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Þ Sledgehammer eBook Ú

Sledgehammer ➻ Sledgehammer Free ➱ Author P. Dangelico – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Amber Jones is in a pickle And when I say pickle I mean a world of trouble She knew she shouldn’t have gone to her ex’s New Year’s Eve party And she reeeaally didn’t mean to almost burn down h Amber Jones is in a pickle And when I say pickle I mean a world of trouble She knew she shouldn’t have gone to her ex’s New Year’s Eve party And she reeeaally didn’t mean to almost burn down his house Now she needs a good lawyer stat But where to find oneEthan Vaughn is a very busy man He really shouldn’t have agreed to spring Amber Jones out of jail As the most sought after lawyer in professional football he should be focused on representing his NFL clients––not an accident prone struggling actressNow she’s remanded on bail and living in his house The woman is a walking talking disaster And considering his track record he needs to stay as far away from this one as possible Problem is he’s finally met the one he’s willing to risk it all forTake one outspoken actress put her under the same roof with an overworked lawyer and watch the slow burn bring down the house.

  • Sledgehammer
  • P. Dangelico
  • 07 October 2016

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  1. ✰♊ Angie ♊✰ ✰♊ Angie ♊✰ says:

    Well it's officialI'm a fan of Ms Paola Dangelico and her delicious weaving of a slow burn taleSince reading Wrecking Ball I have been itching to get my hands on this book I'm so glad Ms Dangelico took the unsolicited advice I offered in my review of Wrecking Ball and focused this story on Ethan and AmberOkay yes I know it wasn't me who influenced her to put Ethan and Amber together for Sledgehammer but I am so glad she didEthan is a hawt as hell with muscles to spare sports attorney with a serious alpha male protective streak Be still my heart He's pressed and proper and definitely hangs on the all work no play side of life He's so perfect in fact that Amber has officially named him Fancy McButterpants Imagine how thrilled she is when she finds herself in a jail cell on New Year's Eve with only Fancy to save the day And to make life just a pinch peachier the judge lessens her bail on the condition that she becomes a ward of Fancy McButterpants until her court date in 3 months Well my my myIt's a recipe for an enemies to friends to lovers romance folks and IT IS GOOOOOODThat being said the angst toward the end of this book knocked it down a bit for me I love some serious angst in a story but this was a tad too frustrating for my liking For a bit I was just pissed off at both of the MCs Of course it all worked out in the end and we get our HEA This book is a well executed slow burn told solely from the heroine's POV It's steamy hot full of sexual tension loaded with wit with well fleshed out characters and the added bonus of catching up with beloved characters from the previous book in this series I can't wait to read of this fantastic series by Ms Dangelico

  2. Jen Jen says:

    425 Fancy Stars I’m convinced that men like Ethan Vaughn are put on this planet to make the rest of us feel bad about ourselves He’s too perfectAmber Jones is having a rough night On top of finding out her ex fiance is engaged at his parents New Years Eve party no less she might have overreacted just a scosh and accidentally set their kitchen on fire Her one phone call from jail leads her to expect her bff will be springing her from the joint What she gets instead is her yummy frenemy and lawyer extraordinaire EthanEthan Vaughn is a bit of a mystery to Amber Wealthy both from his family and in his own right Amber pegged him as a spoiled and plastic manho at first sight When Ethan volunteers to let Amber stay with him as a condition of her bail she's all but certain the two will strangle each other by the end of the week Let the fun begin Guilty as charged I name my vibrators after my book boyfriends If you have a problem with it get on your high horse and go file a complaint with the Bureau of I Don’t Give A Stinking Shit If you read Wrecking Ball you've met and probably already love both Amber and Ethan To say I was anticipating this book would be an understatement I was expecting kind of an Odd Couple situation but that's not uite what I got Did Amber try and ruffle Ethan's seemingly unflappable exterior? You betcha Luckily that uickly turned into something deeper and Amber's snark was matched with eual amounts of connecting between the two Sledgehammer is told entirely from Amber's point of view Normally I miss the dude POV in these stories but this book was so well done Ethan's thoughts practically reached off my kindle and smacked me at least where Amber's concerned The only thing keeping this book from 5 star rating was the slight lull I felt in the middle I loved the slow burn pace of the story but I could've used something else in the middle to keep things interestingFrom the moment I first experienced Amber I knew I wanted her story told and I'm so glad Ethan got to come along for the ride I'm hoping this isn't the last we see from this group ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  3. Eve (Between The Bookends) Eve (Between The Bookends) says:

