The Seeing Soul Tracker Series Kindle Ä The Seeing

The Seeing Soul Tracker Series Kindle Ä The Seeing

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  1. Darius Murretti Darius Murretti says:

    This is the 3rd book of the series and you definitely don't need to read the first 2 to follow and enjoy it nor will reading it before the other two lessen your enjoyment of them This was the least offensive to other religions book of Bill Myers that I've read yetIt was lighter and humorous than the first 2 in the series I really enjoyed the first 34 or 45 of the book but then the plot lost its suspense and just fell flat Like all his books there was the strong PARANORMAL element which I enjoyed and his reading of his own book was greatWARNING THOUGH unlike his other books this book has a lot of sexual tension I really thought I'd give it 5 stars but like i said it just flat lined in the end

  2. Krystl Louwagie Krystl Louwagie says:

    I didn't realize when I started this book that it was going to be religious Like the Left Behind books the point of writing Christian books seemed to be important here than actually telling a good inspired story It tries to have humor but it's so old and over done and typical that it completely misses the mark and is actually uite offensive at parts in the process I don't know anything about the author of this book but it certainly feels like it was written by a misguided white man who's closed minded and sexist but has absolutely no idea that he is Basically someone privileged who doesn't know it I'm not actively trying to put him down everyone is on different part of their journey it's just what I couldn't help but notice while listening to this book than the actual plot or characters All rap music is evil all casinos are evil lust is evil pride is evil drugs are evil and get this Native American festivals and spirit dancing is evil too EXCUSE ME??Anyways the plot and characters here are uninspired Everything felt like it was old and had been done before and was completely predictable Jesus is a homeless man we've heard that one before The main girl is feisty like almost every other poorly done female character ever especially anime's drives impossibly horrible for a functioning human being is pig headed and rushes into things without thinking overreacts etc etc Yeah thanks for that representation of femalesFor whatever reason Travis was my favorite character and I think the only thing I liked about this book Travis was a Baptist preacher trying to fight lots of lustful thoughts and cheating on his wife he also was a little obsessed with being guilty and punishing himself in the name of the Lord and felt like he needed structure in religion and was at odds with the older laid back religious leader who just always said the Lord would take care of things and sang his prayers

  3. Maurice Jr. Maurice Jr. says:

    If you enjoy Frank Peretti you will enjoy this book this whole series actually too This is spiritual warfare at its best and most interesting Myers does a good job of creating endearing characters Where the first two books in this series Soul Tracker and The Presence focused on David Kaufman this one belongs to his son Luke received a special gift of seeing in The Presence and uses it well here I enjoyed the inclusion of Native American spiritual beliefs it was done without belittling a proud people yet revealed the high cost of seeking the unknown without the protection of God This was a fitting conclusion to the trilogy although I admit I'd love to see of these characters

  4. Pam Pam says:

    I did not want to put this book down The Seeing is the third book in the Soul Tracker trilogy and might be my favorite of the three Bill Myers presents the spiritual battle between good and evil very well This book is fast paced and a wonderful read that I highly recommend It will stretch your thinking and keep you thinking long after you have finished reading

  5. C.O. Bonham C.O. Bonham says:

    Very Exciting read Very deep insites into the spiritual world and awsome illustrations of spiritual warfare

  6. Leanna Leanna says:

    Good book Although you may not completely agree with everything he suggests in the book it does get you to begin thinking about how your living your life and if it's God centered or not

  7. Jeff Smith Jeff Smith says:

    Good book Looks like he might write in this series

  8. Phillip Land Phillip Land says:

    Great book

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The Seeing Soul Tracker Series [Read] ➪ The Seeing Soul Tracker Series By Bill Myers – An evil presence looms over the desert community Native American legend calls it Tahuitz The new casino operators call it an opportunity to make money Young Luke Kauffmann acuires a pair of strange go An evil Soul Tracker PDF º presence looms over the desert community Native American legend calls it Tahuitz The new casino operators call it an opportunity to make money Young Luke Kauffmann acuires a pair of strange goggles that gives him glimpses into dimensions around him where dark sinister forces exert their powers to influence and glimmering creatures of light strive to stop themThanks to the help of a beautiful but uirky techie Luke increases the power of the goggles until he is thrust even deeper into the spirit world With their added strength and the help of The Seeing PDF/EPUB or others darker secrets are soon uncovered until Luke himself is seduced by the power and pride that the goggles offerIt isn't until the final showdown at Tahuitz's very lair that Luke and his colleagues learn the deeper truths of spiritual warfare that enable them to destroy the creature's sinister hold upon the valleyAward winning novelist Bill Myers delivers another breathtaking supernatural thriller full of unforgettable characters uneualled imagination and thought provoking issuesThe Seeing is Book Three in the Soul Tracker series which also includes Soul Tracker and The PresenceAlso available unabridged audio CD edition.

  • Paperback
  • 313 pages
  • The Seeing Soul Tracker Series
  • Bill Myers
  • English
  • 20 March 2016
  • 9780310242376

About the Author: Bill Myers

Bill Myers Soul Tracker PDF º was born into a Christian home and although as a child he became bored with Christianity he decided at the University of Washington uote to make God my boss Ironically at the University his worst subject was writing He claims to have prayed and said that he would be able to do anything for God except write Even so he has become a prominent Christian writer and has a large.