The Duke of Nothing The 1797 Club #5 PDF/EPUB ↠ of

The Duke of Nothing The 1797 Club #5 PDF/EPUB ↠ of

The Duke of Nothing The 1797 Club #5 [KINDLE] ❂ The Duke of Nothing The 1797 Club #5 Author Jess Michaels – The fifth thrilling romance in the 1797 club series by USA Today bestseller Jess MichaelsBaldwin Undercross Duke of Sheffield has a secret he's keeping from almost everyone he knows and loves He is de The fifth thrilling romance in the of Nothing eBook ☆ club series by USA Today bestseller Jess MichaelsBaldwin Undercross Duke of Sheffield has a secret he's keeping from almost everyone he knows and The Duke PDF or loves He is destitute thanks to gambling by his late father and his own bad decisions There is only one option now marry for money and do it soon An opportunity Duke of Nothing PDF/EPUB ¿ presents itself when a rich American woman arrives in Society hunting for a title in trade for a huge dowryHelena Monroe is the companion to her entitled cousin and she is Duke of Nothing The 1797 ePUB Ò miserable But once she encounters Baldwin on a terrace her time in England starts to look up She uickly realizes he believes she is her cousin and everything starts to fall apartBaldwin is now torn between a future that will save his family legacy and one with a woman he is growing increasingly attached to Will he choose safety or passion obligation or love Length Full Length Novel wordsHeat Level Wear gloves while reading eye protection optionalThe Duke of Nothing can be read as a stand alone book but is part of a series The Club.

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  1. Barbara Rogers Barbara Rogers says:

    Series The 1797 Club #5Publication Date 1162018 SECRETS All hearts hold secrets but some of those secrets are harder to reveal than others Secrets with secrets and a plot and resolution that totally surprised me – and that was a good thing You’ll certainly not see the resolution coming nor the redemption Not the redemption of the heroine or hero but one who will surprise you This book does not have to be read as a part of the series but why in the world would you want to do that? Every book in the series has been a 5 star read and the characters grow develop and reveal themselves and in each successive book What is the 1797 Club? The club was formed in 1797 and includes ten current or future dukes They banded together to help and support each other because many of them were on their own at a very young age or had less than stellar parents As time passed their bond grew closer and stronger than brothers For us readers it means ten wonderful books by an author whose writing skills are stellar The plots are very well developed the writing flows smoothly and stays on plot and the characters cause you to love them from the first Baldwin Undercross the Duke of Sheffield inherited his title five years ago and has been living a lie since then What a shock that was As he delved into the affairs of the estate he found that they were in complete and total ruin There was nothing left in the coffers He’s spent the last five years doing his best to save his family from the scandal of penury to protect his mother and sister and to keep his darkest secret – his contribution to their penury – from his friends in the 1797 Club He has grown and desperate and withdrawn morose and sad as the years have passed His friends are all worried about him and are beginning to ask some very pointed uestions What is he to do? He’s finally agreed with his mother that the solution is to marry an heiress and is set to find a wife this season It is so very hard to make himself go through with it when he sees the love his married friends share with their wives He knows he can’t have that and it makes him so very sadAmerican Helena Monroe has secrets of her own Through no fault of her own she is ruined and has been reduced to acting as the companion to her thoughtless and sometimes cruel cousin who is a very very rich heiress Helena’s uncle brought her cousin Charity to England to buy a title – and he has become set on that title being a duke Her uncle is cruel shrewd manipulative and totally selfish He’s raised his daughter to be just as spoiled and selfish Helena’s future is not a pretty or desirable one but it the only choice she hasWhen Baldwin first meets Helena he thinks she is the American heiress on his mother’s list of possible wives for him After they share an open interesting and witty conversation Baldwin comes to think that maybe this marriage business might not be so bad after all That thought doesn’t last long because his mother soon tells him who the real heiress is – and all the wind leaves Baldwin’s sailsOver the next several weeks Helena and Baldwin are thrown together at a number of events and they both try very hard to fight their growing attraction Both of them know that there is no future for them but the attraction is so strong that they can’t fight it Finally both of them share their secrets and realize that indeed there really is no future where they can be together Each is desperately in love with the other Each is filled with anguish and despair How can our esteemed author overcome these obstacles – well – you’ll just have to read the book I’m here to tell you it is an exciting ride before you get to the very surprising HEAOur Reviews of the other books in the series can be found by clicking the links belowThe Daring Duke – James and EmmaHer Favorite Duke – Simon and MegThe Broken Duke – Graham and AdelaideThe Silent Duke – Ewan and CharlottePlease check out my reviews atBlog Page I reuested and received this e book at no cost to me and volunteered to read it; my review is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher

