No Tears for Darcy PDF/EPUB ☆ No Tears eBook å

No Tears for Darcy PDF/EPUB ☆ No Tears eBook å

No Tears for Darcy ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ No Tears for Darcy By Vicki Reese ⚣ – Letting love pass them by would be a crimeFormer forensic accountant Cameron has lost nearly everyone he’s ever loved and now his vintage clothing shop has been broken into and trashed When town pol Letting love pass them by would be a crimeFormer forensic accountant Cameron has lost nearly everyone he’s ever loved and now his vintage clothing shop has been broken into and trashed When town police chief Will Carson asks an out of town cop friend of his for help Cam takes one No Tears eBook å look at the dark haired blue eyed detective and knows he’s in real trouble—and it has nothing to do with vandalism or murderPete Minchelli is on leave from his job in Philadelphia due to a gunshot wound but he figures he can help an academy buddy with some light police work Plus he’ll have a chance to experience small town life He’s tired of the big city and all its corruption But he uickly discovers that not all the bad stuff happens in cities What he doesn’t expect to find is death treachery—or love.

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  1. BWT (Belen) BWT (Belen) says:

    Cameron Winters has lost everyone he's loved in a short period of time his father his mother his boyfriend He's picking up the pieces and trying to adjust to life back home in the small town he grew up in while running his mother's old vintage store Charisma and Couture The story opens when Charisma and Couture is broken into and vandalized Enter Philadelphia cop on leave Pete Minchelli who's come to Maple Grove to heal from a bullet wound shot that shattered his leg above the ankle and had to be put back together with a plate and pins Pete's friend from his academy days Will is the chief of police in Maple Grove and old friend of Cameron's who welcomes Pete's input on the caseWhen Pete starts digging into the mystery he discovers a lot than a simple if vicious break in is at play including an identity theft ring and a string of murders This little town has got some big city crime bearing down on them all The time Pete spends with Cameron finds the two falling in love despite someone repeatedly trying to dissuade Pete with some pretty hair raising tactics The uestion is can Pete protect Cameron while he's falling for him? How is Cameron tied to everything? How can Cameron protect Pete and is he worth opening his heart again? Will they figure out who's behind the murders before someone else dies?No Tears for Darcy is a mystery told from multiple third person points of view including Cameron Pete and the killer Some clues gave away the killer to me pretty early on but I had to wait until the end to find out if I was right and there were enough red herrings that I definitely doubted my pick a few times Advanced Review Galley copy of No Tears for Darcy provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest reviewThis review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews

  2. Karen Karen says:

    35 stars rounded down to 3 because still no 12 stars herefull review to follow soonish Sometimes it's a fine line between love and obsession Cameron's trying to get over the loss of his loved ones but it's hard when the people you care about keep dyingfirst it was his parents then his boyfriend and now his friends seem to be falling victim to this mysterious curse that's following himPete Minchelli is recovering from an injury sustained during his job so he's come to visit his family and friends as he heals and begins to consider his growing discontent with the direction his life has been going in When Pete's friendWill Carson from his academy days ask for help with a case that brings Cameron into his life Ultimately Pete's confusion over things is only compoundedPete and Cameron are drawn to each other from the moment they meet and as the story progresses their attraction grows increasing Pete's resolve to keep Cameron safe and find a way for them to remain in each other's lives Along with his growing attraction Cameron is trying to deal with his past and the wreckage of a relationship thathe's uickly beginning to realize is was even less than ideal than he had ever thought it could beas an ever increasing number of lies and deceptions are revealed As the number of lies and deceptions his relationship was based on increases so do the number of bodies It begins to seem like there's one secret that someone's willing to do anything to hideleaving everyone wondering if anyone is safe from Cameron's stalkereven Cameron himselfThere was a lot about this story that I really enjoyed but unfortunately for me there was one thing that really detracted from it and that was the fact that I figured out who the stalker was far to early While this doesn't always bother me in this case the story was too dependent on the mystery aspect of things and I really needed for the story to have kept me guessing longer than it did I liked both of the MCs and as a couple for me they worked Next add in some interesting secondary characters and this should have worked better than it did However even though I was able to figure out the mystery part of it earlier than I would have liked and for me that did take away from my over all enjoyment of things I also think the fact that I still gave this 35 stars speaks to the fact that there is still a good and enjoyable story hereNow at this point your probably thinking 'who the hell is Darcy?' or maybe even 'Is there a Darcy?' well I will tell you there is a 'Darcy' in this story but what I'm not going to tell you is who they are or what role they play So if you're curious about Darcy you'll need to either read the story or listen to the audio narrated by Brock HattonAs well as my first time with this author 'No Tears for Darcy' was also my first audio experience with Brock Hatton and it appears to be this narrator's first audio narration I have to say I was suitably impressed and look forward to seeing what future efforts will produce I think my only real concern with this book from an audio perspective was that at times mostly at the beginning of a chapter it felt like the narrator was reading a little fast almost like his voice was in a race with a stop watch This was not a really big variance and honestly some people may not even notice it nor was it consistent which is probably why I did notice it because as the narrator progressed in the reading his voice seemed to level out into a slower natural rhythm that combined with the individual voices and their expressiveness that I uite enjoyed While I was definitely impressed with this first time effort I'm also looking forward to following this narrator and seeing how he progresses and what future narrations his talents will enhanceThe ending for this story is of an HFN Happy For Now with strong potential for an HEA Happily Ever After and while I would have preferred a solid HEA I can see it happening based on where this story leaves us but I can't say I wouldn't be interested in reading a little about Cameron and Pete and finding out just what else might happen on their way to happily ever afterAn audio book for No Tears For Darcy was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  3. BWT (Belen) BWT (Belen) says:

