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1 Million Dollars in 2 Days Reading 1 Million Dollars In 2 Days A.A Anderson Vinoschilenos.eu 1 Million Dollars In 2 Days A Story Of A Soulless Man That Left His Screwed Up Home And Took A Radical Wild Path On The Road To Financial Freedom That In The Blink Of An Eye Made Him A Quiet Million Within 2 Days Of First Trading StockThis Is A Story Of A Poor Man Who As A Child Was Abused And Lived On Welfare With His Parents, Drank Alcohol As An 11 Year Old And Was Shoplifting And Dealing Drugs As A Teenager His Journey Leads Into Adulthood Going Through The Ups And Downs Of Everyday Life, Down On His Luck And At Times Going In And Out Of Homeless Shelters Haunted By His Past And No Real Future Ahead Of Him, He One Day Shuts Down His Failing Business, Moved Out Of His Home Before The Bank Foreclosed It And Went Back To Living In A Homeless Shelter Till He Could Figure Out How To Get Back At The Man And Live The Life He Wanted He Went On To Crack The Stock Market Wide Open, Made His First Million Within 2 Days Of First Starting To Trade Stocks And Then Eventually Went On To Become The King Of A Country He Now Lives In A Mansion Where He Employs Locals To Take Care Of His Every Need Some Think He Is A Genius, What Will You Think Excerpt From The Book In The First Couple Of Months At The Homeless Shelter, I Didn T Do Much I Was Hopelessly Down And Out The Only Thing That Kept Me In Check With Reality Was The Daily Newspaper As Time Went On, I Started Getting Interested In The Stock Market And Dreamed Of Striking It Rich By Beating The System, This Dream Is What Lead To Me Starting To Get Out Of My Slump To Get Motivated, I Made A Promise To Myself That Within A Year I Would Be Rich Or I Would Jump Off A Bridge, I Don T Know If I Would Have Actually Done It In The End But At The Time It Was Something I Would Have Done To Escape The World I Was Living In, It Was Time To Get Rich Or Die Trying.