    This is an OK cover It's fairly generic but the hero does wear a suit so it's a good representation of him Good composition and title work as well The yellow makes the title POP on the black and grey background This book is going to be a pain in the ass for me to review It started off great and it ended great The middlenot so great It was funny and charming from beginning to end The heroine was a hoot The writing was good The hero seemed sweet if a little underdeveloped but then at 40% I just started to lose interest This couple hadn't even kissed yet gotta wait until 53% for that and nothing was really happening I was bored I needed these two to do SOMETHING to move this relationship to the next level Even after the first kiss we remained stuck in limbo until 73% when they FINALLY get it on I am not a fan of a slow burn Never have been Never will be Oh I can stomach it if there is a lot of sexual tension but honestly these two felt like best buds that found each other attractive than two people who couldn't keep their hands off each other On top of that this book REALLY needed Ethan's POV badly Having no idea whatsoever what the hero was thinking or feeling disconnected me from him and frankly his character felt underdeveloped because of it After they finally have sex it did pick back up again I even shed a few tears near the end So the first 40ish% was good The last 28ish% was good The middle 30ish% bored me to tears You can see why finding a fair star rating for this one is a bit tricky for me Since I did enjoy over half the book I am going to settle on a 3 Star rating for this one and call it a day

  4. Alex ♈ Alex ♈ says:

    35 starsI want to crawl under the bed and weepLet’s pretend it’s not my review I had very high expectations I anticipated this book for months and it was the reason I was slightly disappointed Another brushstroke to my critical image of weird reader After reading and rereading Wrecking Ball I created Amber’s character in my head I wrote my Amber in my mind; and when my vision of her didn’t match the book’s character I was floored Isn’t it weird? Just stop Alex UghDon’t rely on my opinion Definitely it’s me and not the book caseIn short I didn’t expect Amber to be so vulnerable and insecure nothing wrong with being human but I pictured her strongercooler and less affected by the hero and especially by her ex; I didn’t expect her to lust after the hero from the very beginning of the story and I never expected her to be so obviously jealous My Amber had a better poker face And my Amber was definitely less judgmentaldisparaging I floved her sassy mouth I just wish she would also live her attitudeIn my line of work pretty boys are as common as flies on dog excrement They’ve never been of any particular interest to me I place them in the same category as exotic cars – typically useless and generally time consuming because someone’s always trying to jack themMy favorite one If you have a problem with it get on your high horse and go file a complaint with the Bureau of I Don’t Give A Stinking Shit Not sure what to say about the hero I didn’t understand what was the purpose of showing all these OWs who apparently semi stalked him It didn’t make him attractive in my eyes I hope I’ll stay in the minority hereI need to reread Wrecking Ball again – flove this book One of my favorites everLooking forward to Paola’s next book And this time I switch off my vivid imagination and just wait till DecemberPS I deleted my previous postpre review incl all likes Fair’s fair

