Earl of Benton Wicked Earls Club #9 ePUB ´ of Benton

Earl of Benton Wicked Earls Club #9 ePUB ´ of Benton

Earl of Benton Wicked Earls Club #9 [Reading] ➻ Earl of Benton Wicked Earls Club #9 ➱ Madeline Martin – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk HIS ACTIONS COULD BE TREASON Alistair Johnstone’s days of running whisky come to an abrupt halt when he inherits an earldom After years of living in Scotland and denying his English heritage he now HIS Benton Wicked Earls Club Epub / ACTIONS COULD BE TREASON Alistair Johnstone’s days Benton Wicked eBook ↠ of running whisky come to an abrupt halt when he inherits an earldom After years of living in Scotland Earl of eBook Ô and denying his English heritage he now must return despite his mother’s bitter contempt and his own lack of desire When his mother’s attempt to run whisky goes of Benton Wicked MOBI ☆ awry Alistair is forced to step in and save her of Benton Wicked Earls Club PDF/EPUB ² by doing one last whisky run – however if he’s caught he will face a traitor’s death SHE of Benton Wicked Earls Club PDF/EPUB ² IS RUNNING FOR HER LIFE Emma Thorne’s uncle is trying to kill her and so far has failed thank goodness But with only one month until she reaches her majority inherits her fortune and is released from his guardianship she knows she is not safe Emma escapes to a nearby estate where she stumbles upon a house party being held by the Wicked Earls’ Club and finds herself at the mercy of the most extraordinary earl One who could save her or see her condemned PERHAPS THEY CAN SAVE EACH OTHER When innocent lies become reality and danger follows them every step of the way could love be the answer to both their problems or will their passions be their undoing.

About the Author: Madeline Martin

Madeline Benton Wicked Earls Club Epub / Martin is a USA TODAY Bestselling author Benton Wicked eBook ↠ of Scottish set historical romance novels filled with twists and turns adventure steamy romance empowered heroines and the men Earl of eBook Ô who are strong enough to love themShe lives a glitter filled life in Jacksonville Florida with her two daughters known collectively as the minions and a man so of Benton Wicked MOBI ☆ wonderful he's been dubbed Mr Awesome She loves Disney.

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  1. Barbara Rogers Barbara Rogers says:

    Series Wicked Earls’ Club #9Publication Date 3618Oh My Goodness You know if it is Madeline Martin doing the writing there will be a handsome Highlander You would never believe this is Martin’s first Regency period book She nailed it Way to go Of the books I’ve read in this series so far – this is my favorite How many authors could give you a full length book in a novella? You get one here Nothing is skimped on – you get fully developed and very relatable characters a well written well plotted very believable story and a wonderful love story – not to mention the sweet epilogueAlistair Johnstone Earl of Benton didn’t want to be an earl didn’t want to travel to London and certainly wasn’t wanting a wife but he ends up with all three Alistair is half Scot and half English but he has never liked the English because of their treatment of him while he was at school – and his grandfather’s treatment of his mother His parents had been a love match but his grandfather had driven them apart and turned that love to hatred Alistair spent most of his life living with his mother and embracing his Scottish side but when he was sent to Eaton by his grandfather he had to learn English ways and tamp down his Scottish heritage When his grandfather died Alistair tried to turn down the title but that wasn’t possible – besides – he needed the money to refurbish his castle in Scotland His mother did not take to him staying in London very well So she got herself into trouble that he would have to rescue her from – of course she made sure she wasn’t the one to tell him because she wanted to pretend she didn’t need his help Now as a mother I absolutely cannot imagine doing something that would get my son hanged for treason but that is what she did Yet – she was still supposed to love him Not sure I buy that but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story Alistair gets the news of his mother’s dilemma while he’s attending a house party with the other Wicked Earls – and he plans his departure to Scotland immediatelyEmma Thorne lost her mother early in her life and was raised by a loving father While he wasn’t of the aristocracy he was a gentleman and was very rich Nobody other than her father had ever wanted her for anything other than the fortune she would inherit When he died five years ago Emma’s uncle became her guardian My goodness what a piece of work he was He wanted it all for himself and tried to coerce Emma into marrying his son who was just as bad as he was When that didn’t work he tried drastic measures – he tried to murder Emma However it was her maid who died – simply because she resembled Emma and was wearing one of Emma’s old gowns Emma manages to escape the house but the uncle is in hot pursuit She heads for a house that she hopes is empty – only to find it occupied by a raucous bunch of men having a house party She’s covered in blood and cannot go inside – so she hides in the barn It isn’t long before the lovable dog Beast discovers her and Alistair is there as well Alistair believes her story and takes her to Scotland with him She’s only a month away from her twenty fifth birthday and then she can inherit and be free of her uncle’s guardianship – and that trip will get her past her birthdayThe trip to Scotland finds them chatting and learning of each other and coming to care for each other Of course arriving in Scotland provides a problem – after all – his mother doesn’t just dislike the English – she loathes them To say that Emma is not welcomed by his mother is putting it in the mildest termsThe return to England is filled with unhappiness and turmoil as well as suspense The declaration scene is wonderful and fraught with danger Will they survive? Will they get their HEA? You’ll surely need to read this wonderful novella to find outPlease check out my reviews atBlog Page I reuested and received this e book at no cost to me and volunteered to read it; my review is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher

