Mr Perfect PDF/EPUB Ú Mass Market Paperback

Mr Perfect PDF/EPUB Ú Mass Market Paperback

Mr Perfect ➹ [Reading] ➻ Mr Perfect By Linda Howard ➮ – What would make the perfect man That's the deliciously racy topic that Jaine Bright and her three girlfriends are pondering one night at their favorite after hours hot spot Mr Perfect Would he be tall What would make the perfect man That's the deliciously racy topic that Jaine Bright and her three girlfriends are pondering one night at their favorite after hours hot spot Mr Perfect Would he be tall dark and handsome Caring and warmhearted or will just muscular do As their conversation heats up they concoct a tongue in cheek checklist that becomes an overnight sensation spreading like wildfire at work and sizzling along e mail lines But what began as a joke among friends turns deadly serious when one of the four women is murderedTurning to her neighbor an unpredictable police detective for help Jaine must unmask a killer to save her friends and herself Now knowing whom to trust and whom to love is a matter of survival as the dream of Mr Perfect becomes a chilling nightmare.

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  1. Blacky *Romance Addict* Blacky *Romance Addict* says:

    Dear bookThis is my favorite Linda Howard so far 3I enjoyed every second of it laughed like crazy at half the book and swooned over Sam the other half of it D “Let me go” she said nervous than she cared to reveal“No”“No” she repeated “You can’t say no It’s against the law to hold me against my will”“I’m not holding you against your will; I’m holding you against your car” The storyFour friends meet for lunch and make a fun list about what a perfect man should be likeThat of course goes public and makes a lot of problems with them especially when a psycho lunatic finds himself insulted by their reuirements and decides to punish them allThis was fun though I don't think it would've gotten so big in real life the list and all the hype around it but who cares ahahhah D “I changed my mind” She was still pushing on his shoulders She was still accomplishing exactly nothing“You can’t change your mind” He sounded desperate now“Yes I can”“Do you have herpes?”“No”“Syphilis?”“No”“Gonorrhea?”“No”“AIDS?”“No”“Then you can’t change your mind”“What I have is a ripe egg” That was probably a lie Almost positively a lie She would probably start her period tomorrow so the little ovum was long past viability but she didn’t take chances with potential offspring If any life was left in the bundle of DNA Sam’s sperm would jump start it Some things were just a givenThe ripe egg news gave him pause He thought about it Offered “I can use a condom” Sam and JaineThe romance here was so fun and the attraction between them amazingThey were a mix of love and hate and that's what made it awesome DThey fought all the time and flirted all the time and I just loved it all 3One thing though that didn't make sense and I have to say I've noticed LH has a tendency to do insta love in her books but here it went a bit too farview spoilerthe marriage proposal was way too soon for my taste didn't make sense at all hide spoiler

  2. Corina Corina says:

    THERE ARE MULTIPLE REASONS WHY I LOVE THIS BOOKA THE BANTERB THE CHEMISTRYI can’t count any how often this book made me laugh out loud The dialogues between Sam and Jaine are on point funny sexy hilarious Janie is such a straightforward kind of person she attacks life with gusto and tenacity She is not afraid of anything and it shows Sam the poor guy should be afraid but he is the opposite he loves everything about Jaine He is confident unfazed and perfectly euipped to handle a strong willed woman like Jaine and it shows in many ways throughout the novel And he is never in danger of losing sight of what’s important and the way he takes care of Jaine is still my favorite part of the bookTogether they were explosive And I had a first row seat enjoying it allAlso their easy way with each other their no nonsense approach to a future relationship was refreshing and so Linda Howard Now reading this book in 2019 I realize that there is a hefty dose of insta marriage in this book I’m trying to remember if this was the norm in 2000 I’m not usually a fan of insta anything but the overall feel of this novel is still the same as it was when I read it the first timeThe suspense is through the roof and I’m actually shocked every time about the author not pulling any punches There is uite the body count in this novel I feel like this rarely happens in romantic suspense novels any And it surprises me every time I read itSo if you love romantic suspense you MUST read Linda Howard’s books but especially this oneFind reviews and book recommendations on my blogFollow me on Bookstagram

