Deviations Submission Deviations Epub ó Deviations

Deviations Submission Deviations Epub ó Deviations

Deviations Submission Deviations ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☆ Deviations Submission Deviations Author Chris Owen – Tobias is a skilled Dom able to bring even the most hesitant submissive around Noah is a man in need of just that He wants to sub badly but has yet to find someone he believes can take him where he ne Tobias is a skilled Dom able to bring even the most hesitant submissive around Noah is a man in need of just that He wants to sub badly but has yet to find someone he believes can take him where he needs to go Through a series of encounters in the world of bondage Deviations Submission MOBI :Ú and discipline Noah reveals why he has trouble trusting why he needs such a firm steady hand Tobias may allow himself to dominate but he has trouble letting himself love Still Tobias can't resist Noah's charms and the two of them set about making a scene for themselves one that works for them and their uniue set of problems They learn to love but can they stay together while they explore each others' secrets in a world where all is laid bare and emotions run high From authors Chris Owen writer of the popular Bareback and Jodi Payne writer of String of Pearls comes a romance on the deviant side where love is all tied up with the need to submit the need to dominate and the need to share a life of exploration and care These two skilled authors create a world that's hard to resist and a book that's even harder to put down.

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  1. Beth Beth says:

    This is one of the most boring erotic novels I've ever read primarily because neither of the characters is then a cardboard cutout I didn't care about either of them or have any insight into their thought processes or motivations so it was like reading about objects moving around a board This is basically how the book goes1 Let's talk about what we're about to do2 Let's have some really boring sex clinical but not pervy hot clinical it's like I am looking to get this reaction from you or press this boundary in this way so I will do X Let's see if your reaction is Y or Z I'll take notes3 Let's talk about our boring sex4 Let's talk about our expectations in this relationship5 Let's almost break up over your attachment to your annoying ex I will then go to talk it out with your ex over Indian food while wearing a turtleneck sweater Your ex will give me tips about pleasing you sexually and I will be so grateful for the hints6 Let's talk about how I feel so much better after talking to your ex Then we can bone and I can journal about it after as I continue my trite journey of self discovery and exploration by making you dinnerAll I could think was if my boyfriend wanted to talk this much I would dump his ass I don't really enjoy obsessively deconstructing everything If the above gets you hot download this immediately If not I'd advise you skip it

  2. Gigi Gigi says:

    Second read after a 6 year break Bumping up to 5 stars So damn good Hot as fuck Perfect BDSM book for those that like passion with their painRe reading book two right away

  3. Akanksha❤ Søren♰ Akanksha❤ Søren♰ says:

    I love this book Just finished re reading this book Tobias and Noah are like the cutest and most adorable couple ever ' I love them their story this book and the rest of the characters this is totally my favorite MM seriesThey are like asdfghjkl I want to smooch both their faces off They are like prefect together D

  4. Moony Eliver Moony Eliver says:

    Oh jesus you guys I’m going to have to start book 2 soon so I can’t talk long My new series obsession Deviations is a hot sweet picture of a nascent Ds relationship and it’s been driving me to distraction the last couple of days Seriously I’ve had to geographically separate myself from my kindle so that I could meet deadlines This book is from the POV of Tobias Hellooooo sexy veterinarian Dom I got utterly addicted to his inner voice a swoon worthy and funny portrayal of him striving to maintain his “control” over the interactions even as he melts and falls in love Tobias and Noah’s story really nails elements of BDSM that I find compelling heavy on the Ds much lighter on the SM no humiliation but over — the needs of these two men feel very eually weighted in the relationship a dynamic that’s elusive in kinky booksSomething to note — the proportion of sex is high Real talk I have gotten bored before by too much sex in books that had HALF as many scenes as this one has But it works here for a couple of reasons 1 The sex is creative fun and not repetitive There are so many elements that the authors interjected to keep it lively including a couple of role playing scenes filled with personality and 2 This is a specific kind of Ds relationship one that builds differently than a traditional romance The sexual connection and meeting that precise need comes first They get to know each other as they build that foundationI wasn’t sure about the book for the first several chapters; the beginning doesn’t do it any favors Tobias was painted uite differently than he’s revealed as the book progresses There was some oooh look how important and beloved he is shit going on that made me roll my eyes but that passed uickly Bear in mind that the character development seems to be a looong game here If this were a standalone my rating would be half a star lower because of that but it has given me enough and it’s still building Maybe the idea is that I’m getting to know Noah and Tobias at a similar rate as they're getting to know each other? But there is fun to be had in the meantime Yes indeedSo apparently I had to say than I thought But I really do have to run now Book 2 is calling my name and I must obey

