A Good Marriage Epub È A Good PDF \ Hardcover

A Good Marriage Epub È A Good PDF \ Hardcover

A Good Marriage ✮ [PDF] ✩ A Good Marriage By Kimberly McCreight ✻ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Big Little Lies meets Presumed Innocent in this riveting novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Reconstructing Amelia in which a woman’s brutal murder reveals the perilous compromises s Big Little Lies meets Presumed Innocent in this riveting novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Reconstructing Amelia in which a woman’s brutal murder reveals the perilous compromises some couples make—and the secrets they keep—in order to stay togetherLizzie Kitsakis is working late when she gets the call Grueling hours are standard at elite law firms like Young Crane but they’d be easier to A Good PDF \ swallow if Lizzie was there voluntarily Until recently she’d been a happily underpaid federal prosecutor That job and her brilliant devoted husband Sam—she had everything she’d ever wanted And then suddenly it all fell apart No That’s a lie It wasn’t sudden was it Long ago the cracks in Lizzie’s marriage had started to show She was just good at averting her eyes The last thing Lizzie needs right now is a call from an inmate at Rikers asking for help—even if Zach Grayson is an old friend But Zach is desperate his wife Amanda has been found dead at the bottom of the stairs in their Brooklyn brownstone And Zach’s the primary suspect As Lizzie is drawn into the dark heart of idyllic Park Slope she learns that Zach and Amanda weren’t what they seemed—and that their friends a close knit group of fellow parents at the exclusive Grace Hall private school might be protecting troubling secrets of their own In the end she’s left wondering not only whether her own marriage can be saved but what it means to have A Good Marriage in the first place.

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  1. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    BOTM Pick May 2020As someone who thoroughly enjoyed Kimberly McCreight's previous novels I was dying to get my hands on her upcoming release A Good Marriage even though I've become a bit jaded when it comes to domestic suspense The gamble paid off as the author has woven uite the web of deceit and inserted many twists and turns with her particular brand of sleight of hand Please don't let the 400 page count turn you off from picking this one up; while I did feel a few things could have been edited out overall this is a fast paced read that doesn't save all the AHA moments for the climax In short if you're looking for a suspense novel with substance and depth and are hoping to stave off the self isolation boredom I can't imagine a better way to do so than with A Good Marriage Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy

  2. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    This is impressive slow burn murder mysterylegal thriller hooks you up by the author’s creative writing skills and you start to read each parties’ back stories and welcome them like they’re one of your friends or family acuaintances and twisty final revelations cliffhangers grip you from your throat and as your heart rating hits the roof you just flip the pages nonstop tsking changing your guesses several times to find who is the murderer and author keeps on killing your spidey senses By the way I guessed the killer right but it was my third guess and I popped up three fish oil pills to have brighter mind during my read but as you may see it didn’t work so well As a result This is one of my best reads and I’m hitting my forehead several times for being first timer reader of this brilliant author’s works This book made me rethink about my priorities during my grading of the books I normally hate too many characters because you overload extreme information on your head the characters’ attributes their own back stories including families flaws traumas dramas close circle which makes you turn back a few pages to remember those details because they might give you important clues to solve the mystery Sometimes each detail at the book may represent crucial facts about the big revelation parts This book has so many characters but the good thing is both of them are truly well developed layered and you may see them objectively without judging or annoying their flaws mistakes As a matter of fact none of them are despicable or too unlikable to give you urge to punch them which it’s a brilliant thing for me because I don’t like gritting my teeth when a character appears on the page and fantasizing 100 ways of getting rid of himher because it cuts my attention and I cannot fully concentrate on the story I summarize the plot for you Lizzie Kitsakis is already overwhelmed by her grueling working hours at her elite law firm Young Crane thanks to her husband suffering alcoholism and insisting of chasing his dreams to be a successful writer he lost it after being sacked from New York Times and several other important gigs because of too much connection with tempting liuids and let’s not forget he crashed into a historic pub with his car and damaged the place Her marriage is about to end She sees it coming She has already too much on her plate and as a phone call from prison at the evening makes things complicated Because the caller is Zach Grayson a close friend from her college times needs her help to prove his innocence He is murder suspect His wife Amanda has found dead at the bottom of the stairs of their Park Slope apartment As soon as Lizzie reluctantly takes the case she finds herself dig out the dark world of Park Slope neighborhood cyber bullying scandal at Grace Hall private school lies swapping secret parties When she finds out about the close knit group’s marriage dynamics she is forced to face her own dysfunctional marriage problems Overall Even though there are too many characters and the beginning is a little slow for my own reading pace I loved character development and uniue criticizing and realistic portraits of marriages I’m giving my 4 shiny mysterious gripping for stars This is one of my winners of the year

