A Thin Line Between Love and Lust PDF ✓ Line

A Thin Line Between Love and Lust PDF ✓ Line

8 thoughts on “A Thin Line Between Love and Lust

  1. Wanda Wanda says:

    Poly perhapsThere are very few stories that center on poly relationships so I was glad I found this one It was an interesting plot though I found it a bit long winded with a need for further editing for glaring typos Luckily they were sparse so I never felt like giving up completely It felt polygamous rather than polyamorous to me because it was totally patriarchal I wanted to know how the women would have acted if they developed an attraction to another man and how Prince would have reacted That is the true measure of a polyamorous relationship where love is not a zero sum game

  2. Byron Washington Byron Washington says:

    Insane debauchery A must read for this genre

  3. A.D. Herrick A.D. Herrick says:

    PerfectionThis book was absolutely perfect So real raw and steamy The characters drew you in and held you close Fanatic job

  4. natasha williams natasha williams says:

    Wow I’m still wetTours book took me over the edge I was so turned in I couldn’t put it down But the best part is the story line I wish I could find something like this Minus Nyla She to me wasn’t necessary But still a great read PS I like the ending you gave

  5. Jerrena Brown Jerrena Brown says:

    Creative This was creative story I love how Prince came into his own with women I love the poetry pieces he created This book was uniuely beautiful because of the characters and flow of the story

  6. Tye H Tye H says:

    5 🌟This is a really good book The characters pulled you along on their journey of finding love that fit their needs and forget what other people thought

  7. Jen Jen says:

    Love without limitations “A man’s ‘pose to you know love you How you gonna find someone to do that if he has to pay you? Love takes risks and all you’re gonna get are men who think they can buy you If they can buy you they’ll think they can own you Nothin’ real can grow outta that”📍 “From that day on I felt I’d missed the most important day of my life If I could I’d go back in time just to spend that last visit with them even if it meant I had to die with them at the end of it” • • • “I tell this story not to depress you but to keep you in check To let you know this isn’t a book just about sex It’s about real feelings real emotions and real relationships It’s about things that we should take serious This is not your average romance novel”I was hesitant about reading this book but I'm glad I took the chance because 💯 I loved this story Its a sensually decadent entertainingly 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 story serving up captivating characters revealing rapturous romance explicitly enticing sex scenes of pleasure passion promise

  8. Patricia A. Atterberry Patricia A. Atterberry says:

    Surprise surpriseWas not what I expected Thought this book was a little too far fetched Prince started out as a high schooler that didn't have a clue about sex then ended up as a world's greatest lover Just so unreal how it started ended

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A Thin Line Between Love and Lust ⚦ [PDF] ✎ A Thin Line Between Love and Lust By C.E. Long ✶ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Dominiue A hurricane tore this sweet southern girl from her family She moved to California to escape the memories and forget the pain It worked The fast life drew her in and before she knew it she was Dominiue A Line Between PDF É hurricane tore this sweet southern girl from her family She moved to California to escape the memories and A Thin ePUB Ò forget the pain It worked The fast life drew her in and before she knew it she was dancing for dollars Thin Line Between eBook ´ at strip clubs She was numb It wasn't until Prince came along that the flood gates opened releasing the pain of Thin Line Between Love and PDF or her past But the losses she's suffered may have left a hole too big for one man to fill Angela A single mother of two young boys Angie's an independent woman overwhelmed with responsibilities After divorcing a husband who chose the streets over his family she's ready to Thin Line Between Love and PDF or experience life in new ways When she meets Prince a whirlwind love affair gets her back into her groove But it was only supposed to be fun she didn't plan on falling for a man who is already takenNyla Teased as a kid for her looks Nyla grew up never feeling pretty When an older man began showing her special attention she fell for him hard He showered her with gifts and sweet words and she returned the favor with her body When he left her pregnant to go home to his wife she learned then that men can't be trusted They only want one thing and they'll pretend to love you to get it And this Prince character didn't seem any differentPrince Girls always loved Prince he was their best friend But being a best friend wasn't getting him what he wanted out of a relationship How do you get out of the friend zone How do you get a woman to see you as than the nice guy she can talk to When he learns how women start to flock to him and he ends up with than he can handle But when each woman brings her own struggles and pain how will he handle his own.