The Dark Web eBook ✓ The Dark eBook ô

The Dark Web eBook ✓ The Dark eBook ô

The Dark Web ❰Reading❯ ➾ The Dark Web Author Christopher Lowery – The tentacles of the Dark Web are tightening their grip around the world From Moscow to Shanghai Washington UK the Middle East and Europe nowhere is beyond their reach When a computer scientist dies m The tentacles of The Dark Web are tightening their grip around the world From Moscow to Shanghai Washington UK the Middle East and Europe nowhere is beyond their reach When a computer scientist dies mysteriously in Dubai Jenny The Dark eBook ô Bishop's nephew Leo Stewart is hired to replace him Leo's life is soon in danger but he is the only person who can find the key to prevent an impending global cyber attack With the help of Jenny and old and new friends he must neutralise the threat before the world's vital services are brought to a halt in a flagrant attempt to once again redraw the borders of Europe and Asia Can the deadly conspiracy be exposed before the world is thrust into a new Cold War Christopher Lowery delivers a gripping final chapter in the bestselling African Diamonds trilogy with a thriller that is powerfully resonant of today's global dangers hidden behind the ever changing technological landscape The perfect read for fans of Gerald Seymour Wilbur Smith and Frederick Forsyth.

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  1. Bookread2day Bookread2day says:

    I loved how this thriller started off Shanghai People’s Republic of China Monday 9th July 12th A man from syndicate called for the fifth time to Madam Xiu Lee win asking her to sell their company Chongkun Lee Winn couldn't understand why a man from Syndicate was keen to buy his business as he knew there were dozens of microprocessor companies There’s just one slight problem here the man said on line I think it’s time to convince you to sell The next thing Chongkun was was killed in his car It was only after her husbands death that she then sold Win Mirco Technology to the syndicate

  2. Melisa Broadbent Melisa Broadbent says:

    Although this is the third book in a series the author has added information into this book so that you can read as a stand alone This will however make you want to go back and read the others though as they do sound really goodThe start of the story really grabs your attention and shocked me as I thought one of the characters was going to be a mian part of the story – no Brilliant twist that grabbed my attention and kept me readingI’m not a very technically minded person so to start with the computer terms flummoxed me but there is a glossary at the start of the book that will help people who aren’t very familiar with these terms a la meI really liked the main character Leo Bishop who is brought to Dubai to take over the role from the brains behind after his mysterious death He’s a very accomplished young man who is still only 23 and I really enjoyed reading about him and his background again of this is mentioned in the last bookThe action takes place in a number of countries Dubai South Africa Marbella London and Russia and doesn’t slow up The storyline grabs you in and keeps you reading eager to solve the next part of the puzzle and to discover who is actually working towards the greater good and who is set to sabotage and possibly create another warAn enjoyable action thriller that certainly kept me enthralled with its engaging characters and plot

  3. Todd Simpson Todd Simpson says:

    Thoroughly Entertaining I really enjoyed the first two books in this series and this third story is just as good Christopher Lowery certainly knows how to write an interesting and captivating story We all read for pleasure but it’s nice to learn something along the way and I found it uite interesting reading about Microprocessors CPU’s and Internet security The plot is elaborate and suspenseful with a diverse range of characters I also enjoyed that the story is situated in different countries around the world Leo Stewart seemed to have well and truly put the kidnapping behind him from year ago He had since earned a degree and made a name for himself in the world of CPU’s and Microprocessors So much so that he found himself being head hunted by another company in Dubai for the senior VP position to look after the Microprocessor Development division The Company XPlus Circuits were due to release an upgrade to ACRE their new encryption system With so much cybercrime being committed throughout the world XPlus Circuits wanted to be the front runner in having a world class system that no one could crack It’s Leo’s Aunt Jenny that worries about him being in a different country with unknown risks After all someone had already died working for the same company This is definitely a book you could immerse yourself in for many enjoyable hours I’d certainly recommend all three books in the series