  3. Meredith Meredith says:

    “A good marriage is the one that survives”Secrets lies and obsession lead to murder in A Good Marriage This is one twisted tale of deceit Four couples whose seemingly perfect marriages are slowly imploding All are keeping secrets and the cracks are starting to show Some are bigger than others but all are hidden behind well crafted lies Their lies slowly unravel as do their marriages leading to shocking revelations and ultimately to murderThe narrative focuses primarily on Lizzie a lawyer who is about to defend her old law school friend Zach for the murder of his wife Amanda Lizzie is not only dealing with defending Zach but also with her own marriage which is hanging on by a threadAmanda the dead wife of Zach was running from her dark past but it seems like her past has caught up with her When she is found murdered at the bottom of her stairs her husband is the number one suspect in her murderTold through the eyes of Lizzie and Amanda before her murder both of their secrets are gradually revealed Neither one of their stories uite adds up until the truth is finally exposedIt took me a little while to get into this book There are a lot of characters to keep track of and I found the beginning to be a little slow However there’s a certain moment that caught my attention I don’t want to give any spoilers so I will keep the specifics to myself and after that moment I was hooked The characters were interesting and the holes in their stories made this even interesting to read I liked both Lizzie and Amanda Then there was Zach Zach’s character was a first class ahole I wanted to run him over with my car The ending felt a little unbelievable in just how the four couples were linked but it made for good reading I still have a few unanswered uestions but I am going to let them go At the same time I really enjoyed seeing how things played out Some elements took me by surprise and I loved the final scene between Lizzie and ZachOverall this is a page turning dark psychological thriller that kept me entertained and shut down my overly critical brain

  4. Dita Dita says:

    Omigahhhhhafter falling into bed at 100AM reading this I woke up at 530 thinking about it and just finished nowGorgeous Amanda Grayson ends up dead after attending a Key Party thrown by the parents at her son's elite school ReallyThe suspect list is large her douchy husband her stalker her friends their husbands her social circle from the school Everyone has secrets and everyone sucks and it's fabulous5 stars ALL DAY for this nasty little thriller that truly thrilledThank you to my GR buddy Michelle for writing a review that sent me running straight to this book

  5. Kim ~ It’s All About the Thrill Kim ~ It’s All About the Thrill says:

    It was a good marriageuntil it was not This book had alot going on in between those pages A murder a key party lawyers lovers losers and liars Whew this book had it all I was all in from page oneAfter attending a key party a woman is brutally murdered in her home First off do key parties really exist? I thought that was something from the 1990's??? No I am wrong? Okay well I will be first to admit that I am NOT into that Yet this made for some great reading material So this murdered woman was at the so called key party so who murdered her? Well after digging into this you will see that there were plenty of people with motive It started out a bit of a slow burn for me as I got to know all the characters There were alot of players in this book which normally I don't enjoy Yet I did with this book because it just made suspectsAs I did my super sleuthing and came up withnothingthe author kept adding players aka suspects to this game that might want this girl dead People from her past secrets were revealed The author did a great job of developing her characters so we got a feel for each personality There were some very strong personalities in this group I mean a bunch of lawyerswho would think it?I loved that this was a mystery that I was constantly trying to solveI failed by the way The author managed to keep me guessing all the way until the end Then it all came together nicely in the endwell not for the dead woman but I sure enjoyed it It almost had a legal thriller type of feel to it because there were so many lawyersso manyyet it had alot of familybackstory drama as well While the kids are away at camp the adults will play It kept me glued to the pages until the end This was my first book by this author and I need I will defiantly be reading from herHuge shoutout to HarperCollins for this stunning finished book in exchange for an honest review You guys rock I loved it Thank you for introducing me to another great author