  5. Wendy& Wendy& says:

    4 Slow Burn Dance Stars Spoiler Free In January of 2017 I discovered P Dangelico and it made me a very happy camper She started my New Year off to a flying start reading wise In this series Hard to Love she gave us people who were not the easiest people who had flaws and people who loved hard In Sledgehammer she has stayed true to her concept These two characters may not be the easiest to love but when they love each other it is hardcore through and through This gives us a journey for both characters and journey we doWe start in the middle of a huge crisis of circumstances for Amber Jones She is an actressbartender in NYC has had horrific luck in romance and feels after all of her life experiences with itit is right up there with the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus when it comes to realityIt just doesn't existWell in rare occasions she will say it mustbecause her best friend found it in the unlikely person of Calvin Shaw uarterback man mountain But their love is a fluke of nature and if you look at it too closely you will be sucked in the black hole of Happily Ever AfterNow crazy outlandish experiences are nothing if common for this gal She has a personality that cannot be containedand as an actress that is a good thing She has a deep loyalty to her bestie and they share everything together Her loyalty also extends to the grandmother who raised her Amber's home life was not hearts and flowers and when her mother decided she couldn't be one any Amber went to live with her grandmother They developed a bond after much teenage trial and error and now with dementia taking her away bit by bitit kills Amber every time she visits the care facility she is in now Amber has put her career on the back burner and not pursued her dream the way she should she will not leave her grandmother to move to Los Angeles Grannie was there for her when she needed itand now it is her turn Ethan Vaughn is the one you want negotiating your contracts and deals if you are a sports star He knows all the pitfalls and works to steer his clients new and established away from them He is driven to be the best and someday be the general manager of one of the best football teams out there He is on his way and by staying true to all the methods he has incorporated into his life things should fall into place Well that is until the Force that Shouldn't Call To You Amber JonesYou see these two met because Ethan manages Calvin and Amber is Calvin's wife's bestieSo when Amber first opened her door thinking it was someone else and saw this Man from G in front of hershe sort of had a Brain Freeze from all that sexiness perfection standing in front of herAnd when she is in sweats hair sticking out from God knows what thing she had wrapped around her headShe did what she always does when defensive she becomes this sarcastic lash out machine uips galoreEthan just took it all in which annoyed her even and their relationshipfriendship was off and running She came up with nicknames to annoy him; he would look at her and handle them all Neither would ever admit there might be something there hahaha never and that was thatUntil right nowBecause once again the forces of evil are aimed at our Amber She had dropped her last ex Mr Wanta Be Director he wooed her and then did everything he could to change her Sounds familiar? So after all the doubt and emotional back bends Amber did in this relationship Amber had had enough cut him loose Well that wasn't how this thing could end so Mr Ex dogs her into coming to his family's New Year's Eve party and unfortunately Amber goesWith the need to flaunt things in Amber's face he sets her up to be once again emotionally hurtand then Like Murphy's Law everything goes haywiresomehow a kitchen fire happens Amber is blamed and she is now in the pokeyhoosekow the big houseYup she is in JailGetting her one call she reaches out to her bestie and who do you think she sends you got it Ethan Amber cannot believe this is happeningcan things get any worsewell sort ofThe judge insists Amber be under a sort of house arrest until the trial and Ethan's home is where she is assigned These two OilWaterOpposites will now be roomies and we get the benefit of itThis book had a lot of charm and over the top sarcasm happening Amber is a huge personality She is like one of those friends that is an acuired taste you know she is just so much fun yet you need to be in the right head space to always appreciate it You also know sometimes she may be using it as a shield to keep herself protectedHer heart is huge her ability to love bigger and when she allows herself to feel she is deserving and accepting of it from others then you see the real person she isEthan is a man who had to overcome a lot as a kid he wasn't well and when he was finally able to control things he went about making his body and mind eual brilliant beautiful and solid He is ambitiousbut also so slyly caring and giving he has been hurt in his last relationship over it and has a thing for Amber but will not cross the AttorneyClient line These two are hot together before it happens while it happens and continues to happen They have their ups and downs but when it all comes together we again as I said Benefit P Dangelio has a solid voice a distinct smart sassy style and she gives fun hardcore I will be curious who else is up her sleeve and Hard to Love Wrecking Ball Hard To Love #1 Before Reading So excited to start this P Dangelico bring it on I am ready DDD●•●•●•●•●•●•●January 2017This next entry to the series is called SledgehammerThis is PERECTBecause if this is about Abby and possibly a handsome dashing attorneyThen yup He will be the willing victim of Abby's Sledgehammer Hard To Love #2 Publishing 2017 A gifted copy was provided by authorpublisher via NetGalley for an honest reviewFor Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

  6. Denisa Denisa says:

    35 YayFirst off I gave it 4 stars not 3 because it was better than I expected So maybe it wasn't all that memorable or edgy but it was cute and fun Even it made me smile from time to time I know I know these are not reasons to give a book 4 stars but I can't help it I feel the need to reward it for making me curiousAnyway it's a pretty normal romance I can't say I liked it at first the female MC was pretty annoying but I grew to love ok like like her Fast cute fun read Give it a try prove me wrong

