Kindle Edition ↠ Accursed Abbey PDF Ú

Kindle Edition ↠ Accursed Abbey PDF Ú

10 thoughts on “Accursed Abbey (Nobles Necromancy, #1)

  1. Annette Drewett Annette Drewett says:

    Action packed story with a family curse to overcome Elizabeth Mill must overcome a great evil to find their happiness together I enjoyed this book and will recommend it to my friends and familyI voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book

  2. Sherry Westendorf Sherry Westendorf says:

    A different read than the historical romances I am used to It is an interesting read with mystery suspense A dark gothic romance To me you have to read it I was given a review copy and voluntarily review it

  3. Aldine Crick Aldine Crick says:

    Accursed Abbey although not your typical historical romance grasps your attention from the first page to the very last It is action packed with twists and turns that's got your adrenaline pumping which makes it a difficult to put down Well done Tessa

  4. Jill Jill says:

    I voluntarily read an Advance Review Copy of this book This book is uite different from other historical books that I have read but it was a good read Magic seems to play a big role in this book and at times it is a little hard to comprehend The story revolves around Elizabeth and her interaction with Mill and Lenore And we must not forget Silverloo her faithful dog The book is full of action good and bad and you almost want to look over your own shoulder just in case there is something there to see It is a good read and I would recommend it

  5. Corinne Corinne says:

    This was fun to read It starts out very dark and gothic as our young heroine's travels alone through the Alps to her guardian in Italy comes to an end About two thirds of the way it gets a bit silly but in a very entertaining and romp like manner Things also turn suspenseful as our heroine discovers she has been betrayed and tries to escape the influence of some sort of magical power she does not understand There is wee bit sexual content but for a good cause or so the characters believe at the time Overall a very entertaining read that had me wondering at the creativity and imagination that created this storyI received an advance copy of this book; I voluntarily read and reviewed it

  6. InD& InD& says:

    Readers will instantly feel a spark of warmth from Elizabeth and an even hotter spark between her and the ViscountRead full review in the 2019 March issue of InD'tale Magazine

  7. Petula Petula says:

    Newly orphaned Miss Elizabeth Whitely has been sent to live with family in a small village in the vineyards of Melonia The long journey across the Alps alone was frightening for our heroine Only the company of various other travellers along the way helped Particularly one other young maiden on her way from the convent where she grew up to her guardian Viscount Canterbourne was given a task to perform for his father when the man passed away He has to deliver an unopened package to a small village He didn´t know his father very well but it´s still his duty to carry out his last wish Little do our characters know what they will face in the strange town There is someone very creepy and powerful controlling the lives of the locals What does our villain want with them and can they hope to escape with their lives and sanity intact We also have a four footed friend in the story who is in many ways the true hero A strange and creepy story I loved it

  8. Sandi aka Maudley Sandi aka Maudley says:

    It was hard to find a character I actually liked so the book seemed to go on forever

  9. Judith Bongiovanni Judith Bongiovanni says:

    Well done unusual regency Gothic romance some R and some supernatural

  10. Courtney Courtney says:

    Full review here

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Accursed Abbey (Nobles Necromancy, #1) [Epub] ➝ Accursed Abbey (Nobles Necromancy, #1) By Tessa Candle – Accursed Abbey is a full length Steamy Regency Gothic Romance novel and Book 1 in the Nobles Necromancy series Nature loving Elizabeth Whitely is thrust from her sheltered country life in England when Accursed Abbey is a full length Steamy Regency Gothic Romance novel and Book in the Nobles Necromancy series Nature loving Elizabeth Whitely is thrust from her sheltered country life in England when the suspicious death of her parents leaves her at the mercy of her father’s mad last testament She is sent far away to live with her aunt and uncle In her travels she befriends a beautiful orphan Lenore who is destined for the same tiny village Then the handsome Viscount Canterbourne rescues Elizabeth from ruffians and his dark story captivates her imagination even as his heroics and kindness captivate her heart But when she encounters the necromantic nightmare of Lord Orefados and realizes the mage has imprisoned Lenore in the remains of an ancient abbey Elizabeth hurtles into a maelstrom of peril and dark sorcery Can she save herself and her new friend from the magician’s madness or will she be drawn into his strange rites Will her love be Lord Canterbourne’s boon or will Elizabeth become the chain that binds him to Orefados forever Lord Canterbourne is full of pain and uestions at the loss of his estranged father He hopes his father’s testamentary letter will explain why he abandoned him but instead it sends him on a fool’s errand to deliver a box which he must never open to a man he has only ever seen once shadowy eccentric Lord Orefados Along the way he meets Elizabeth with whom he shares an instant connection Who else can understand his heart but a woman who has also been at the whim of paternal madness a woman who also bears the stigma of a father’s bizarre behaviour Canterbourne knows that they are destined for one another fated to meet in this strange place But when he discovers his dark family history and a secret wrong against Elizabeth’s parents Canterbourne fears he can never tell her the truth Yet if he doesn’t he could lose her to the ensorcellments of Orefados whose obsession with an outlandish ritual is reaching a fever pitch Will seducing Elizabeth be the only way to cut her off from Orefados’ spell Will their love deliver them from evil or will their secrets seal their doom.