Dead Right Epub Ú Paperback

Dead Right Epub Ú Paperback

  • Paperback
  • Dead Right
  • Peter Robinson
  • English
  • 07 July 2014
  • 9780330482172

10 thoughts on “Dead Right

  1. Lawyer Lawyer says:

    Inspector Banks Among the English for EnglandAlthough written back in 1997 years before the plight faced by Syria's refugees author Peter Robinson penned a novel concerning national pride cloaked in vicious racism and intolerance James Flood is found beaten to death in Banks' never peaceful EastvaleAfter the battered corpse is identified by Forensics young members of Eastvale's Pakastani residents are prime suspects Flood had a run in with George Mahmood at a local pub He didn't take kindly to being run into by a Gdd PakiBanks may have racial tension on the rise It won't do It's just not PC nor good for the town's imageWorse James Flood was the technical Guru for a Neo Nazi crew the Albion League headed up by a smooth talking chief Nevil Montcombe who not only has the ways to attract the local disaffected young to his growing ranks but the money to pay the best Solicitors and Barristers to protect his interestsWhile Banks is dealing with sticky political wickets on the job his personal life is on the skids He and wife Sandra have splitIt's enough to put Banks deep into his bottles of Laphroaig Scotch It's bloody Hell when Chief Superintendent Jimmy Riddell suspends Banks for not properly investigating the Flood case when Banks own subordinates find an easy solve to the murder Case closedOr is it? Banks may be suspended but he's not a man to leave loose ends hanging Especially when his experience tells him the evidence doesn't add upRobinson continues to write at the top of his game Banks continues to develop as an increasingly complex man torn between duty and familyBank's ninth appearance is a cracking good read Robinson writes another first rate police procedural This series just grows stronger with each successive entry Excellent Read it

  2. Ivonne Rovira Ivonne Rovira says:

    With the introduction of neo Nazi sympathizers Blood at the Root the ninth installment in the Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks series takes a particularly dark turn And I could not — please forgive the cliché — put this riveting novel down I devoured it in two days’ timeJason Fox gets himself stomped to death in an alley after leaving a pub at closing time When the Eastvale police discover that young Fox was a lieutenant in the neo Nazi Albion League things get complicated enough But they’re going to get even complicated — complicated enough to threaten Banks’ job To say any would be to cheat readersVery important Blook at the Root previously published as Dead Right ends on a shocking cliff hanger You’ll want to have the next book in the series In A Dry Season which won both the Anthony and Barry awards and was a finalist for the Edgar Award at the ready Thank God my public library had it as a downloadable ebook so I didn’t have to delay

  3. Faith Faith says:

    A young man is found beaten to death outside of a bar after getting into an altercation with three young men of Pakistani heritage It turns out that the victim was a member of a Neo Nazi group dedicated to making Britain great again The group has published rants against immigrants Jews and homosexuals Although this book was published in 1998 it is still timely today It's sad how stories dealing with bigotry never seem dated Inspector Alan Banks is in charge of investigating the case which is not as straightforward as it first appears and the list of suspects grows I liked Banks and I liked this book It is not necessary to have read any of the other books in this series although I am sure that I missed some of the nuances of Banks' relationships That doesn't bother me since I don't read police procedurals to learn about the personal lives of the detectives I learned just enough about Banks here and not too much I intend to read of this series Some aspects of the police work seem uaint today For example this was before cell phones and the police station did not have Internet access so a police officer had to go home to check out the website of the hate groupI listened to the audiobook and the narrator James Langton was very good

  4. Bill Lynas Bill Lynas says:

    The discovery of a dead body in an alleyway starts off another case for DCI Alan BanksAuthor Peter Robinson continues his fine series of crime stories with another good entry ably read by actor Neil Pearson Robinson slips in plenty of lovely moments of humour amidst the darkness Some of the funniest parts derive from the detective's love of classical music his intense dislike of karaoke country westernIt's not the best entry in the series but it's still good entertainment

  5. Jill Hutchinson Jill Hutchinson says:

    I am a fan of the Inspector Banks series but unfortunately have read them out of seuence which makes some of the situations and characters superfluous in this early entry Nevertheless it is still a good read once you put yourself in the time frame of the storyA rabid Neo Nazi is found beaten to death outside a local bar which leads Banks into the ugly world of racism on his local pitch It also involves some of his Pakistani friends which to his sorrow drives a wedge in their relationship He soon learns that the small Neo Nazi group who may be responsible for the murder has a little than just racism on their agenda which may explain the killing of one of their own members Following some vague clues and his intuition brings down the wrath of his hated superior Jimmy Riddle who is a nasty piece of work Banks is put on leave facing termination from the force but continues to develop the case to a successful conclusionNot one of the best of the series it is still worth a read especially for the fact that Banks punches Riddle in the mouth which fans of the series have been waiting on since its inception