  7. Optimist ♰King& Optimist ♰King& says:

    25 starsTalk about a bell shaped read I had to sit on this one a few days to really think about it There are things that I liked about it but the beginning and the end were roughHard to Love is an apropos series title in ways than one if you catch my drift which made my relationship with Amber complicated She’s all bark and no bite but she has a good heart and she keeps her head in most crises I understand her defense mechanism is to be abrasive and she hides behind it but that does not change the fact that she annoyed me Often My annoyance went supernova at the end but I’m getting ahead of myselfSo we meet Amber in the clink after she’s been arrested for setting her ex’s parents house on fire accidentally meaning Amber’s a wee bit impulsive Ethan Vaughn comes to her rescue at the behest of Cam and Cal who I’m assuming were the MCs of book one with Cam being Amber’s BFF Almost immediately it was necessary for me to suspend disbelief because the judge makes a stipulation of her release that she live with EthanAlright Whatever Pressing onEthan is old money and there’s definitely a Cinderella undercurrent happening that appealed to me What we get of Ethan I liked but he is a little cookie cutter perfect male specimen and whatnotAmber narrates this story and she is funny There were moments when I lol’d at her antics sayings nicknames for Ethan and general attitude The “hot pocketcorn dog” scene made my sides hurt She’s gaga over Ethan and they begin to engage in the cat and mouse game of taunting each other They banter They’re witty They kind of drive each other crazy The tension builds They become friends He introduces her to his family and ps the grandma is a hoot Their relationship is well developed It’s good stuff It had 4 stars in the bag at this pointIt was pretty clear to me that Ethan is head over heels over her even without his POV so when he suggests they become friends with bennies I was taken aback I struggled with why he didn’t lay his cards on the table but the I pondered his decision the it made sense He didn’t think he had another option All’s fair in love and war and all that jazzWhy you ask did he feel that way? BECAUSE OF HER And this is where it started to fall apartMy first issue which is petty of me and I totally recognize that is as the tension builds and builds until over 70% all that time she’s talking about what she wants to do to him that the things she would do to him are illegal in most states I gotta tell you I was getting primed for some epic Bone Zone shenanigans So when there was a little dirty talk from him a few thrusts an ass grab and then the big O I was flabbergasted Where’d the dirty naughty girl go? Where’d the girl that was going to rock his world go? It’s not like I was expecting her to dom out on him or anything but I at least thought she’d give as good as she got I also expected it to be hot A couple of thrusts does not a hot scene make For meBetween the lame sex and the antics at the end this thing was dead in the water before I knew it SPOILERISH He makes a mistake there’s no doubt about that but her reaction is so ridiculous I don’t even have words One of my pet peeves is people who don’t take responsibility for their own actions and Amber created this shit storm with her game playing and deceit leaving him with few options At least he apologized and owned his shit though whereas she plays victim and freezes him outFor someone seemingly so intelligent to be so obtuse not to mention intractable was too much for me The OTT cheesy AF ending was the cherry on top of my what the efff sundaeLastly I hope there was a thorough once over before it was officially released because there were A LOT of mistakes I also thought she was too young for some of the movie references though she is an actor so possibly?Anyone interested in reading this I would encourage to look at other reviews because I’m definitely in the minority There are things that the author really excelled at but the drawbacks are leaving me confused as to whether or not I’d be interested in trying her again A review copy was provided by NetGalley

  8. Leo (Queen of the Rants and Spoilers) Leo (Queen of the Rants and Spoilers) says:

    This is clearly the case of it's me not the book or maybe I'm the minority hereSo I'm really torn apart on how I should rate this one I loved the heroine when the book started LOVEDHER Here's some of her uotes “Hurting my feelings would reuire that I care what you or any man thinks and I assure you I don’t uite frankly after tonight I am this close to moving to the Isle of Lesbos”“If you have a problem with it get on your high horse and go file a complaint with the Bureau of I Don’t Give A Stinking Shit” And my favorite I haven't read a heroine who calls out a hero “You’re one to talk Typhoid Mary When it’s pretty damn clear you’ve slept with half the women of Manhattan”“What did you call me?” The look of shock on his face would be funny if I wasn’t so pissed right now“I called you a purveyor of disease But here’s a term you’ll understand––slut” I’m on a roll now no end in sight “When was the last time you had an STD test? You should’ve warned me that I needed to bleach the toilet seat every time I need to use it” But then she started having her momentsGet on your knees Let’s put that pretty mouth of yours to good use”Huh?Any other time in my life with any other person that would have earned a punch to the nut sac But with him? Without having to be asked twice I drop to my knees at the altar of Ethan” That was just one of manyI really wish I could have read the hero's POV I would have love to read his thoughtsThere was also plenty of OW drama sightings who made the heroine feel jealous and insecure

  9. Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤ Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤ says:

    5 starsOmg omg this book sigh why havent I read it sooner??? It was amazing P Dangelico delivers a refreshingfunnysweetromantic and sexy story I fall in love with Amber and Ethan Amber is the girl I would love to have as best friend She is funny and sassy and omg Ethan just stole my heart and make me swoon over him He is protective sweet and cute I enjoyed their relationship a lot and I couldn’t get enough of these two together More to come soon   

  10. Al *the semi serial series skipper* Al *the semi serial series skipper* says:

    I received this arc courtesy of Netgallery in exchange for an honest reviewThe verdict is in people I loved itYou absolutely have to read this book its was freaking fantastic Amber is my spirit animal I loved her I haven't laughedsmiled so much in a while my facial muscles ache way to cure my disuse athrophyI used to think MZ was the only ueen of slow burn but PD is trying to prove me wrong with this book Amber was such a strong character she was witty had a backbone and didn't take a nonsense from anyone Ethan was just the cutest he was this sexy carebear and I'm claiming him as my book boyfriendcalled first dibs DI was really iffy about picking this one up because I vaguely remember reading the first one and then after seeing my note I remember I was miffed about the similarities with one of my favourite books It was a wrecking ball smashing into the wall of Winnepeg didn't enjoy it that much but this you just have to read I really can't gush enough about this book Not to forget the sex scenes Ethan waswhew Thanks Netgallery and PD for approving this arc because I would have missed this beaut and I would have been none the wiser

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