Dawns Promise PDF/EPUB Ú Kindle Edition

Dawns Promise PDF/EPUB Ú Kindle Edition

Dawns Promise (Silent Wings #1) [Epub] ❧ Dawns Promise (Silent Wings #1) By A.W. Exley – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk A heart prepared to die that has never lived or lovedBorn with fragile health Dawn Uxbridge has lived a sheltered existence Her lonely days are filled by drawing fanciful landscapes and nurturing plan A heart prepared to die that has never lived or lovedBorn with fragile health Dawn Uxbridge has lived a sheltered existence Her lonely days are filled by drawing fanciful landscapes and nurturing plants When tragedy strikes she finds herself alone and penniless with only one talent—a green thumb Jasper the Earl of Seton is in need of a gardener to reclaim his derelict estate in the remote west of England He expected a robust commoner not a fragile young woman With the next train a week away Dawn has one chance to change the earl's mind and earn her place But all is not as it seems at the ancestral manor The estate is full of secrets ravens cluster on the parapets and a ghostly young woman cries out at night This garden conceals a rotten heart and it plans to sueeze the last beat from Dawn's.

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  1. Mei Mei says:

    Lovely and poetical

  2. None None says:

    Dawn's Promise is one of those books that could have been great but a single plot point just destroys the novel Right up until the third act the book was uite enjoyable but how a scene of terrible trauma was handled just made me recoil in horrorview spoilerThe story's protagonist is Dawn Uxbridge a girl born with a weak heart that has lived her life sheltered in the home of her parents Her one outlet is gardening and spending her days with her beloved plants for company Dawn is raised with the grim expectation that her parents will outlive her which is why the shock of their unexpected deaths joins her grief and despair in losing them to a tragic accidentFew jobs are available for women of the 1880's and fewer still are options for a woman of frail health After many job refusals and her home soon to be sold out from under her Dawn manages to find work as a gardener through a wanted ad in the paper At first Lord Japer Seton wants to send Dawn away when he realizes his assumption that she was a man proves false However Dawn argues that the ad stated the job would be given based on merit not on gender This argument and the fact that the train that brought Dawn to the estate would not return for another week convinces Jasper to allow Dawn a trial run of seven days to evaluate if she's good enough for the jobTurns out the reason Jasper was looking for a gardener wasn't just because the landscape of his estate is in dire need of renovation but because he and his family are magical beings called Elementals that are being tormented by an Elemental from a rival family The plot from this point is a bit too complicated to fully cover brief summary but essentially this woman Ava represents the heart of the estate because she tricked Jasper's brother into giving her the position She then killed and drained the life out of him before using her power to trap Jasper on the grounds of the estate In her attempt to seize power Ava grew large black vines covered in thorns that do far than kill the plants growing on the grounds the estate Their true purpose is to kill the family's sacred tree the Ravensblood tree which would in turn kill Jasper and his familyThe only way to save the family is for the heart to be replaced Dawn who discovers that she too is an Elemental has a chance to replace Ava and save Jasper's family She has also been falling in love with Jasper in the short week she's been on the estate; though she struggles rightly in deciding if her feelings of interest towards Jasper are truly love A mysterious magical vine called the Cor vitis has been appearing whenever Dawn and Jasper have skin to skin contact and apparently this means the two are soul mates destined to be together Ava learns of this somehow and seeks to drive Dawn away byhaving her watch as she rapes JasperThis is the point where the promising story went into a sudden free fall Dawn is lured into the center of the maze where the Ravensblood grows and then Ava who at some point over the years turned into an evil tree woman calls Jasper to her Because Jasper is an Elemental he can turn into a gargoyle which he does now both to fly to Ava and to attempt to battle with her He loses that fight when Ava calls the vines to entangle him and hold him captive Then while Jasper struggles to fight back or escape she rapes him in front of Dawn However Dawn does not see this union as rape but evidence of Jasper secreting loving Ava and only pretending to love herThe reader is then subjected not only to Dawn feeling sad and heartbroken for lost love in the next two chapters but the whole scenario is written as if we are meant to feel sorry for her I cannot comprehend why the author would think Dawn is the character readers should feel bad for Dawn may be a sheltered virgin woman from the 1800's but even in that time period virgin women are not idiots Any adult would be able to recognize the struggle and fight Jasper puts up against Ava demonstrates that something is wrong Just because you add sex into the mix does not make what's happening turn into a sudden confusing mystery Even if it is possible a woman from the nineteenth century would not believe her own eyes no one reading this book is from the nineteenth century No modern reader would mistake rape for consent in this scene yet the author spends an agonizing amount of time trying to make the reader feel sorry for poor heart broken DawnTo make things even worse when Jasper is forced to clarify to Dawn not only that he has been raped but that he has been repeatedly raped by Ava over the past years Dawn never apologizes for the way she treated him when she thought he was lying to her Instead the issue is treated as though Jasper should be sorry that he's been the victim of Ava While he does explain that he ultimately yields to Ava to prevent her from summoning Jasper's nephew and raping him instead this does NOT turn his actions into consentAfter this terrible scene and the terrible way this plot point was handled reading the rest of the book was like pulling teeth It ends with Dawn and Jasper getting together they defeat Ava and kill her rather brutally by chopping her tree body into pieces and then setting her on fire and finally there's hint of there being controversy in the death of Dawn's parents leaving room for a seuelThe author of this book clearly has talent in writing a story Characters have very good physical descriptions as do the various settings the story takes place in Dawn especially was a well developed character and her continual thoughts circling the idea of death are both sad and understandable for someone in her position There were a few clichés that I wish had been avoided such as the protagonist's parents dying in order to push the plot forward and the ever frustrating soul mates tropeHowever the story itself is where the flaws appear After the way Dawn was written to respond to Jasper's rape nothing could redeem this book Honestly the way everyone was written to react to this attack was horrifying Jasper even says to Dawn after she had forgiven him that It is enough that you do not hold events against me Not only did Dawn blame the victim and never apologize for doing so the victim too is written to behave as if he should apologize hide spoiler