  4. Jo Jo says:

    The Dark Web had been on my kindle for several months and I was so glad that I finally found the time to read this fast paced techno thriller that is the final book in the African Diamonds trilogy This book hooked me from the very beginning with its dramatic opening that plunged me into the corrupt and murky world of the dark webI will just mention that I read this book as a stand alone novel and for me it worked I will though go back and read the previous two books in the series to find out Leo's back story and to find out how the whole story beganThere are so many wonderful characters in this book and all bring their own uniue flaws drama and intrigue into the mixing pot that is uite frankly a fantastic thriller There were moments in this book that I uite literally found it hard to breathe as I was reading so uickly in my eagerness to find out what would happen nextLeo is a young and ambitious protagonist who at the age of twenty three is a leading expert in the field of computer science He is transferred to Dubai after the mysterious death of a senior computer scientist and takes over his role It is then that Leo finds himself at the centre of a major global cyber attack which he must stop I loved this character and had eual admiration for his aunt Jenny Together with a wide supporting cast of characters I read Leo's journey and the evolving story of secrets conspiracy and liesThis book is jam packed with non stop action that held my attention throughout  The pace does not let up as we ping pong across the world from Russia to the UK and the States Although I have very little understanding of technology and computers in general I switch on my tablet or laptop to access a word doc stream music or to browse the web but that's where my knowledge  ends Therefore I was a little worried when I opened the book and came across the list of technical terms and abbreviations for computer 'speak' and tech but there really was nothing to worry about I soon became comfortable with this type of terminology and eased myself into the story  So you don't have to be computer literate to enjoy this thrillerThe Dark Web is a thoroughly enjoyable read It has action corrupt and intriguing characters the good guys  all combined with a plot that has so many twists and turns that it gave me whiplash I loved every minute of this bookWith thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the Advanced Reader Copy

  5. Kim Shelley Kim Shelley says:

    Firstly thank you to Christopher Lowery and Kelly at Love Books Group for allowing me to read review and be a part of the blog tour for this bookThis book is the third in a trilogy and I was a bit worried that I wouldn't understand it But I was pleasantly surprised Although it does mention an brief history of the previous books this could uite easily be a standalone novelAnother thing that worried me was all the technical terms and computer jargon I am uite a technical person and definitely don't shy away from technically but all the terms for specific things I find daunting But again I was surprised there is a glossary of terms at the beginning and it helped me to understand what was being said a bit betterThe book itself the story and the characters were great I couldn't fault them at all The book just flows Towards the end of the book I was definitely invested in Leo the hero of the hour albeit unknowingly on his part until he's thrown in jail for a crime he didn't commit Obviously I'm not going to give too much away as you can all go and read it for yourself It is slow going to start with but after a few chapters it's fast paced and I couldn't put it down But it has shown me the all too real threat of the internet and cyber crime in generalI'm giving this book a 45 as it was a good read and although 3rd in a trilogy is a standalone in it's own right I'd certainly recommend this fast paced cyber crime multi country novel

  6. Sue Wallace Sue Wallace says:

    The dark web by Christopher Lowery The Dark Web is a breathless race against time to prevent deadly threats against our known world When a computer scientist dies mysteriously in Dubai Jenny Bishop's nephew Leo Stewart is hired to replace him Leo's life is soon in danger but he is the only person who can find the key to prevent an impending global cyber attack With the help of Jenny and old and new friends he must find a way to neutralise the threat before the world's vital services are brought to a halt A shadowy figure known only as Tsunami is working behind the veil of international offshore company structures in an attempt to redraw international borders once again and enrich the ruthless authors of the conspiracy From Moscow and Ira to Shanghai Washington London and Continental Europe the gripping narrative exposes the tentacles of the Dark Web wrapped around the Earth giving access and anonymity to the authors of these deadly conspiracies The Dark Web is a thrilling final chapter in the African Diamonds trilogyThis was a good read with likeable characters  I haven't read the first 2 so it may have been a little confusing for me  4

  7. Claire Claire says:

    The Dark Web by Christopher Lowery is the incredible final instalment in the gripping African Diamonds trilogy I have not read the first two but I found that this did not matter as The Dark Web does also work as a standalone novel The Dark Web centres around cyber crime I found this to be such a fascinating fast paced thriller action packed with great characters who you are drawn into and want to know so much about them So many twists and turns in this book the author grabs your attention right from the start and takes you into a superb technological thriller with so much depth I thoroughly enjoyed The Dark Web Highly recommended 5 stars

  8. Martin Ljungqvist Martin Ljungqvist says:

    I like the tech theme in this thriller But I did not really feel the characters fully and some scenes were descriptions than action telling But since I like the theme it was ok

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