Paperback Þ Desolation Jones ePUB Ú

Paperback Þ Desolation Jones ePUB Ú

Desolation Jones [EPUB] ✼ Desolation Jones ✿ Warren Ellis – A former field agent for M16 Michael Jones was the first surviving victim of the Desolation Test a radically dangerous procedure cooked up by the British government Jones was intravenously kept alive A former field agent for M Michael Jones was the first surviving victim of the Desolation Test a radically dangerous procedure cooked up by the British government Jones was intravenously kept alive while being force fed a steady diet of horrific data and images non stop as stimulants were continuously pumped into his body keeping him conscious and alert for a solid yearNow retired from the agency Jones lives in Los Angeles acting as a private investigator to the secret underground community of ex spooks who have come in from the cold and who have no one else to turn toCollecting the first six issues of the Eisner nominated series by Warren Ellis and JH Williams III Michael Jones was a British spy who'd seen better days — but things took a turn for the worse once he fell into the Desolation Project's hands Now he's the preeminent detective for an elite clientele — the underground community of ex spooks in gritty LA.

  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Desolation Jones
  • Warren Ellis
  • English
  • 08 March 2016
  • 9781401211509

About the Author: Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis is the award winning writer of graphic novels like TRANSMETROPOLITAN FELL MINISTRY OF SPACE and PLANETARY and the author of the NYT bestselling GUN MACHINE and the “underground classic” novel CROOKED LITTLE VEIN as well as the digital short story single DEAD PIG COLLECTOR His newest book is the novella NORMAL from FSG Originals listed as one of ’s Best Books Of T.

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  1. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    Los Angeles the city of angels is full of ex spooks Former secret government agents who’ve done and had done to them terrible things and are now living out their early retirement years in LA unable to leave Jones is one such ex spook a survivor of the mysterious Desolation Project in England who also freelances as a covert detective A wealthy old man contacts him to recover a precious item a reel of secret home made porn by Adolf Hitler himself filmed in his bunker But as Jones is about to discover the Hitler porn is the red herring in a case that becomes complicated by the hour as several people begin gunning for him Desolation Jones is basically Warren Ellis writing his version of Raymond Chandler’s LA Noir stories The pieces are all there the world weary detective with the shady past running from something horrible via intoxicants; the femme fatale the employer the job the crooks the underworld businesses and rackets It’s written in Ellis’ signature grumpysarcasticwitty style where the characters’ dialogue is biting and funny and I loved that Chandler and noir in general though is not my bag and that’s why I found the comic overall kinda average It’s your usual gumshoe stuff usual tropes same beats even down to the bait and switch at the end and you either enjoy that genre stuff or you don’t; I’m in the latterThat’s not to say Desolation Jones isn’t any good it’s definitely got its moments The biggest draw even over Ellis’ writing is JH Williams III’s incredible art If you’re reading Sandman Overture or have read the Batwoman comics he drew you’ll know his art style is insanely imaginative Same applies to Jones whose story utilises Williams’ skills perfectly We have waterymurky flashbacks fantastically framed fight choreography warm even glorious hallucinations Jones’ mind is fucked of angels here and there and warped druggy seuences to rival Ralph Steadman If you’re a fan of the artist like me this is a must read comic purely for the art What’s surprising in the script is the sober look at the modern porn industry in a scene that sneaks up at you right in the middle of the book It’s realistic humanises the women involved convincing dark unpleasant and moving all at once a stark contrast to the jovial madness that makes up most of the book Transmetropolitan had moments like that and so does Desolation Jones and it’s that unpredictable uality to switch gears suddenly is what I love about Ellis’ scripts It’s a shame it didn’t become a series but I doubt Williams could’ve maintained the pace given the painstakingly high uality of his work and it’s not a bad standalone book anyway The plot’s a bit same y for me to totally love but if you’re a noir fan Ellis’ homage to Chandler’s stories will be right up your alley Desolation Jones is a fine disturbed modern euivalent for Philip Marlowe

  2. John Huizar John Huizar says:

    uite possibly the best comic I've ever read and massive props to Warren Ellis for writing it The characters are interesting and varied the artwork is excellent the story is both very dark and very funny and the dialogue is top notch The premise is that the city of Los Angeles serves as a prison without walls for exiled members of the international intelligence community Some of them have been experimented on by their governments but the end result is almost invariably not enhancement but damage They are all damaged flawed lonely people trying to find meaning as invisible men and women in an invisible cage as the main character Michael Jones himself puts it they're a bunch of old caged wolves all penned up together and all too often innocents find themselves caught in struggles between themWarren Ellis' writing style comes out very strongly here with his observations on the darker side of the human experience cropping up freuently His observations on the porn industry are particularly gut wrenching gleaned as they were from a female porn star friend of his who later committed suicide All in all there is a very noir sort of feel to the graphic novel indeed this story arc is very much a tribute to The Big Sleep