    No Tears for Darcy is a mystery told from multiple third person points of view including Cameron Pete and the killer There are clues as to who the killer is pretty early on but enough red herrings that leave the reader doubting if they're right or not There's some romance but the mystery and suspense are paramount hereI'm afraid the audio didn't work for me There is uite a bit of ambient booth noise throughout which through my headphones sounded even worse and never truly let me settle in to enjoy the story Adding Brock Hatton's staccato speech pattern and a pace that never seemed to gain a good flowit all made this a less than pleasant listening experience While I liked Hatton's voice and that he differentiates between characters with slightly different voices and accents it couldn't make up for the things that were annoying me while listeningThis appears to be Hatton's first audiobook so perhaps a better microphone some sound proofing and some experience will hopefully help him work out these kinks in his next effort Audio copy of No Tears for Darcy provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest reviewThis review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews

  4. Joyfully Jay Joyfully Jay says:

    A Joyfully Jay review 425 starsNo Tears For Darcy was a rather sweet and uick read and while there are a few issues I found myself overall enjoying it I will say I found the title rather odd because there are in fact tears for Darcy but maybe I’m just being pedanticCameron and Pete are a credible couple and the scope of their romance feels believable It doesn’t seem rushed or forced There is an easiness between them that feels natural and even keeled Pete is something of a stock character and I was left wondering if I really knew him He wasn’t uite a caricature and his connection to Cameron felt three dimensional but that was about all that did I just feel there could have been depth Cameron is fairly well rounded and is the most relatable of all the characters My only frustration with Cameron was his naïveté Given his background in law enforcement training he is portrayed as overly trusting and a bit of a pushover This aspect of his character just didn’t ring true and it was decidedly out of place given the rest of his actionsRead Sue’s review in its entirety here

  5. Diverse Diverse says:

    Reviewed by Jenn For Diverse ReaderI love a good romantic suspense book and this is a good one Vicki Reese takes us to a small town full of secrets in Pennsylvania where we meet Cam and PeteCam a former forensic accountant owns and operates his deceased mom’s vintage clothing store After his business is broken into he meets Pete a Philadelphia detective on medical leave Pete sets out to find who broke into Cam’s store and ends up stumbling onto something much bigger Pete and Cam also find themselves drawn and to each otherI really loved the backdrop to Cam and Pete’s story a small town full of big problems The secondary characters and the mystery itself are both done really well The cast of characters have you guessing “who done it?” most of the book which I loved This Is definitely a slow burn without a lot of heat The connection between Pete and Cam and the suspense aspects than make up for that though Definitely a good read

  6. Serena Yates Serena Yates says:

    A forensic accountant turned vintage clothing shop owner a detective on leave due to a gunshot wound a small town setting with big city connections and a mystery that begins with a break in and trashed store exhibits is just the starting point for this exciting suspenseful story Cameron stole my heart from the start trying to fight so hard to build an existence and so lonely it tore at my heartstrings Pete though he may act like the tough detective has a heart of gold and deserves better than having to deal with corruption and betrayal from his colleagues Between the two interesting leading men a cast of uirky secondary characters some friends who are not all that “friendly” and Cam’s cheating ex this turned out to be an engrossing read for mePlease find my full review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  7. SoCalBookReviews SoCalBookReviews says:

