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Understanding Trump They Wanted To Get Hillary Clinton Elected, Which Explains Why They Have Been Perfectly Willing To Say Anything, Do Anything, Regardless Of How Insane, Conspiratorial It May SoundSean Hannity, Inauguration Day President Donald Trump Has A Plan For Of Financial Greatness, Happiness And Prosperity For America But Just How Will The Opposition Try To Obstruct The Trump Administration Historically, The Progressives And Left Has Been Known To Get Down, Dirty And Malicious With Their Political Swords However, The Key To Understanding Trump Is By Observing The Tactics He Had To Use To Win The 2016 Presidential Election While Trump Has His Allies, Like Newt Gingrich, Chris Collins And Others, There Are Still Many Challenges We Explore How President Trump Can Continue To Resist The Corrupt Bureaucracy With Political Incorrectness And By Identifying What Led To The Decline Of The Republican Party And What Needs To Be Done To Restore The Party, Protect The Constitution And Bring Back Conservative Values To America.