  6. Gabby Gabby says:

    45 starsOkay wow I did not expect to love this the way I did This is a thriller that is slightly out of my comfort zone because it's of a legal thriller It's about this woman Lizzie who is an attorney and she gets a phone call from a guy she went to law school with who was just arrested on the suspicion that he's murdered his wife He wants her to represent him and she can't figure out why because she doesn't work in criminal law This book was a roller coaster I was personally hooked from the beginning it did take about fifty pages or so before it picked up for me but once it did wow I like that we have two POV chapters in this book we alternate between Lizzie's present day chapters and then in alternate chapters we get Amanda's POV the girl who died six days before her death Some aspects of this book reminded me of Big Little Lies with the way we follow all of these suburban moms and their scandalous behavior And the plot twists were solid there were a few twists that had my mouth hanging open in shock or of me saying out loud 'what the fuck?'I was thoroughly impressed by the writing in this book I devoured this story in two sittings because I had to know what was going on and every time I thought I figured it out I was wrong I would definitely like to check out books from this author this is my first read from her You can add this book as a May BOTM selection here and use the code MAY5 to get it for only 999

  7. Arini Arini says:

    Thank you for the marriage lesson I totally blasé my way through thisLizzie Kitsakis receives a call from an old friend Zach Grayson asking her to represent him as his lawyer because he’s been targeted by the police as the primary suspect for the murder of his wifeFor a thriller about husbands and wives in their picturesue neighborhood with their lies and secrets and shady behaviors tucked behind closed doors this book is relatively stale I was perfectly calm and unaffected with my interest somewhat piued from start to finish because I wanted to know who did it “I’d been so foolish to think love could change the essential nature of anything” And mind you this book has all kinds of twist and turns They’re not ones that you discover only during the climax either Rather the little twists and deceits are scattered throughout the different stages of the story telling But instead of “holy shits” and “WTFs” they just made me go “ahh ooh okay so thisthat happened I knew it” “That’s the hardest part about marriage isn’t it?” Zach went on “Somebody else’s problems become your own It doesn’t always feel fair” I enjoyed the domestic drama in this book but it wasn’t as gripping as I would’ve liked I felt bad for Lizzie but I wasn’t attached to any of the characters Further I wasn’t satisfied with the ending and I feel like there are still uestions unanswered I think the ‘legal’ thriller element in this book ended up not working in my favor “And in the end wasn’t that the key to marriage? Learning to pretend that a few unspoiled things could make up for all the broken ones” In every few chapters the book presents you with a transcript of a grand jury testimony detailing the interview between a called witness and the prosecutor building the case against Zach Unless you’re closely paying attention to what is being said you’ll find them rather repetitious I personally thought of them as of a nuisance than anything else “Forgiveness is a side effect of love” he said finally And sadly almost “If you are going to be married share the ups and downs of life What other choice is there?” I don’t know what went wrong but I think A Good Marriage is just not the perfect fit for me All I could think and care about when I finished this was view spoilerWhat’s going to happen to my poor baby boy Case? And whose POV is the prologue written in? Is it Zach? Is he talking about Lizzie or sweet Amanda? hide spoiler

  8. Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ says:

    4 StarsI don’t read a lot of mysterythriller booksbut this book makes me want to I’m not sure how this would stand up for someone who does read a lot of the genre; all I know is I certainly enjoyed it and was guessing until the very end The story felt firm the characters felt real and I felt very immersed it in all the whole time I was reading it I will definitely pick up from this author in the future

  9. Michelle Michelle says:

    Lizzie is working late one evening at the law office of Young Crane when she receives a call that is about to turn her world upside down The call is collect and it's coming from Rykers prison More specifically from a Zach Grayson who was a friend of hers from law school Curiosity compels her to take the call It appears Zach has been charged in his wife's murder and it is Lizzie who he wants to represent him This is an example of domestic suspense done right and I say that because a huge plot point to this book was so out there to me personally and I found it hard to believe that so many people couples were okay with this and even maintained such levels of discreetness in regards to it a bit tough to swallow This will make no sense to those that haven't read this but to elaborate would be a spoiler so I must keep this as vague as possible The thing is even with my reservations in regards to this plot point I was flipping pages faster than ever It never hindered my reading experience and I can only attest that to McCreights writing skills With mouth gaping reveals and shocking surprises along the way this book made me a happy reader 4 stars Thank you to Edelweiss and Harper for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review

  10. Lisa Lisa says:

    Not my thing Not my groove Freaking annoying I understand that some like this kind of stuff I don't Stupid people hiding stupid stuff Be honest and be done with it The stupidity drove me up the wallNo No Noooooooo Look elsewhere for a good reviewFor me? Same twist and same exact storylineWe all know there is a twistI adore a twist Unfortunatelyeverything has a twist now Boo The thing about a twist is that it should never be advertised When you don't see or know it's coming That's a gut punching twistThis?A boatload of crap I gave it 2 because the author can't help that I believe her stories suck Many others willlove this Just not me

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