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Just Like Animals For Ten Long Years, I Stayed Away To Protect Her.I Thought I D Successfully Subverted My Wolf S Instincts Where Bethany Was Concerned.But When I Saw Her On That Dance Floor, My Inner Beast Took Over I Told Myself It Would Be Just One Dance One Dance And I D Let Her Go I Didn T Mean To Bite Her Or F Ck Her In The Middle Of A Crowded Dance Club.Or Kidnap Her Again Read An Excerpt HereJust Like Animals Is A Fast Paced Dirty Ride To Quote A Reviewer The Romance Between The Main Couple Is Written To Work As A Standalone For Readers New To The Werelock Evolution World However, Please Note That This Is Book Number 5 Within The Werelock Evolution Series, So It Also Continues Elements Of The Overarching Storyline Of The World.