    35 StarsI really thought the storyline was enjoyable for this book It was interesting had plenty of twists and turns and kept you guessing But the characters I seriously disliked pretty much every single character in this book Cameron one of the main characters was the most clueless moronic person ever He literally had zero clue what was going on around him at any point in time A forensic accountant with some sort of police division he had no self awareness or self preservation and was dating Jim who was for all accounts one of the “bad guys” Jim Jim was horrible all around and obviously karma caught up with him ’cause he was dead before this book even started Lol He was a horrible person to Cameron when they were dating and we heard all kinds of stuff come to light about their relationship and the sordid details of what happened during that time We also learned how far down the rabbit hole Jim’s deceptions and lies went Darcy who the F was Darcy? This chick was totally insane She was all over the place All up in Cameron’s business and super sketchy in everything she did She lied stole and was just a bad human being all around and it sounds really really bad but she really kinda got what was coming to herPete was one of the other main characters There was not really a whole lot to him There was not a huge connection made between Cameron and him There wasn’t a whole lot of character development between the two men and it ended up being a really slow burn with minimal physical actions going on Steve Steve was a freaking weirdo He just showed up all over the place His character wasn’t really defined or explained well He was there and yet he wasn’t He was basically the handyman for the whole town saw and heard everything but seemed to stay in the shadows Will Now there was a character who totally took you by surprise The town cop he seemed to have his hands in everything and was all seeingknowing about everything that went on in his townThe book was structured well The storyline was paced out well It was a big uestion of who done it mystery And with all my character dislike I actually still didn’t see the ending coming and who was behind it all A crazy story that was written well Audio I think that for a first narration outing Brock Hatton did a decent job I wasn’t super impressed but at the same time it wasn’t horrible At the beginning there were a few odd accents he vocalized for some of the characters that seemed to dissipate over time The characters did have pretty separate voicing which I appreciated and which helped differentiate them in the story He put in a good effort and I think over time once he gets a few Audiobooks under his belt he has a chance at becoming a great narrator I am interested to see what he comes out with in the future Audiobook copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure a review wasn't a reuirement

  8. Tizerkane 13 Tizerkane 13 says:

    True rating ZERO STARS but rounding up to 1 star because while the first 60% was pretty intriguing and WAS enjoyable everything went to absolute SHIT after that and it was absolutely fucking ridiculous I have no desire to elaborate right now because frankly I feel like I wasted enough time on this book I'm seriously annoyedOH and the ending? There's no actual ending in the traditional sense other than it simply ENDED There's no HFN or HEA the book just ENDS very abruptly WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH AUTHORS AND EDITORS WHO LET SHIT LIKE THIS FLY AND PUBLISH?? Do they not have standards at all?? Absolutely SHITTY book and even shittier writing I will not be reading any other books by this so called author because I DO have standards NO just NOSee my updates if you want info

  9. V V says:

    I'm sorry to say this audiobook didn't work for me many times I couldn't differentiate between the characters at times the voices sounded the same no rating

  10. Fritz42 Fritz42 says:

    No Tears for Darcy and I have no tears for this book sigh It had such potential for me a FBI forensic accountant and a police detective working together to solve a mystery What I got was Cam who acted like an emotional teenager than anything else Cam had to move back home to Maple Springs PA to take care of his sick and dying mother After her death he also lost Jim his boyfriend Trying to put the pieces of his life back together he continues to run what had been his mother’s store The book opens up with Cam discovering someone had broken into his story and trashed it Enter Pete a wounded police detective who is visiting Will his police academy friend also the town’s police chief The attraction between Pete and Cam is almost instant and Pete feels compelled to help investigate the crime But things are complicated than that There is a stalker whose identity is poorly hidden to the reader There is cadre of friends who clearly have self serving interest that point to some criminal activity How Cam who has two degrees in accounting plus a law degree on top of being a FBI AGENT doesn’t have a flipping clue just made all that so hard to swallow Especially with his “BFF” Darcy The woman was self centered pushy back stabbing and clearly manipulative There’s much much revealed about her throughout the middle of the book that made me wonder how the hell Cam couldn’t see through all her crap And don’t get me started on his relationship with his dead boyfriendCam’s emotional maturity was so adolescent like He didn’t respond like an adult who having gone through those high levels of education and FBI training should respond In my opinion his responses were either flat or overly dramatic – and I hate to say it – like an adolescent girl There weren’t the layers the nuances which would have helped me connect to the character I just didn’t care about him or what happened to him There was a lot of telling in regards to character’s thoughts and feelings telegraphing what those were before letting the reader glean that information from the character’s actions There was also fair amount of the MCs thinking that they had to “tamp down” their feelings rather than just showing us that If I had been the type to DNF books I might have done that with this one One of the things that kept me reading through to the end was to see if I had guessed the stalker’s identity correctly And I did

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