Hardcover Þ The Fascinators PDF Ú

Hardcover Þ The Fascinators PDF Ú

The Fascinators [Epub] ❧ The Fascinators By Andrew Eliopulos – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk A magic infused YA novel about friendship first love and feeling out of place that will bewitch fans of Rainbow Rowell and Maggie StiefvaterLiving in a small town where magic is frowned upon Sam needs A magic infused YA novel about friendship first love and feeling out of place that will bewitch fans of Rainbow Rowell and Maggie StiefvaterLiving in a small town where magic is frowned upon Sam needs his friends James and Delia—and their time together in their school's magic club—to see him through to graduation But as soon as senior year starts little cracks in their group begin to show Sam may or may not be in love with James Delia is growing frustrated with their amateur magic club And James reveals that he got mixed up with some sketchy magickers over the summer putting a target on all their backsWith so many fault lines threatening to derail his hopes for the year Sam is forced to face the fact that the very love of magic that brought his group together is now tearing them apart—and there are some problems that no amount of magic can fix.

  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • The Fascinators
  • Andrew Eliopulos
  • English
  • 06 January 2014

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  1. Kai Kai says:

    A bitch cried when it said Love Simon meets The Raven BoysA bitch is me I’m the bitch

  2. Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ says:

    How am I supposed to keep my fingers away from this when they have the audacity to mention The Raven Boys and Simon vs in one sentence??The answer is I'm not supposed to lolThis book goes straight to my TBR and I really hope that it will be able to keep its promise This sounds exactly like a book I'd love to read and I'm so here for itGive it to me baby sings and walks away

  3. Hamad Hamad says:

    This Review ✍️ Blog 📖 Twitter 🐦 Instagram 📷 “If you believe it you can achieve it” Denver said ridiculously “That’s like the number one rule of magic” ★ Every year there is a YA LGBT book that many readers anticipate and this year it is going to be this one I was excited when I was approved for an E ARC of this in exchange of an honest review I had high expectations for this one I mean look at the fascinating cover because it is pitched as The Raven Boys meets Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda and I think that is not very accurate I know some readers will be disappointed or will have lukewarm feelings for this book and this review is for you★ Let me start with the writing which was good I did not think it was lyrical or very special but it flowed easily I am not going to talk much about the writing because there is not much to say Let’s jump to the important parts★ The characters were not very memorable I am pretty sure I will have forgotten them by the time the book is released The characters in my opinion also did not bring anything new to the YA world I believe that they were characters I already read before with the same cliches and tropes that are always used and that was my first disappointment “Sometimes Sam we fight with people because we care about them too much to give up on them” ★ The world building was also vague in my opinion there was some magic but I can’t understand what are the limitations and rules The system was not explained very well comparing it to the HP series Just because it is the most known wizard series I knew it had potential but it never reached it That was my second disappointment★ The third disappointment was the plot because it was slow at first and very rushed at the end When I had few pages left I started uestioning if it was a series and if I missed this info by mistake But I did not miss anything it is a standalone and it is rushed What really happened is that I read the ending and flipped the page to see the next page only to realize the story has ended We have the same tropes in every LGBT book which are daddy issues fights and misunderstandings And the characters insist on not talking to solve the most basic of stuff and other tropes I guess it reads like a contemporary with fantasy elements or maybe I am just saying that because I am used to complicated and well established magic systems and complicated fantasy books ‘You don’t judge your friends by what they do one time’? I guess that only applies to boys you think are cute” ★ Summary I had high hopes for this book and they were unfortunately not met The writing is good but the characters plot and world building were all average I guess it will still be a successful book and I will be happy if it is ARC provided by the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange of an honest reviewYou can get books from Book Depository

