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Toreador The World Of Darkness Exposed It Begins With Clan Novel Toreador, But This Novel Is Just The Beginning Of A Book Series Dedicated To The Kindred It S The Biggest Event In World Of Darkness History This Epic Series Of Over One Million Words Will Reveal The Secrets Of This Hidden World, From The Smallest Detail To The Grandest Marvel The Nosferatu S Apparent Scheme To Put The Eye Of Hazimel Into The Hands Of The Setite Vegel Will Decide The Fates Of Kindred Legions And Will Determine The Future Of The Camarilla And Sabbat, The Sects Engaged In A Massive War Along The Entire East Coast And The List Of Schemers Doesn T End There Can You Say Antediluvian Each Novel In The Series Focuses On A Member Of One Of The Vampire Clans Clan Novel Toreador Sets Events Into Motion With Victoria Ash A High Ranking Camarilla Manipulator Who Turns Plots, Assassinations And Wars To Her Advantage