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The Tales of Hackett County Hackett County, West Virginia, Finds Itself In The Middle Of A Storm When The Ladies At Millie S Salon Learn That The Town Council Voted To Demolish A Longtime Landmark Join Them As They Climb On Their Soapbox And Fight For The Good Of Their Community The Battle Begins, And It Is Anyone S Guess As To The Outcome Of The Old Mabry S Ice House.While Beth Mayfield And Daniel Crawley Are About To Begin Their Lives Together, Be Among The Family And Friends Who Witness Their Unforgettable Wedding Beth Finds Herself Hurdling One Difficulty After Another As God Teaches Her To Depend On Him For The Peace She Seeks In Overcoming The Many Unexpected Trials She Faces.And To Add To The Drama, Jake Holder Of Holder Land Company Swoops Into Town With The Proverbial Deal Of A Lifetime Louise Barker, Among Others, Finds Herself Swayed By His Charm And Appeal The Citizens Of Hackett County Invite You To Be A Part Of Their Quaint Southern Community As They Live, Laugh, And Love One Another.