  4. Cassie Cassie says:

    I HEARD SIMON VS THE RAVEN BOYS AND CAME RUNNING update 142020the ONLY good thing to come out of today is Edelweiss approving me for an e ARC of this ksnvjdnfvjdfdf thank you edelweiss you are my true savior today————— Initial Thoughts This very much reminded me of The Raven Boys but it still is its own thing The ending was cute but I’m convinced there will be a seuel Too many uestions that didn’t get answered in this book Actual Review I'm actually giving this a 35 star rating Which for the record is not a bad rating I still very much enjoyed this book and absolutely adored the friendships I fell in love with the writing it was addicting to read and I could easily get lost in this story because of the delectable writing While the plot was intriguing I feel as if it was underwhelming The ending was a bit anticlimactic in my opinion Here I was waiting for the big battle scene and maybe I just hyped it up in my head too much but the way Andrew wrote about this group of people who have access to some pretty dark magic because of this book they possess when it came time for them to face off with Sam and his friends I just thought idk that maybe it would have bigger conseuences than it did And don't get me wrong the conseuences were pretty big for what happened I guess I expected something out of it It doesn't help that by the time I got to the 70% mark things still hadn't happened There were little things still happening that were still leading up to the big thing I was just a little underwhelmed with the ending It was cute and while yes part of me thinks hopes there's going to be a seuel I also feel as if this could be a standalone I still have a lot of uestions I can't list them here because of spoilers that I feel as if a seuel would help with answering them but maybe I'm being greedy and just want from this world and these charactersI also feel like with the world the author has created he could do so much with it Especially with the way he left things at the end The magic is pretty cool and I feel as if our main characters haven't even begun to scratch the surface with what they're capable of I also appreciated the fact that everyone in this world is capable of some sort of magic and no one has to hide the fact that magic exists It was nice to read a story set in a world where everyone knows the existence of magic So after all of this I am still very glad that I got to experience this story and go on this journey with Sam and his friends While I selfishly hope that there's going to be to this world and that I'll be able to reunite with Sam Co if this happens to just be a standalone then I'm okay with that too Andrew is very talented with his writing and storytelling so I'll for sure pick up anything else he writes in the future Thank you very much to Edelweiss for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for an honest reviewThe Fascinators is set to release May 2020

  5. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    I need this in my life than air Publication cannot come soon enough YouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads

  6. anna (½ of readsrainbow) anna (½ of readsrainbow) says:

    gays just really get the best covers and it's exactly what we deserve

  7. Iris Iris says:

    I heard gay and I was here for it and then I heard dark magic and now I'm even here for it

  8. C.G. Drews C.G. Drews says:

    I've decided I'm absolutely in love with this style of book it's contemporary in everything exceptthere's also magic and everyone can do it with varying degrees of success but it still has all the winsome lovely ualities of a contemporary and focuses on friendship and ueer identity and growing up and growing apart And my soul maybe cried a little bit Friendships that stretch and grow snap and reattach are honestly one of my favourite things to read about This book hurt but it was also uite simply lovelyI also listened to the audiobook And the narrator's voice had such a lulling comforting uality to it so 😂It absolutely made me love it The Fascinators is the name of a magic club that consists of the best and only magickers at the highschool Aka three kids Aka Sam James and Delia They're tight They've known each other for ever The book is narrated by Sam with a few chapters from Delia and also Liv who I won't say much about because she plays a small but crucial part and he has such soft and lonesome aching all through the pages because he's built his sense of self on his friends and their magic club Their meetings and how they enter contests and justthis is Sam And when it all starts shattering and fracturing he doesn't know how to cope I firmly believe 90% of literary Sam's are Hufflepuffs and this Sam is SUCH A 'PUFF He's loyal and deeply in love with having a tight knit friendship group He's okay at everything not super great at anything and he's always on high alert from living in a really homophobic and church orientated townwhile he's gay He's openly gay But uietly And he's also sort of in love with James Whomaybe doesn't love him backLike I ached for these three Right up front things are weird because of something that happened between JamesSam at a party when I found out I wanted to cry and then James starts hanging around with a girl from church a lot and a new boy joins their school called Denver and he's insanely cute and Sam likes him Or doesn't He doesn't know He's hung up on James but can't talk about it and ruin things furtherAnd then their lives just begin spiralling as they accidentally get caught up with a dark magical cult But there's like highschool experiences and Sam has the sweetest parents There's tentative uestioning and magical rituals and homework And no dull moments I just wanted to keep reading foreverThe magic system is also fantastic but simple Basically everyone can do magic just like everyone can play a musical instrument You have to practise and some people are better than others And you know you can get tools to help tarot cards scrying etclike you could buy better musical instruments just to keep my comparison going Some people think it's evil Some people use it as a way of life I just love how easily it slotted into this universe and how addictive it was to readThe ending is the only part that left me with this soft gouge in my chest On one hand I liked its realism things are messy not everything gets sorted in life etc But there are some big time jumps in the end 😭and not enough resolutions view spoiler uite frankly Sam and James never talk We never find out if James was uestioning ueerI suspect he was but even if he was it wasn't fair to ask Sam to wait for him and James did NOT treat him well Like kissing him for show was such a dick move I'm still so sad for Sam Like James twisted up Sam in knots but was too cowardly to say But that sayingit's hella hard being closeted with an semi abusive family so James was dealing with a lot And I like books where I can resent a character's actions but also understand them? But we never find out what happens with Delia Sam goes to college and dates Denver long distance which I like I just felt the James storyline ended thinly hide spoiler