  2. Ivy H Ivy H says:

    It's official Alistair is now my 2nd fav Earl in this series He has usurped the second spot from Earl of Pembroke The first place is still Earl of Westcliff but I have about 4 novellas to read so that might change I am enjoying the Wicked Earls' Club series so much It's wonderful reading about these hot guys getting married one after the other Alistair is the hot brawny tall handsome long haired and blue eyed studly kilt wearing Earl of Benton I gotta pause for a second to go lower the temperature on the air conditioner's thermostat because just thinking about Alistair gives me criminally adulterous thoughts Lol I'll confess my emotional adulterous thoughts when next I attend Confession This is only supposed to happen when my mind dwells on Henry CavillMadeline Hunter packs in uite a lot of excitement passion suspense and humour in this novella There's also an adorable mongrel doggie called Beast that Alistair has saved from homelessness That's another reason why I love Alistair so much He's a rich Earl and yet he saved the skinny starving dog from kids who were throwing rocks at it Beast was a character too He had a few cute scenes in the story as well Alistair inherits the earldom after his paternal English grandfather dies His mother Madge is Scottish and she is a shrew She loves her son but she hates her father in law She also wanted Alistair to refuse the earldom and she had a childish tantrum after he refused to do so She even got physical and threw things at him Madge also participates in the illegal whiskey smuggling racket and she deliberately engineers a dangerous scheme just to get Alistair to return to Scotland This was so selfish on her part Wtf kind of mother is such an attention whore that she will sulk like a child and then embroil herself into a smuggling scheme just to have her son come to rescue her ? She doesn't seem to care that Alistair will be hanged for treason if he's caught All she cares about is her own narcissistic need to make him prove that he loves her enough to rescue herThe heroine Emma is the daughter of a dead super wealthy merchanttrader Emma will get her inheritance in a month's time when she turns 25 and her nasty uncle wants to kill her before that time arrives Emma is a pretty young woman with a curvy Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe type of figure but she is very insecure and has low self esteem The heroine had been chubby when she was younger and during her debut season on the Marriage Mart she had been unpopular Although she's lost the weight and has killer Jayne Mansfield curves and full lips that don't need lip injections she still thinks she's plain Alistair has to tell her that she's hot and beautiful In fact she looks like his dream woman and he is captivated by her I loved the hot chemistry these MC's shared Emma met Alistair while she's hiding from her murderous Uncle The heroine's uncle had murdered a maid because he had seen the girl wearing one of Emma's cast off dresses and thought it was his niece Alistair helps Emma to escape from her uncle and he takes her with him to Lochslin Castle in Scotland Emma falls in love with him but his termagant mother Madge steps in to ruin things Madge spits at Emma's feet insults the heroine and tries to get into a catfight with her too I kept shaking my head at how classless this woman behaved I knew she's a spoilt attention whore but I expected that a woman of her age and in her position would behave with some matronly decorum There's a lot of nail biting suspense in the novella as Alistair tries to complete the whiskey run without getting caught and hanged Emma also experiences pangs of grief when her insecurity makes her believe that Alistair might only want to be with her because she's an heiress She doesn't stop to think that he's a wealthy Earl who's only helping his dumbass mother with the whiskey smuggling because he's a loyal son and not because he actually needs the money This was a great novella and I loved Alistair Emma and Beast