  2. Shoshanna Ford Shoshanna Ford says:

    Well today is Christmas but I could not resist finishing this AMAZING story and then whipping up a review to share This book was wonderful This entire series is wonderful If you have not read it you should definitely start at number one and dive right in If you have than you hardly need me to tell you this book will be wonderfulJess has a way of writing characters who struggle with real life problems that are easy to identify with Baldwin is no different Although I am miles away from ever needing to worry about entails or estates I have felt a pinch in the purse strings and can easily identify with wishing to take care of those I love Baldwin is a darling I don’t have the words to express it He is simply scrumptious I was half in love with him already after his support of his sister Charlotte in her own story “The Silent Duke” He shines even brighter in his own storyHelena is the absolute sweetest heroine ever to grace a story She has been through hell but her sunny disposition and wit help her to see the bright side of almost every situation I absolutely loved her from the first She is strength and dignity personified Hurrah for HelenaThis story is sizzling but not overly sex laden The story absolutely carries it Over all this book was fabulous Happy Christmas

  3. ~Mandi~ ~Mandi~ says:

    The Duke of NothingJess Michaels4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This was the first book that I have read in this series But I had no issues following along and figuring out who is who This is Baldwin and Helena’s story Baldwin has been hiding the fact that his father put his family in debt and left them with nothing when he died Now Baldwin must marry a woman with a large dowry in order to save the family The only problem is Baldwin has met and fallen for an American with no money Now he has to figure out if he should follow his heart or save his family’s name Helena has come with her cousin and uncle as her cousins companion She had to leave Boston because she has become disgraced and her family has disowned her The reason for that is jaw dropping I couldn’t believe it But Helena knows of Baldwin’s secrets and that they could never be together But is an affair gonna be enough? This was a great historical fiction romance I really enjoy reading one of these every now and then I look forward to reading by Jess Michaels in the future Thanks NetGalley for the arc in exchange for my honest review

  4. Sheila Melo Sheila Melo says:

    I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewHere we are two people who'll never get what they want because of what someone else did Because of what we did to ourselvesFINAL DECISION A sweet and sometimes angsty and seemingly doomed love between two people who don't see a way forward together until they decide that love means than anything and are willing to do whatever it takes to be together Baldwin and Helena are a couple who seem perfect for one another and yet do not see a way forward until there is no other choiceTHE STORY Baldwin Undercross Duke of Sheffield has been keeping a secrets from his friends and family he is bankrupt His father suandered the family fortune with gambling and Baldwin contributed his own bad decisions to the problem In fact Baldwin has only one solution now marry an heiress He has his mind on a rich American but he cannot keep his eyes off her impoverished and scandalous cousin and companion Helena MonroeOPINION This is a sweeter book that I expected The drama in the book is the necessity of Baldwin to marry for money and Helena's lack of the same It's a book about pride and doing what is expected rather than internal problems for the coupleThese are such nice characters that they obviously belong together from the moment that they meet Everyone seems to recognize that but Baldwin's troubles and his pride and shame keep these characters apart Baldwin has to learn to swallow his pride and rely on the people who are there always willing to stand by him if he just asksHelena has her own problems that stem from being betrayed by those who should care for her  That gives the story some angstFor me however this book is centered around these characters who need only to decide that nothing matters than one another in order to find their happinessA great addition to the seriesWORTH MENTIONING There are lots of appearances by the other couples and the bachelor dukesCONNECTED BOOKS THE DUKE OF NOTHING is the fifth book in the 1797 Club series about a group of dukes who have been friends since they were children This book is a standalone with the romance but the friends make appearancesSTAR RATING I give this book 4 starsNOTE I received an ARC of this book via Netgalley in order to prepare a review I was not reuired to write a review or to write a positive review All opinions contained herein are my ownThis review was originally posted on Top10RomanceBookscom