  3. Travis Travis says:

    A film noir story on acid with a lot of porn references thrown in for good measure Brilliant dark surreal and cleverLA has been turned into the a sort of open prison retirement community for burned out spies and government test subjects where the test went wrong'Desolation' Jones is a mix of both and acts as a sort of trouble shooter investigator for the 'powers that be' that run the cityHis first case involves a retired General who has had something stolen from his special porn collection at the same time that one of his daughters has run away from homeThe case him takes him back and forth from the ex spy community to the porn industry and back again We meet an interesting collection of seedy bizarre and sympathetic characters involved along the wayReally great stuff as Ellis mashes together spies PIs bits of weird sci fi philosophy and a look at big citiesGreat stuff that would make a great TV show

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Now let's clear up some misconceptions Yes there is an awful lot of violence in this book Our hero commits murders as if they were no moving nor onerous than blowing his nose and the only person for whom he seems to feel anything approaching a positive emotion is a woman who can make people throw up simply by being at them And yes there is a long long and very forcefully expressed speech about what it's like being a porn actress that leaves one with no illusions at all and what one might call porn exotica does provide the mcguffin And yes pretty well all the characters are refuse from one or other intelligence agency's experiments gone awry which provides a background that explains some of the easy violenceBut that isn't what this is about All that is just part of establishing the milieu a world of easy morals lies within lies uick violence no law as such beautiful easy dames and tough guys Let's just put it this way the hero's a LA private detective and his case involves a retired general with three daughters the bossy one the nice one and the one who's into sex way too much for her own good Yup this is The Big Sleep for the twenty first centuryAnd with that understanding everything falls into place Jones' emotional disconnect from the world may have a gruesome explanation than Marlowe's but it creates the same effect of an amoral detective driven only by his own sense of justice and dislike of being made a patsy And as a piece of noir fiction this works terribly well But where it goes one better is that it is satirical noir This isn't just about blackmail It's about blackmail over pictures of Hitler's todger Everything is just that little bit too bright too strange and it creates just the right amount alienation to make one wonder whether all of this is serious whether what we think is the plot actually is the plot at all and whether perhaps we're missing the main act because we've been distracted by a side show And then almost on the last page we learn that we haveThe art work as you would expect from the illustrator of Promethea Book One is superb Page layout is toyed with we wander in and out of black and white the images of characters are stylised so as to not show the speaker saying stuff but to show what it is their words are saying about them to hilarious effect in the long porn star speech and it is overall beautiful to look at So putting it all together a fine book and I hope we see or Mr Jones' adventures

  5. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    AMAZING art Panels that I just stared at and constantly flipped back to especially the action scenes So beautiful Loved the charaters Jones reminds me of some of my favorite characters from Hellblazer Fell others with intense and strong male charaters though Jones is probably the craziest I've read He's a bad guy no uestion about it The reader feels sympathy for this bad man because other bad men have hurt him That sympathy doesn't go away just because the reader discovers some of the bad tings that Jones did in his life I also loved Jones' visions beautiful art and his backstory was great extremely frightening and full of potential for further original story lines

  6. Andrew Andrew says:

    This was a really solid Ellis outing It's exactly what his fans demand from him The narrative was unfortunately cut off as Ellis cancelled the series so a lot of uestions are left unanswered We get a solid serialized comic story but the big uestions that would have carried the series along as it went on are obviously left alone Jones goes off in search of a piece of cinematic history for a client but there's a lot too the search than just the film

  7. Dan Dan says:

    I wonder how many times the phrase Hitler's Homemade Porn was used in this trade? I remember reading it so many times but seriously this wasn't too bad Written by Warren Ellis about a man who was created to feel no pain and used to work for the UK's Special mission suad

  8. Alysia Freshcoln Alysia Freshcoln says:

    This is Very weird

  9. Jedhua Jedhua says:


  10. Mark Desrosiers Mark Desrosiers says:

    After barely surviving the Desolation experiment kept awake for an entire year whilst getting horribly tortured the skeletal beyond grizzled former M16 operative Jones is trapped in LA with his Brit accent and Goth photophobia Soon he is involved in a mystery which is a total ripoff of and homage to The Big Sleep Ha ha get it? A year of sleep deprivation and now this? The cadged mystery is catalyzed by a McGuffin Hitler's homemade porn reel which is so over the top awful it works only as a parody of McGuffins in general But the plot moves like the Big Sleep randomly suspensefully with moments of tender affection inflecting a warm alienating skein of flesh violence and double crossing You end up loving the characters cinematography and dialog but forgetting the nonsensical plot I loved it

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