  3. Sissy& Sissy& says:

    Earl of Benton by Madeline Martin is Book Nine in the Wicked Earls Club series This is the story of Alistair Johnstone and Emma Thorne This is easily a standalone book Emma is left with her Uncle as her guardian after her her parents have past away Emma's Uncle has been trying to get her to marry his son but she is not going along with that plan Now with just a month away from turning 25 and taking over her inheritance her Uncle has turned to trying to kill her When her Maid Jenny is found dead the her trusted employeeshelp put together money for her to go on the run until the month is out But her Uncle is hot on her heels trying to catch her Emma runs to a neighboring house where she hides in the stable only to be found by Alistair's dog There Alistair covers for her and she convinces him to take her to Scotland with him Alistair is half Scottish and half English Alistair's mother is Scottish and hates the English and was very upset with Alistair took over the Title that his grandfather once had Alistair's English grandfather tore his mother and father apart and threaten to take Alistair from her Alistair tried not to except the English title but was unable to turn it down Hoping to use the Title and money to fix up Lochslin Castle since he has no choice but to take it Alistair's Scottish grandfather was into Whisky Smuggling and his mom continued to do so after he took the title Now his mother is in need of help and Alistair goes to do soeven if he could be charged with treason Now Alistair is headed home to Scotland with Emma trying to protect her too This was such a great story Loved the characters and just could not put the book down

  4. Lori D Lori D says:

    A fast paced adventure from beginning to end I loved the story of Emma and Alistair Literally running for her life Emma is trying to escape her guardian uncle who is trying to kill her Kill her you say? Well she is about to inherit a fortune when she comes of age which is just in a few weeks and of course he wants it himself Fleeing to a nearby estate she runs into Alistair Johnstone the Earl of Benton who is at a house party with members of the Wicked Earls club Desperate to get away he takes her with him to his home in Scotland Well what an adventure they have with a lot of twist and turns and with evolving feelings between the two Emma and Alistair each have their own issues and it is wonderful to see how each is resolved In her usual fashion Madeline Martin draws the reader in with her wonderful characters and excellent descriptions Loved this story and guarantee you will too

  5. Tracy Emro Tracy Emro says:

    Alistair Johnstone is the reluctant Earl of Benton raised Scottish he wants nothing to do with his English heritage but when his grandfather dies he has no choice much to his mother's dismay and rage He is attending a house party hosted by the Wicked Earl's Club when he learns that his mother is in trouble and he needs to return to Scotland right away While discussing his mother's dilemma with his valet he spies Emma hiding in a stall with his dog Beast Emma is running for her life she is a month away from inheriting her father's vast fortune and ceasing to be under her uncle's guardianship Her uncle has tried to force her to marry his son Conrad but she refuses so now it appears that her uncle has a new plan Emma finds her maid Jenny dead and her servants urge her to go pointing out that Jenny was wearing one of her dresses and looks like her from the back Jenny was not the intended victim Emma was Emma takes off and knows they are following her she heads for the nearby estate and lets her horse go she hides in the stables and overheads Alistair and his valet McKenzie talking He spots her just as her uncle arrives and he covers for her After her uncle leaves he says he will help her but wants some answersAlistair sneaks her into the house and there is a comical scene with Emma trying on disguises they settle on a shocking gown and will pretend that she is his lover They leave and successfully fool her uncle before they make their escape Once in the carriage Emma tells Alistair to leave her in the next village he assures her he will not hurt her and goes as far as to give her a dagger to protect herself He offers to take her to Scotland and ensures that he will give her safe passage back to London Emma agrees They travel together and let the innkeepers assume that they are married for the sake of her reputation and to throw her uncle off her trail They arrive in Scotland and he sees his cousin Hamish Hamish sees Emma and makes a comment but Emma tells him they are married A statement that Alistair agrees to but what Emma doesn't realize is they are in Scotland and by declaring themselves married in front of witnesses they are in fact married Alistair decides to keep this from her and figures he will sort it out later They share a room and finally give into the desire they have both been denyingThey travel to his castle and Alistair is dismayed when he sees that nothing has been repaired Emma begins to have doubts about Alistair maybe he is just after her money and all his compliments and sweet words were just a ruse to trick her into falling for him If this revelation wasn't bad enough she then meets Madge Alistair's English hating mother Madge is livid that Alistair has brought Emma to her home She spits at Emma's feet demands Alistair make her leave and refuses to leave her room until she is goneEmma has had enough and asks to be taken to her room Alistair takes her and explains why Madge is so hateful and he says he will go talk to Madge As he leaves Emma realizes that she is falling in love with him He talks to Madge and learns why the repairs haven't' been made she is still angry but it is clear she loves him and misses him which is why she forced him to come homeEmma spends a restless night and when she hears someone at her door she thinks it is Alistair but it is Madge a raging screaming Madge who charges at Emma Emma grabs the dagger Alistair gave her she is tired of being the victim and will not go down without a fightAlistair goes looking for Emma and finds her in the great hall with Madge they are both drunk Alistair helps Emma back to her room and she finally explains why she doesn't believe Alistair's compliments are sincere Alistair tells her she is wrong what she believes are flaws are what he likes best The next day Alistair meets with Hamish they are preparing to smuggle whisky to England for Madge This was the great emergency that brought him to Scotland she made promises to some very shady people and there was no way she could deliver the whisky Alistair has to save her but if he is caught smuggling Scots whisky into England he will be tried for treason He also doesn't want Emma to know because it will only further her belief that men only want her for her money He makes the final preparations with Hamish and they enter the hall Emma and Madge are together and Hamish addresses her as Lady Benton Emma is embarrassed and says it was a lie but Madge points out that because they declared themselves in front of witnesses they are in fact married Emma is stunned and then angry why didn't Alistair tell her? And when Madge mentions her fortune she feels betrayed she loved him and believed that he was sincere but now she knows she was a foolThe next day before she leaves Madge talks to her and tells her that she thinks that Emma and Alistair can be happy and that Emma is welcome at the castle Emma is touched but is not sure Madge is correct about her and Alistair When they finally set off he tries to talk to her but she is not having it And when she asks about the carriage and the cart he lies She calls him on his lie and he finally tells her everything She is still upset and heartbroken but even worse still in love with him Alistair doesn't want to lose her but he has no idea how to right the wrongs he has doneCan Alistair convince Emma he loves her? What about her uncle? And the whisky? Is there anyway for these two to overcome the hurt and betrayal? You'll just have to read the book to find outThis was a well written fully fleshed out novella it has amusing moments steamy love scenes lies betrayals crazy mothers and evil relatives a sweet dog and very hard won HEAThis is the ninth installment of the Wicked Earls' Club but like the previous books it is a stand alone title I highly recommend this book and the entire seriesI am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me by the author