  5. eyes.2c eyes.2c says:

    Nothing ventured nothing gainedI really enjoyed this story Baldwin Undercross Duke of Sheffield is burdened with crushing inherited debts Not to mention his own contribution to the problem These debts he's kept secret from his family and to the point his closest friends Marriage to an heiress is the only thing that will save the family estates the tenants' livelihoods and turn Baldwin's fortunes aroundThe American heiress might be the very thing And Baldwin had already met her and been impressed Only he'd met Helena Monroe the heiress' companion not the heiressWhat a to doAdd to this a house party that Baldwin never wanted given by his sister that is proving far too expensive draining what little resources available at every turn Ice sculptures indeedWill Baldwin ever come through? What of his doomed relationship with the companion a woman he's come to admire the woman who's captured his heart? It seems Baldwin has only two choices marry the heiress or lose allThere's a lot going on here and it all meshes wellA NetGalley ARC

  6. Sissy& Sissy& says:

    The Duke of Nothing by Jess Michaels is the fifth book in The 1797 Club series This is the story of Baldwin Undercross Duke of Sheffield and Helena Monroe Baldwin is in need of money due to his father past mistakes and the one bad one that he made Knowing that a title looking American Heiress would be the perfect choice to fix his problem he goes forward to achieve that goal But he misunderstands who Helena is and thinks she is the American Heiress at first But they both soon learn of the misunderstand but fate keeps leading them together it seems

  7. Janet Janet says:

    This is the fifth romance in the 1797 club series it could be read as a stand alone book but the series is brilliant I’d definitely recommend reading it from the startBaldwin Undercross Duke of Sheffield has a secret he’s keeping to himself even though it’s torturing him He is destitute thanks to gambling by his late father and his own bad decisions following his father’s death There is only one option now marry for money and do it soon An opportunity presents itself when a rich American woman arrives in Society hunting for a title in trade for a huge dowry Helena Monroe is the companion to her entitled cousin Charity and she is miserable as both her uncle Charity treat her as the lowest of servants She encounters Baldwin on a terrace her time in England starts to look up as the attraction between the pair is immediateBaldwin is the brother of Charlotte who recently married Ewan the Silent Duke The walk in the garden revelations by the fountain had me welling up from there on I was routing for Baldwin Helena to have their HEA This is yet another engrossing riveting read that takes you on a roller coaster of emotions The characters are very well drawn I just love the interaction between the Dukes their growing number of wives This is another keeper I can’t wait for the next book to be releasedMy honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

  8. Diane Peterson Diane Peterson says:

    Nice story that continues the 1797 Club series about a group of young dukes This time we have Baldwin Undercross Duke of Sheffield and brother of Charlotte from the previous book Impoverished by his father's gambling and his own poor judgement Baldwin faces the fact that he must marry an heiress The problem is he is incredibly attracted to Helena Monroe a poor cousin of a rich American heiress and a girl with a past What do you do when responsibility tells you one thing and love tells you another?Pleasant interaction and support from his friends and their wives add to the story I enjoyed it

