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Just Like Animals For Ten Long Years, I Stayed Away To Protect HerI Thought I D Successfully Subverted My Wolf S Instincts Where Bethany Was ConcernedBut When I Saw Her On That Dance Floor, My Inner Beast Took Over I Told Myself It Would Be Just One Dance One Dance And I D Let Her Go I Didn T Mean To Bite Her Or F Ck Her In The Middle Of A Crowded Dance ClubOr Kidnap Her Again Read An Excerpt HereJust Like Animals Is A Fast Paced Dirty Ride To Quote A Reviewer The Romance Between The Main Couple Was Written To Work As A First Read In The Series For Readers New To The Werelock Evolution World However, Please Note That This Is Book Number Within The Werelock Evolution Series, So It Also Continues Elements Of The Overarching Storyline Of The World