  6. Will Byrnes Will Byrnes says:

    When a 21 year old racist is beaten to death in an alley near a pub it is thought the work of three local Asian Brits But the investigation by Banks and DC Susan Grey leads in a different direction The head of the white power group with which the victim is affiliated is into than just hate politics and the young man has run afoul of desires that have nothing to do with race Banks pursues his investigation while his wife is ending their 20 year marriage making it so much fun for him Susan has the hots for Banks but keeps it to herself Banks’ personal life includes having lunch with a musician lady friend Susan is betrayed by her boyfriend who is pumping her for information on Banks and then forwarding it to their boss Riddle

  7. The Cats’ Mother The Cats’ Mother says:

    It’s been nearly a year since I read the previous book in the Banks series and at the rate I’m going I will remain over twenty years behind Remarkably Robinson is still writing new ones he’s up to book 25 so I definitely need to catch up a bitThis 9th book alternatively titled Dead Right is where everything changes for DCI Banks but also takes into the dark realm of the far right movementA young man has been found stomped to death in an alley in Eastvale after a night out in the pub where he had an altercation with a youth from the local Asian community The victim is discovered to be a high ranking member of the Albion League neo nazis who call for the expulsion of all non whites from Britain Arresting the suspects leads to claims of racial discrimination and with no evidence the police let them go leading to claims of favouritism they really can’t win DC Susan Gay helps find an important witness but when Banks’ nemesis reappears a whole new dimension to the case opens upMeanwhile his wife Sandra has had enoughWhile this covers some very uncomfortable topics and introduces some repugnant characters the most interesting part was how the author shows all the different levels of racism even from the “good” characters including the police Some of it seems uite prescient reading it in the run up to Brexit Robinson is both a master of plot and character but also an evocative writer bringing every scene to life with just the right amount of detailThe next book In a Dry Season is actually the first one I ever read in the series and unfortunately I didn’t keep it so probably will aim to buyread it again before continuing on with this excellent series which is definitely best read in order

  8. Baba Baba says:

    Inspector Banks book 10 An interesting read as DCI Banks works on a case which sees a mixing of the worlds of neo Nazis and organised crime A pretty competent and interesting tale set in Yorkshire As it's the tenth book in the series it's not the besting starting point 6 out of 12

  9. Larraine Larraine says:

    To say I am a fan of Peter Robinson is putting it mildly As I continue to catch up with the older books in the series I continue to be impressed by his writing It's interesting that this was published in 1998 It's post Thatcher Great Britain where the industrial jobs are gone and frustration takes on an ugly anti immigrant flavor by native white Brits Unfortunately many of them can't distinguish between someone who is native born vs an actual immigrant not that it matters When a young man is found brutally murdered and disfigured it is soon apparent that there is far to this case than meets the eye It turns out that the murdered young man had a sordid past that his family didn't even know about a life of racial hatred and association with a group advocating racial purity It's really a chilling book and is amazingly prescient

  10. Monica Monica says:

    Although another great mystery I’ll have to say that I liked this Peter Robinson book a little less than his previous novels The plot was solid and interesting but there was no great mystery or guessing game to this book Inspector Alan Banks has a lot of personal things that happen to him which will perhaps impact future books that Robinson has written and might just be the reason this particular novel was a uiet mystery than othersAs I’ve said beforeRobinson’s books flow with a special cadence that continues to make him one of my favourite mystery authors Looking forward to seeing what Banks is up to in the next one

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Dead Right❮Epub❯ ➝ Dead Right ➜ Author Peter Robinson – 'Robinson is definitely one to watch' Independent on Sunday 'Every page here is readable and compelling' Washington Times The broken body of Jason Fox has been found in a dirty alleyway At first it lo 'Robinson is definitely one to watch' Independent on Sunday 'Every page here is readable and compelling' Washington Times The broken body of Jason Fox has been found in a dirty alleyway At first it looks like a typical after hours pub fight gone wrong But Inspector Alan Banks soon realizes that the truth is rarely so straightforwardJason was a member of the Albion League a white power organization And there are many people who might have wished him dead the Pakistani youths he had insulted in the pub that evening; the shady friends of his business partner; or someone within the Albion League itself And just as Banks begins to get a grip on the case an unexpected discovery forces him to reconsider everything he believes'It would be easy to become addicted to Robinson' Observer.

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