Bag Men Epub Ú Paperback

Bag Men Epub Ú Paperback

Bag Men [Ebook] ➮ Bag Men ➭ Mark Costello – It is New Year's Day 1965 and the body of Father George Sedgewick is discovered on a snow covered runway of Logan Airport Gone missing are four thousand communion hosts consecrated by Pope Paul VI mea It is New Year's Day and the body of Father George Sedgewick is discovered on a snow covered runway of Logan Airport Gone missing are four thousand communion hosts consecrated by Pope Paul VI meant to be given out to the faithful at the first English language mass in America later that year Ray Dunn a rising young assistant district attorney and the son of a corrupt cop is assigned to the case In another part of the city legendary narcotics detective Manny Manning begins a desperate search for the shadowy source of deadly new heroin hitting the streets This time Manny is determined to reach the top but his adversary is cunning brutal and branching out into a strange drug called acid These uests for a killer and a dealer will intersect unleashing the ghosts of the past and unlocking the secrets of Boston's most powerful institutions Authentic knowing and bracingly cynical Bag Men is a powerful thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

6 thoughts on “Bag Men

  1. Ted Burke Ted Burke says:

    Bag Men by Mark Costello author of the terrific Big If is uite good in it's own right Written under an assumed name when Costello was a federal prosecutor this is a nicely phrased and cadenced cop drama The Boston grit is here; dead priests on a tarmac missing communion hosts drug shipments payoffs to filthy politicians high in city politics Mark Costello has the gift of getting across the feeling of moral ambiguity as the story leads to an inevitable and tragic truth of the larger matters at hand the results of which are the result of the characters' own actionsIt has it all; corruption shattered ideals dead priests political favors Good stuff this a bracingingly fine read

  2. Ben Ben says:

    The two main characters have interesting backgrounds and history and the story seems to be set up to play off that but it really kind of wanders around into lots of different areas The initial setup never receives a good payoff and the focus strays too much The setting is 1965 Boston and while that seems like it could be a uite interesting time to set a story in the writer doesn't really take advantage of it The book really doesn't feel like it has much of a sense of place and could almost have been set anywhere

  3. Ann Ann says:

    A very evocative and suspenseful police procedural set in Boston in the mid 1960s The story successfully merges themes from the '60s counter culture to Catholicism to police corruption to mistreatment of mental patients with a deliciously mischievous denouement one almost wishes that it were true I do not want to add any spoilers and the twists aren't completely surprising but it's very diverting and packs a lot into a fairly short novel

  4. Sam Marchant Sam Marchant says:

    This is a very good detectivepolice book There are many unexpected twists and turns throughout The book starts off a little slow but once you get into it is pretty good the only reason that I give it a four is because of the slow and a little confusing start

  5. Chris Chris says:

    This is an excellent book The plot hooks the reader instantly the action is violent and compelling the dialogue is spot on and the characters make it all worthwhile

  6. Marianne Marianne says:

    An interesting time period and interesting characters which aren't fully exploited Still the plot weaves in some ways I didn't immediately anticipate and it read well

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