  5. The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears says:

    As a sub genre of eroticaerotic romance BDSM themed novels are all the rage these days One doesn't have to look too hard to find salacious covers with leather clad hunks and corset cinched goddesses holding whips and handcuffs Like all popular genres of fiction it's become pretty damn near difficult to find the gems the books written by people who either know the scene firsthand or who care enough to thoroughly research the lovestyle in order to present it as another form of healthy sexual expression Sadly a large portion of BDSM themed books read like the JT's Stockroom catalog with some emotionally messed up characters tossed in for dramatic effectI was pleasantly surprised by Submission the first book in the Deviations series I'm not a huge fan of BDSM club based stories since everyone seems to be doing it and all the club scenes are pretty much written the same way featuring lots of loud techno music scantily clad women and leather bedecked men However the understated club in Submission works well The dining scene gave me a chance to get to know Tobias the elegant and cultured Dom and Noah the strong willed but wary sub who very much wants what Tobias is offering Granted if you're looking for hot sex right off the bat this foreplay will probably bore you For those of us who understand the dance the subtle give and take this scene is sexy as hell And yes I loved Phan I can't wait to read about himThe bondagedomination scenes were incredibly hot and very inventive but it was the moments between the sex scenes that made this a keeper Tobias isn't the all knowing all seeing top He has moments where he's completely unsure about where to take Noah next He's a Dom who understands his role but is also not restrained by it He's stern when necessary and always loving I could easily sub for a person like that LOL Noah isn't just some weak submissive He has his issues and the lines he doesn't uite know if he's ready to cross I really loved his response as to why he needs the freedom of BDSM As a cop he says that he just needs to feel That he doesn't want to become the kind of officer who can remain cold while telling a family that someone's been killed Reading his words was so profound for me and really makes sense I loved the connection between them the love and the respect and even the moments of humor It was also cute that Noah learned how to cook for Tobias and I loved how they created hot roleplay scenes together Tobias' play barn makes all those silly club scenes look totally lameOn male subs it seems to me that it's far easier and perhaps acceptable to write about a male sub in a gay relationship rather than male sub in a straight one Romancelandia loves its alphas and just can't wrap its brain around a strong man who loves the stronger hand of a woman Oh well their loss Submission shows them how it should be done

  6. Xia Xia Xia Xia says:

    The first three books are absolutely beautiful the last two book are enjoyable even if not as much page turners as the first 3 The writing is very good and the main characters are just amazing I loved the development of the relationship between Tobias and Noah They were the cool couple next door you want to invite for a glass of wine and listen to them share stories about their kinky relationship I also liked the side characters Up until book 4 when I started to really really hate him Phan was a favorite of mine His past his struggles his pain I also had a bit of a crush on Bradford the club owner I wished for Luca to be developed as a side character because he seemed really interestingSo from book 1 to 3 I give 5 stars all aroundFor book 4 and 5 sighs only 38 starsIf you are a fan of male X male love and BDSM this is the best series ever written that I know of so far