  3. Debby Debby says:

    This was a first time listen by the this author and I truly enjoyed every bit of the story

  4. Liesel Stanhope Liesel Stanhope says:

    Another great story by Ms Exley I am going to try not to give away any spoilers This book was sort of a grown up Secret Garden for me The whole book is set in a garden which is a lovely thing to read on a winter's day I also enjoyed watching Dawn the lead navigate her way through the tragedy that life brings her see how that frees her up for adventure and change sort of like the Boxcar Children and watching her transformation Sorry for all the kids books references but I am a mom This is a really fun book to curl up with and I am eagerly awaiting the next one in the series

  5. Dana Jackson-lange Dana Jackson-lange says:

    I am a huge fan of AW Exley and was excited for a new series Her new series is set in Victorian era Great Britton and centers around Dawn When tragedy strikes she has no other choice but to set out on an adventure that she would never otherwise take Dawn sets out with an affinity for gardening and very little else Her adventure has all the makings for a great mystery magic a jealous ex unexplained accidents an estate full of secrets and a chance at love if she will take it

  6. Coco.V Coco.V says:

    🎁 FREE on today 812020 🎁

  7. Holly Bargo Holly Bargo says:

    Wow just wowImaginative and lyrical this amost fairy tale impressed with its attention to detail without becoming bogged down in boring description or information dumps Sweet without being cloying intriguing without being too cryptic this story hits all the right buttons Bravo

  8. Robin Tobin (On the back porch reading) Robin Tobin (On the back porch reading) says:

    Absolutely became apart of this story as I read it This was the perfect blend of mystery gardens and magic Time to jump into book 2 of this series❤️

  9. Blut_Binden Blut_Binden says:

    What I liked about this book1 The atmosphere was wonderful It was dark and creepy with a minor mystery shrouding the middle of its plot I liked how I was reminded of a genuine gothic novel Even the way architecture was described gave me pleasant chills2 I liked that Dawn was super into plants You don’t get many plant heroines out thereWhat I did not like about the book1 The beginning of the novel started off very slow I was hoping that getting through the first third of the book would be rewarding after the non stop talk of death but right when events began to pick upthings got erweird And not the good type of weird which there are those types I promise2 Speaking of that not so good weird I won’t go into it but that weird got very uncomfortable very fast with Dawn reacting to said weird in a manner that just didn’t sit well with me 3 Dawn took waaaay too long in realizing what the heck was going on There can only be so many times where someone can say “Hmn must have been my imagination” right after something very tangible occurs in plain sight Is Dawn perhaps a Skyrim NPC?4 Dawn and shootwhat was the love interest’s name? anyway Dawn and Love Interest shared very little chemistry I could tell that Dawn liked him oh boy could I but I never got the sense from Love Interest It was like he only “fell in love with her” because he was told to by the author 5 Dawn gave into the idea that her father left her penniless way too uickly She didn’t ask for proof or investigate I understand that she was under duress and she was ready to give into death for about a third of the book but she seems inuisitive enough to have at least triedVerdictI really think that this book could have benefitted from removing the super supernatural from the plot It could have been a brilliant gothic novel where the atmosphere plays tricks on Dawn to the point where she doesn’t know if it’s just her and her condition playing tricks on her or if there are really paranormal creatures roaming around As is I got bored with the book dancing around the idea of elementals and other worldly beings Bored and a little freaked out from that “weird” bit Anyway I don’t see myself listening or reading any from this author It was just okay

  10. Anna Anna says:

    First 23 4 starsThe other 13 0 starsThe first part of Dawn's Promise was haunting and atmospheric in the tradition of classic Gothic novels like Jane Eyre A young woman with a fatal heart condition is tragically orphaned when both of her parents are killed in a carriage accident She is also destitute from her father's poor investments and has no alternative except to work for her living Her poor health will not permit her to take on any job that is physically taxing and no one will hire her for the job she is most ualified for gardeningAfter numerous rejections she draws up plans for a garden layout and sends them off with a job application letter She deliberately chooses to omit all mention of her gender identifying herself only as D Uxbridge To her surprise she receives a train ticket and a letter in response accepting her for the position of head gardener to a very old and neglected estateUnfortunately the last 13 of the book introduced plot devices that did not fit with the earlier tone or progression of the story I feel as though it would have been a better book if it had contained less fantasy and realism

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