  9. Nataliya Nataliya says:

    In the world of crazy uarantines sometimes I want something sweet and nice — so I guess this book was supposed to be my relaxed version of uarantine Brain indulgence I suspected that I’m too old and cynical and jaded for it but I persevered hoping to get some much needed warm fuzzies out of it And no it’s definitely not bad It’s a perfectly okay and serviceable It’s sweet and often funny and uite cute — but that is also its downfall Because sometimes you need to have some teeth and bite just a bit This is the world where everyone has some sort of magic and there are Magic Clubs in school the same way there are Drama Clubs or Mathletes and TV shows featuring magicians and uestions about how magic and religion coexist But despite that the world seems to be really exactly the same as the one we live in — like magic has not made much of a difference besides creating a premise for the story I mean look at all this adorable cuteness Sam is a high school senior who struggles with feeling a bit uneasy in a conservative Georgia town being gay and a magicker He is a member of his school Magic Club three people strong and called the Fascinators The other two members are Sam’s best friends Delia who is ambitious and smart and non nonsense and James who is talented but reckless and a budding alcoholic at seventeen and who Sam has had a crush on for as long as he can remember and who may even kinda like Sam back just a bit despite what appears to be than friendship with a new club member Amber And there is a new kid Denver who seems to like Sam uite a lot Feelings galore “Sam he went to a party hoping to do drugs with a bunch of strangers and ended up robbing them How many red flags can I fit into one sentence?” Then James stupidly steals a magical artifact from a local evil magical cult and everyone is in danger And there’s a state magical convention coming up For some the allure of magical power proves hard to resist And than anything there are confused romantic feelings and misunderstandings and new friendships and relationships are formed and old friendships are strained and tested and then it all ends in a bit of unsatisfying way that seems to be primed for a seuel “I guess this is the problem right when your friendships are based around what you do instead of who you are? Or maybe it’s the problem of being friends with anybody for as long as I’ve been friends with Delia and James”“What’s the problem?”“You’re not allowed to change” In its cute sweetness the book reads uite young perhaps middle grade level The characters motivations are easily visible early on the twists are amply foreshadowed and everyone acts very young for people a year or two from legal adulthood Evil stuff is off page evil cult seems annoying than menacing and never ever is there a sense of real danger for any of the charactersIn short everything is sweet and cute and everyone is adorable — but a bit underwhelming and not too memorable and honestly uite bland It’s good at feelings and friendship and adolescent confusion But the premise begs for perhaps with a bit bite and punch to itThat said I’m sure many will love it and many will appreciate it precisely for what it is — a pleasant easy read that makes you feel warm and cozyI’m just too grumpy for itRounding up to 3 stars

  10. tappkalina tappkalina says:

    11 August 2020It turned out to be the total opposite of what I thought this book will be and wanted it to be Right now I don't even know how to feel about it19 October 2019Simon vs my all time favorite book meets The Raven Cycle Ronan Lynch is everything?It must me good because the only time I was this excited for a book was before the release of Red White Royal Blue and that is my 2nd all time favourite book now Also look at that cover It's so beautiful I'm literally tearing upMay 12th is an eternity away I can't wait that long I mean I don't have a choice but it will be sooo hard I already set the cover as a wallpaper on my phone

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