  7. Ula& Ula& says:

    Second time around Still enjoyed it 20160115 In the light of resent reads on the same genre I have not only developed a greater appreciation for Chris Owen’s writing but also decided to re read this series as well as up my rating I think he nailed uite a few things in this series that I Deviations being my first read in the genre could not fully appreciate at the time The series I read was good but it made me notice how GOOD this series is Master Tobias deserves respectMmmmmm So this was my first venture into the world of mm DSI’ve been a little reluctant to dip my toes into it as I am an undisputed fan of all things Alpha Hence the “no –female’ish” reuest when I asked for recommendations regarding the genre And in my mind it’s going to be a bit of a challenge to get a guy who is alpha into a submissive role?It took me a while to get into the headspace of what I started reading I found the thing about this is to keep a really open mind and not to expect the guys to go at each other all challenging the way I usually like Because a sub can’t really challenge his Dom in that way now can he? But somehow it’s working for meNoah although the submissive in this relationship walks the fine line very well He is not your typical alpha yet he is a cop Which I think is a pretty nice touch bay the way Noah is assertive and sure in his job or at least that is the picture you get because there is really no direct mention or scenario about him being there or doing what he does But it helped my headspace shift a whole bunch LOL Let’s face it a hot guy in a uniform doesn’t make you think “fem” So thumbs up for meTobias is an interesting character I would like to get to know what makes him tick Why he needs what he needs and if he can reach deeper feelings for Noah than that currently between them Because he doesn’t show his feelings the conventional way it’s drawing me to find out all these little tells about both of them You can’t read it the way you would read a “normal” relationshipI’m finding this to be somewhat of a journey because you have to read deeper than the surface You have to actually understand this thing they have going and why both of them need what they do? It’s actually kind of insightful and beautiful in its own way It highlights how complicated the human mind and emotions can be I think? I don’t think what they do is all about paincontrol It runs a lot deeper than that and that is what makes this read than I thought it originally to beI’m most definitely going to finish the series looking forward to the rest

  8. Optimist ♰King& Optimist ♰King& says:

    I'll admit I was a tad skeptical through the first few chapters of this what with all the Tobias hero worship But I pushed on read through another couple conversations a scene it wavered a couple conversations a scene or two it was gone I drank the Kool Aid Tobias walks on water I’ll always speak to you if you need it I’ll always speak the truth When I’m silent it’s for you to learn from not a punishment Tobias embodies what most would want in a dominant He's honest highly verbal compassionate affectionate reliable passionate perceptive intuitive demanding stern stable loyal He's loyal to everyone in his life as a conseuence it's reciprocated from his circle of friends who are fiercely protectiveNoah embarks on this journey with many universal reservations concerns foremost being that he will lose himself or fail He's probably harder on himself than Tobias is but as this story is told almost exclusively from Tobias' perspective it's difficult to tell Noah does express himself very well Tobias possesses highly attuned observational skills Those in combination gets the reader at least in the neighborhood of Noah's thoughtsThe writing is genuine relatable casting the reader as a voyeur into this relationship The dialogue is honest without being derivative There's no angst no car chases no plot twists or great mysteries to uncover While I enjoy some good escapist reading sometimes it's nice to read something that doesn't feel like every emotion is fabricated or melodramatic is without perpetual sobbing or screaming or scowling for that matter This is a simple story of a BDSM relationship's genesis between two people who have been knocked around a bit in life are searching for fulfillment hoping to find it in one another no horrid abuse histories to be found hereIt's a tad lacking in back story but then again it's a series so I'm sure those holes will be filled in as their story progressesOne parting note I want in that playroom Can't even imagine what the price tag is on that thing

  9. Melissa Melissa says:

    Feb 2018 Audio ReviewI was lucky enough to be provided a complimentary audio code I originally read the ebooks in 2016 see below and enjoyed most of the books particularly the earlier ones For those curious about the narration I really enjoyed it I thought Maxx Power's voice was perfect for these characters and thought that he was able to handle the intenseness and seriousness of the book very well It must be hard to keep a straight face while reading aloud some serious sex scenes and I am sure there are some outtakes somewhere but the final version is flawless I have no complaints about how this was narrated If you like audios serious BDSM books you will like this audio Highly Recommend Narration 5 stars; Story 4 May 2016 ReviewSo far so good I am interested to see where the series goes I've read the reviews and blurbs from the other books and I am little leery about how the characters will progress based on that Only time will tell I really enjoyed THIS book and it ended with a Happy For Now which is a really good way to end a book I hate books that end with real cliffhangers This one didn't; it ended on a high note literally ;Off to find book 2

  10. Shelley Shelley says:

    This was okay I thinkYou see I read it last week and I can't remember the characters names or the basic plot line So uhm it couldn't have been entirely memorable then I'm not being facetious at all I really can't recall this one Sorry about that Oh wait there's a vet and a policeman it's coming back to me now But nothing really angsty happens its just a formulaic BDSM thing Not terribly exciting Easy reading Forgettable reading

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