  9. Tracy Emro Tracy Emro says:

    I started this book with a preconceived notion of how it was going to play out based on the blurb I thought I was going to be reading a typical star crossed lovers trope I foresaw anguish heartbreak longing for what could never be etc etc etc and then a miraculous HEA I am happy to say I was totally wrong Yes the book had all the aforementioned elements but OMG there was nothing typical about the way this story unfoldedBaldwin Undercross the Duke of Sheffield has a secret one he has kept from everyone his mother knows part of it but even she does not know the full extent of his ruin Baldwin inherited the estate five years ago from his father and learned that his father had gambled away almost everything that was not entailed And Baldwin added to this debt by trying to gamble and only made things worse His pride will not let him share his shame with anyone He knows that he must marry a heiress and soon before society at large learns of the state of his finances His mother has complied a list of prospects and Baldwin must choose one to be his duchessHelena Monroe is the cousin and companion of Charity Shephard who is one of Baldwin's prospects Helena also has secrets and accepts her lot in life because she really has no other options Helena is truly a kind loving soul she meets Baldwin when she has slipped out to count stars When Baldwin asks what she is doing and she tells him that counting stars reminds her that there are bigger things than herself or her problems Baldwin is instantly charmed and thinks that she might be the American from his mother's list and suddenly the idea of marrying doesn't seem so awfulBaldwin soon learns that Helena is not the heiress and cannot even be considered a prospect but his mother points out that Charity is a lovely young woman and urges him to pursue her Helena also learns who Baldwin is and that her cousin is interested in him She knows that she is not a suitable choice for his bride and pushes down her disappointment They meet again when Baldwin hosts a tea for the prospects they once again end up alone when Helena is embarrassed by her uncle and needs a moment to compose herself They chat and are found together by Charity Her Uncle is livid and punishes her by making her stay home while he and Charity pay calls But while they are out Helena receives a visit from the duchesses they noticed Baldwin's interest in her and decided to make her acuaintance Helena is overwhelmed by their offer of friendship and she gladly accepts She knows that they would shun her if they knew the truth but she can't help but be thrilled by their friendship When Charlotte invites her to dinner she tries to decline but Charlotte promises to invite her familyAt the dinner Baldwin once again singles her out and they go for a walk in the garden and share a kiss After which he apologizes and he tells her everything They know that there can be no future for them and commit to being friends It is not enough but they will take what they can getBaldwin's mother organizes a house party for the prospects Baldwin and Helena try to avoid each other but it is impossible and causes problems for Helena with Charity and her Uncle Peter And to make matters worse Baldwin learns that someone has bought up some of his debts and he doesn't know who or what they will demand When Helena goes looking for him she finds him drunk in his study They talk and kiss and Baldwin learns part of her secret The next day he seeks her out and learns the full extent of her secrets She tells him that even though they have no future she would like an affair Helena knows she loves him and wants something to remember after they partBaldwin knows he loves her and has to make a decision When he is confronted by Matthew about his intentions toward Helena he tells him everything and why as much as he loves her he cannot marry her Matthew is angry and offers to marry Helena himself This is the jolt Baldwin needed and he confesses all to his familyJust when it seems like a HEA is on the horizon Helena's uncle throws a wrench into their plans and all seems lost But salvation comes from an unlikely and surprising source This was probably my second favorite book in the series It is well written flows perfectly has steamy love scenes wonderful secondary characters one of the best declaration scenes I have ever read and of course a wonderful HEA While this is the 5th book in the series it could easily be read as a stand alone title but be warned if you start with this book you are going to want to read the previous books I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher

  10. Cathy Geha Cathy Geha says:

    The Duke of Nothing by Jess MichaelsThe 1797 Club #5Ten teens at boarding school form a club to assist one another as they grow into their positions of being dukes one day The 1797 Club this series is already plotted out to have ten volumes starring the ten original members of the club Over the years a bond stronger and closer in some ways than that of blood brothers is formed In each book of the series we find out what has become of the members of the club and who they will find their HEA withBaldwin Undercross Duke of Sheffield is living a lie He is pinching pennies pretending his finances are not disastrous and being pushed by his mother to marry an heiress to put the estate to rights His father had a gambling addiction that depleted the coffers and his life after his father’s death has not been easy At least his sister is married to a duke and safe financially but stillhis burden is great and rather bothersomemade even MORE bothersome when he meets and falls for Helena Monroe and she does NOT have the money to offer as a dowry that he so desperately needs Who is Helena? She is the cousin and lady’s companion to THE HEIRESS of the season Both were brought to England so Charlotte can snag a title Charlotte’s father is an uncouth lout that is really not good for any woman to be aligned with and especially heinous to Helena Both Helena and Baldwin have secrets that are shared eventually The two do fall in love but whether or not duty money or Love and lack of finances will win is what this book is all about A fun read with believable Hh duetI enjoyed it and look forward to the next book in the seriesso nice to know that there ARE books to look forward to reading Thank you to NetGalley and The Passionate Pen for the ARC – This is my honest review 45 Stars

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