  3. A. A. says:

    45 Stars

  4. Stacia (the 2010 club) Stacia (the 2010 club) says:

    If you're looking for Mr Perfect you're going to spend your whole life being disappointed because he doesn't exist I generally hate books where any female or group of females start making a mental or physical list of what they want in a man Lists are absolutely stupid Love is unpredictable and shouldn't be put in a box Sure six pack abs and a huge salary can be awesome but the sweet guy with the messy hair and cute dimples might be the right one even if he doesn't have guns of steel or a six figure incomeWhoops Let me get off my soap box because this wasn't that type of book On the contrary the list was supposed to be a fun game and nothing which made me thankful that I wasn't going to have to hate the characters in this book for being ultra shallow Mr Perfect is a romantic suspensemurder mystery book with a side of comedy Suspense is not my preferred genre and cops are not my preferred type of hero but Linda Howard surprised me by making both work in her favor because I ended up really liking this bookIt must have been that side of comedy which made the book feel like it wasn't as somber as it could have been Computer Nerd office signs for the winXEROX AND WURLITZER HAVE ANNOUNCED THEY WILL MERGE TO MARKET REPRODUCTIVE ORGANSNEW PRESS RELEASE BY THE FDA RED MEAT IS NOT BAD FOR YOU RESULTS OF TESTS SHOW IT IS FUZZY GREEN MEAT THAT IS BAD FOR YOUThese signs sprinkled throughout the book along with some of the fun banter brought a great balance to the dark subject matterAfter all there was still a killer on the loose terrorizing the four women who started the list Looks like someone didn't feel perfect enough to make the list Which one are you? whispered a ghostly voice I mentioned the cop hero Sam was great Who knew I just needed the right author to come along and make me fall for a cop? He might have been a little too gruff at times and made a few off remarks yes he called his ex wife a bitch which you might not see in a recent novel but when he needed to be he was sweet and protectiveThere were a couple of little pokes at feminism which were odd but I sort of rolled right over them because I wasn't seeing any big malice showing through In fact I didn't have much to complain about when it came to Mr Perfect Between the mystery the romance and the comedy I got enough to keep me entertained on a lazy night If I had to come up with one complaint it would have to be hidden behind a spoiler tag so only look if you don't mind being spoiled view spoilerA marriage proposal and declarations of love during sex? Really? hide spoiler

  5. Wicked Incognito Now Wicked Incognito Now says:

    I only read SEVEN PERCENT of this book So take my review with a grain of saltI often search the internet for best romance novels of all time There are surprisingly a lot of lists dedicated to enumerating the best romance novels ever written I've found uite a few gems this way THIS novel made the top ten of most of those lists I spent most of my life thinking that all romance novels were a waste of my time and intellect until I rediscovered romance about four years ago I discovered that romance can be well written AND highly enjoyable and entertainingBut this novel is an example of why I turned up my nose at the genre 25 years agoLife is too short to waste on drivel I can see where this book is going from 1200 miles away Four friends are in a bar having a HILARIOUS good time OMG Men suck Yeah men are so sucky What kind of man would you want if you could have THE PERFECT MAN? OMG Don't talk like that You're insane No really What's the perfect man? No You're taking it too far Heheheheheheh Funny stuff Seriously Okay he would definitely have to be faithful Seriously? Really Well if you think so Yeah that's MOST important What about a sense of humor? OMG You are SO right A sense of humor OMG that's funny Teehee He should be good looking Teehee He should be great in bed Teehee He should be rich Teehee He should be responsible DUDES This is all so original and FUNNY Seriously though? He should have a ten inch penis Hmmmmwhere does the story go?hmmmI already know this is a murder suspense romance The next door neighbor is a cophmmmthere is a serial killer and the title is Mr Perfecthmmmmnah not predictable at all I really have no idea what could possibly happen next Oh are the friends going to be murdered one by one? By a serial killer that heard about their original reuirements for a man? Or something to that effect? WHATEVER I seriously don't careThis is an example of severely dumbed down writing Romance readers are idiots right? Otherwise they would read serious literature instead of romance trash Obviously romance readers can't handle big words or nuanced narratives And of course grammatical integrity consistent voice and a plot that takes thought than a infant can muster would just be TOO MUCH for a romance reader to handleEXCERPTWhy on earth her mother had wanted her to baby sit the cat instead of Shelley or Dave was beyond her They both had kids who could play with BooBoo and keep him entertained Since school was out for summer vacation that meant someone was home at both their houses almost all day every dayBut nooo Jaine had to keep BooBoo Never mind that she was single was at work five days a week and wasn't used to having a pet If she did have a pet it wouldn't be one like BooBook anyway He'd been in a feline pout ever since he'd been neutered and he took out his frustration on the furniture In just one week he had frayed the sofa to the point that she would have to have it reupholsteredAnd BooBoo didn't like her He like her well enough when he was in his home coming around to be petted but he didn't like being in her home at all Every time she tried to pet him now he arched his back and hissed at herTo top it off Shelley was mad at her because Mom had chosen Jaine to baby sit her precious BooBoo After all Shelley was the oldest and obviously settled It didn't make sense that Jaine had been chosen over her Jaine agree with her but that didn't soothe the hurt feelingsNo what really topped it off was that David who was a year younger than Shelley was mad at her too Not because of BooBoo; David was allergic to cats No what had him steamed was that Dad had stored his precious car in her garage which meant she couldn't park in her own garage since it was a single and it was damned inconvenient She wished David had the blasted car She Wished Dad had left it in his own garage but he'd been afraid to leave it unattended for six weeks She understood that but she didn't understand why she'd been chosen to baby sit both cat and car Shelley didn't understand the cat David didn't understand the car and Jaine didn't understand any of itYou and me BOTH Jaine I don't understand the purpose of the entire passage Is this an obvious set up for future happenings in the plot? The cat will be murdered and the car destroyed? Is this a pathetic attempt at characterization? Because now I hate Jaine and think she's a whiny baby I feel no accord with this characterOr was this merely an attempt to pad the word count?It was all so stilted Unnecessary Like a conversation with someone who gives you way too many details about a story they're about to tell and you're just sitting there thinking Please get on with it For the love of God please