  6. Dottie Dottie says:

    Guaranteed to fog up your glasses Madeline Martin has written another steamy Highland romp that's sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting Earl of Benton is the story of Alistair Johnstone the reluctant Earl who is a whiskey runner on the side He never wanted to inherit the title but had little choice when his English grandfather passed on Now he must deny his Scottish heritage and family legacy of whiskey running Now he finds himself in uite the predicament when he stumbles across a bonny English lass who is in desperate need of saving Emma Thorne is the only daughter of a very rich merchant she's an heiress to a vast fortune but she has no access to it until her twenty fifth birthday two weeks away Until that time her uncle is in charge of her accounts The ideal of turning over his power doesn't set well with him and he has tried to kill Emma on multiple occasions luckily he has failed thus far Now Emma is on the run and in hiding until she reaches her majority when she can claim her inheritanceNeither Alistair nor Emma have any plans to marry but when they both feel a magnanimous attraction to eachother what will happen?

  7. SOMDReigel SOMDReigel says:

    “It would appear we both have our secrets” A fast paced adventure of trust and falling in love Filled with murder villains suspense and a slow building romance Characters were interesting and had my attention uickly Well written and a good addition to the Wicked Earls Club seriesReviewed by Comfy Chair BooksLisa Reigel August 29 2018

  8. Alison Alison says:

    By Madeline Martin Wicked Earls' Club #9Alistair Jonhstone's days of running whiskey must come come to an end when he inherits an English Earldom one he doesn't want After years of living in Scotland and denying his English heritage he must now return despite his Mother's bitter contempt and his own lack of desire Especially since one can not simply say no to being an Earl His Mother is determind to keep the family's business of running whiskey alive no matter the cost so when his Mother's attempt to run whiskey goes awry Alistair is forced to step in and save her by doing one last run however if he's caught he will face a traitor's deathEmma Thorne's Uncle is trying to kill her and so far has failed but with only one month until she reaches her majority inherits her fortune and is released from his guardianship she knows she is not safe One night after she finds her ladies maid dead the servants give her all their savings and push her out the door telling her to run for her own safety Emma escapes to a nearby estate where she stumbles upon a house party being held by the Wicked Earls' Club and finds herself at the mercy of the most extraordinary earl One who could save her or see her condemnedWhen innocent lies become reality and danger follows them every step of the way what could the outcome possibly be? Can they trust eachother to tell eachother the truth or will they hold on to their silence? Will what they feel for eachother turn into love and will that love be strong enough to hold them together?Madeline Martin has done it again She is an exceptionally talented writter who sweeps you right off of your feet and into the novel It's almost like you are there With an amazing plot and a new twist around every corner where can you go wrong I was hooked right away and I'm sure you will be too

  9. Kathryn Bullivant Kathryn Bullivant says:

    Great story fabulous characters I especially loved Madge and for a novella a brilliantly done conflictresolution plot that didn’t feel rushed 5

  10. Lori Quick Lori Quick says:

    I think this is my favorite book in the Wicked Earl's Club series Madeline Martin did an excellent job with this story Definitely worth the read

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