first page and make the story easy to readThe wedding planning and the dates left a smile on my hopeless romantic faceThis is the first novel that I have read by Michelle Jo uinn and will not be my lastI can't wait to put my hands on the second book in the series

  4. Bernadett Bernadett says:

    characters the characters were all well thought out and complex they were not what we expected them to be I loved Nica and Levi I loved in fact all the characters to a certain level I adored how real they were how real the moral struggle to either save Nicas grace and heart or her company take on a real dealbreaker offer I loved how she wasnt the whiny protag we are all used to but constantly fighting within herself to stand up strong and thrive forward in life Even though she is only in her mid 20s I loved the gay side characters and the steady way there were portrayedI loved how the author brought out the real gentleman sugarcoated into hard layer like the candy apple in the festivals the rock hard sugar kinda turns me off from buying it but the inner apple is worth the trouble battling through Thats how i felt about my honeybunch of a male character The only character I loathed with fierce passion was Nicas ex man I mean come on seriously? what a douchePlot oh come on Who doesnt wanna read about a romantic trip to Paris to watch your ex and YOUR dream dress with another tramp I loved the plot it was so detailed it conflicted me with so many emotions at times making me swoon other times making me spit fire of the anger Its brilliantly donewriting format for a not native English speaker the writing was easily understandable A few words had to be looked up but I got to know what Levi stands for as short so even the format that was jumbled together on my kindle a little was forgettable

  5. Anne Anne says:

    I didn't plan on writing any reviews on Goodreads at all but this book was soooooo bad I figured I had to at least try to steer others away from a complete and utter waste of time A part of me suspects I must have been reading a different book than the people giving this one rave reviewsI don't even know where to start with what's wrong with this book but one word that keeps popping into my mind is messyIt's uite evident that the author had different 'play outs' in mind when she wrote it Obviously she couldn't decide on which one to go with so she threw all of them in there and it's one big mess Also the ''heroine really pissed me off Never have I come across such an immature woman and she's supposed to be in her mid twenty's In fact immature is another word I would use to describe this book I could go on and on explaining why you definitely should drop this book like it's hot but I've already wasted close to 3 hours reading it now I have to figure out how to get those 3 hours back

  6. Jeannie Jeannie says:

    Veronica Nica is an event planner never did she imagine her ex boyfriend would seek her out as the wedding planner for his wedding just 3 months after they spilt Veronica being the sweet woman she is says yes to Jake Sandrine that she will plan their wedding She finds herself stuck with the best man and pretty soon an attraction forms they annoy each other but can't deny there's a spark between Veronica and Levi This book tried to portray the change a woman goes through from a series of events in her life making her stronger and Come out of her shell but all I got was frustration at how weak and timid she came across who says yes to planning their ex's wedding THREE months after they split???? And who says yes to being a bridesmaid in said wedding hello Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned Seriously that was unbelievable the romance between Levi and Veronica was almost cringe worthy are these high school teenagers making each other jealous over cake?

  7. Lucia Lucia says:

    A wedding planner best man romance with a few extra twists in this light hearted clean romance told from female POV onlyConfessions of a Wedding Planner by Michelle Jo uinn was my first book by this author and I overall enjoyed the book Mixing a wedding planner and best man romance with a few extra twists the book is a relatively light hearted romance that is solely told from the female lead’s point of view The book is a full on slow to steadily paced book but I encourage you to stick with it as in the end we do get a happily ever afterVeronica and Levi don’t have an instant attraction that is obvious given the circumstances of the book but is an attraction that builds up as the book evolves Veronica if I’m truly honest I struggled to connect with at first; she takes some warming up to although even later on in the book I had moments of cooling on her character again Levi we don’t really get to know well as the book is only told from Veronica’s perspective so as a reader we are limited in fully understanding about him in any depth He comes across as a playboy who is changing his ways as things build with Veronica but his true personality only really comes out at the end of the book There isn’t huge amounts of interaction between Veronica and Levi just about enough to clearly understand their growing attraction and feelings The sub characters were vital in developing the two main characters further to show their various personality traitsThe book was well written with a witty writing style to reflect the humour of the book There is a slow to steady pace allowing for the characters’ relationship to be developed rather than just a book where they have an obvious instant connection that you can clearly see will end up with a happily ever after With the plot you never fully knew what would happen with the two main characters The book is not explicitly steamy just a little hint now and then so if you are looking for a steamy romance this won’t necessarily satisfy you enough as it’s relatively clean There is a HEA allowing this to be read as a standaloneOverall I enjoyed this well written contemporary romance with it’s uniue plot and would recommend it to romance fans especially if you prefer clean contemporary romances I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book I was not compensated for my review and I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinion expressed here is my own

  8. Jane Hunt Jane Hunt says:

    Follow my reviews Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews FacebookJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews GoogleConnect onTwitter This is a fun filled story with some great settings and vivid characters that bring the story to life There is a good balance of romance and comedy and just enough poignancy to make you love Veronica the wedding planner and want her to find her own happy ever afterVeronica is an intelligent sensitive woman with a good heart but can she plan her ex boyfriend’s wedding without sabotaging it or damaging her already broken heart irreparably?Levi is her ex boyfriend’s best friend he is everything she dislikes in a man but so attractive Circumstances contrive to throw them together with hilarious and often steamy results but is there something she isn’t seeing?The story is divided into wedding planning milestones which make it easy reading The ending is romantic and whilst there is much sensual tension between Veronica and Levi there is nothing graphic in this lovely storyI received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest reviewMichelle Jo uinn

  9. Jaime Fiction Fangirls Jaime Fiction Fangirls says:

    Decent Story A Bit Confusing I liked this story but I have to admit that after finishing it I’m a little befuddled It almost seemed as if the author was setting up different sceneries for the conflict but wasn’t sure where she would take it so a lot of things felt unresolved I understand from reading the blurb for the next book that Levi has secrets and we will learn about them later but if felt like nothing was answered in this one At times it also felt like Jake was jealous of the attention that Veronica was giving Levi and it might be causing tension between him and his fiance I was also a bit confused about Veronica abruptly leaving Paris and how it was never really discussed until later Why didn’t Levi or anyone else uestion it sooner? It just felt like the story wasn’t completely developed but in a strange way it all worked I think that the story was good but it could have been amazing

  10. MJ MJ says:

    I've read this one but I completely forgot about it and while I was rereading I had the vague sense of knowing what happened next and what do you know all my guesses about what would happen was actually a memory of mine kicking in It was such an epic fail I know lolsAnyway back to the book this was marketed asStandalone bookNo cliffysNo cheatingTons of laughAnd well that sounds like my ideal kind of book I really liked the book it was so fun and easy to read and all that but the fact that I actually forgot that I already read this one really bummed me out

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