  6. Geri Reads Geri Reads says:

    5 Still Perfect StarsRe read time June 19 to 21 2013Still perfect after all this time I've reread this book than I could count and it never fails to make me laugh cry and swoon This book is what made me a fan of Linda Howard's writing This was Linda Howard at her peak writing form; witty fun hilarious and terrifying at the same time Mr Perfect is a story about four friends and their idea of Mr Perfect The fours friends understood of course that Mr Perfect doesn't really exist in real life but that didn't stop them from making the Mr Perfect list It was supposed to stay between them but one thing led to another and suddenly the ladies find themselves as the newest national sensation Worst of all they also attracted the attention of a very disturb and sinister mind who will stop at nothing to hurt them As to who and why he'd want to hurt them well I say you must read the book because I'm not spoiling anything D Why I love this book We're all familiar with that book where the heroine meets the hero and it was viola Instant attraction lust and even love at first sight And then we get a heroine who keeps saying in her head He's so gorgeous or he's the most beautiful man I've ever met or he's perfect I wanna devour him That plus the gushing and clenching their girly parts This book doesn't have that You'd get the exact opposite First of all Jaine that's our female MC thinks that Sam our male MC is foul tempered drunk and a world class jerk No ifs and buts about it She wasn't a bit attracted to him In fact she contemplated on boiling her fingers because it touched him D All she knew was that he was a rough looking character and he didn’t seem to hold down a regular job At best he was a drunk and drunks could be mean and destructive At worst he was involved in illegal stuff which added dangerous to the list He was a big muscular guy with dark hair cut so short he almost looked like a skinhead Every time she had seen him he looked as if he hadn’t shaved in two or three days Add that to the bloodshot eyes and bad temper and she came up with drunk It was downright hilarious the moment they officially met too And boy was Jaine ever wrong about her first impression of the guy “I haven’t had any sleep any breakfast or any coffee I’d better leave before I hurt you” He nodded “That’s a good idea I’d hate to have to arrest you” She stared at him taken aback “What?” “I’m a cop” he said then turned and walked back into his house Jaine stared after him shocked A cop? “Well fuck” she said See what I mean? That was just refreshing to me I always find it fascinating when a romance author tries to subvert a well known trope in this case the insta attraction or insta lust trope and give us something differentOf course this dislike turned into something a lot pleasant when Jaine saw Sam in his birthday suit outside her kitchen window Jaine's inner monologue in that one was seriously funny and seriously hot I swear reading that part made me wish I had a hunky neighbor I could perv on LH described Sam's nakedness and Jaine's reaction to it in way that make you laugh and turn you on at the same time What then happened wasn’t her fault She was standing at the sink rinsing out her cup when the kitchen light in the house across the way flicked on and Sam walked into view She stopped breathing Her lungs seized and she stopped breathing “Sweet baby Jesus” she croaked and managed to inhaleShe was seeing of Sam than she had ever thought she would; everything in fact He stood in front of the refrigerator stark naked She barely had time to admire his buns before he took a bottle of orange juice from the fridge twisting off the top and tilting it to his mouth as he turned around She forgot all about his buns He was impressive coming – no pun intended – than he was going and that was saying something because his butt was severely cute The man was hung In spite of that encounter they didn't immediately jump into bed and have sex They had to work out some issues first plus the fact there was a killer on the loose after Jaine and her friends But when they did? YOWZA LH writes some of the best love scenes around She's not overly descriptive There's almost like a brusue uality to the way she writes these scenes that does something your imagination And for someone with a very active imagination like moi this was just perfect for meSam Donovan or as Jaine referred to him as the jerk was a wonderfully swoony character He is alpha without being too over the top and the jerk is funny He can totally match Jaine in the wit department Plus he ain't that bad looking either Oh who am I kidding? Sam is gorgeous in a totally manly way and most of all he's got the right euipment “I tracked it down on the Web It was funny stuff – Ms C” She gaped at him “How did you know?” she demanded He snorted “Like I wouldn’t recognize your smart ass mouth even in print ‘Anything over eight is strictly for show and tell’” he uoted at her “I might have known you’d remember only the sex stuff” “Sex is much on my mind these days And just for the record – I don’t have anything for show and tell” If he didn’t he hadn’t missed it by much Jaine thought remembering with great fondness how he had looked in profile He continued “I’m just happy I’m not in the point and laugh category” The story was seamlessly told in multiple POVs with Jaine having the most of them We also get to be inside the mind of the killer and let me tell you it was creepy as hell and very disturbing I have to warn you though there is much sadness that happened in this book I won't elaborate anything than that but this book isn't all hearts and rainbows But it does have an HEAOverall very solid and pretty much unforgettable story from Linda Howard Definitely worth the five stars

  7. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:

    What do you get when four friends get together for their weekly girls night out and have a little too much to drink? Well in this story you get a list detailing what these friends think it takes to make the perfect man And what do you get when that list becomes an overnight sensation with a nearly cult like following? Well in this story you get murderI’ve had this book on my shelves for uite awhile and whenever my Goodreads friends would talk about Linda Howard’s books Mr Perfect was sure to be listed as one of her very best and almost always a favorite So why did I put off reading this book you ask? Because I thought the cover was ugly And let me just tell you now it’s true what they say; you should never judge a book by its cover Mr Perfect was a fun fast paced sexy read and once I got started I just couldn’t put it down And while the idea that such a list could become so insanely popular and cause such havoc is a bit on the farfetched side the story was written in such a way that made it believable and the characters were written just as well Jaine Bright and Sam Donovan were both so perfect and yet so flawed that they felt like real people to me not just words and images bunched together to give us characters to read about but honest to goodness real people Their banter was laugh out loud funny and their sexual chemistry burned up the pagesI also loved the secondary characters who filled out the group of friends four ladies working for the same company yet in different departments Their love for each other was so apparent and it made me think of a couple of my own closest friends I could easily see us all sitting down and getting carried away laughing and just having a great time creating our ideal man our own Mr Perfect The bottom line – This was my first Linda Howard read and before I was even 13 of the way through I was ordering of her books It was fun exciting and very sexy so needless to say I really enjoyed Mr Perfect and I’m looking forward to reading by this author4550

  8. Mo Mo says:

    This is an old book but I see that most of her books have now been released on Kindle Lucky Me Not So Lucky my Credit Card I have read a few of Linda's other books and loved them This was a great story with a spunky sassy heroine and a gorgeous hero wouldn't mind a bit of Sam living next door to me Sad funny mysterious it had it all hopefully the kindle edition will bring a new realm of readers to discover Ms Howard

  9. MelissaB MelissaB says:

    This book was very funny and a good romantic suspense The interaction between Jaine and Sam was hilarious She is a bit of a spit fire and he has a bit of a temper I love the part where she sprays him with the hose then he hold her against her car She tells him he is holding her against her will but he says he isn't he is holding her against her car The diagolue was great and the suspense portion was good This is a great read if you enjoy a laugh good romance and a bit of suspense

  10. Mo Mo says:

    45 a re read not as good the second time around I sort of knew the wow factor so that took away from it I think I might have already reviewed another version so apologies if there are two reviews on here Well I did read it twice so maybe that's OK I love both main characters Knew what they wanted each other Sam sure is sexyJaine is a great heroine Has a temper has a backbone has a sense of humour “If you're looking for Mr Perfect you‟re going to spend your whole life being disappointed because he doesn‟t exist You have to get the best deal you can but there will always be problems” And that is where all the trouble started With the List “I told you we haven't had sex It was just a kissLike the Viper was just a car and Mount Everest was just a hill”

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