Island Affair PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

Island Affair PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 283 pages
  • Island Affair
  • Priscilla Oliveras
  • English
  • 10 May 2014
  • 9781420150179

10 thoughts on “Island Affair

  1. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Entertaining feel good let’s go to the Winchester hmm I mean Caribbean cruise have a nice cold Cuba Libre and wait for this all to blow over book Yeap you got me I’m watching Shaun of the dead for 246th time Fake charming firefighter fiancée a cute social media influencer suffering from eating disorder join a cruise trip with the girl’s entire family who are successful members of society with impressive interrogation skills and intimidating manners and let’s add fake fiancée’s crowded noisy prying but also lovely genuine friendly Cuban family to the euation Did you get interested? I certainly did Luis take one week forced leave from his work after a big argument with his brother storms out from his office and bumps into Sara having a volatile argument with her boyfriend on the phone who stands her up for meeting with her family at their cruise trip Sara’s mother recovering from big C which means she doesn’t need stress in her life by worrying about her daughter’s love interest and her siblings are already judgmental about her occupation they don’t consider “instagram influencer” as a real job and her past relationships and now she has to face them alone Luis is concerned about her breakdown and as they resume their conversation Sara comes with an offer to help them both Mostly for herself because Luis can do anything to spend his time for his one week leave She offers him acting like her fiancée in exchange she’ll make donation for firefighters foundation At first she offered him money but you may imagine our too proud and good hearted hero rejected it So they shake hands and start their pretending relationship as you may imagine it turns into a real one The strengths of the storyCouple’s sweet hot chemistry witty bantersMeeting with Navarro Luis’ big familyFamily The seuel about to come with another family memberRomantic sweet escapades secret kissesThe author’s way to handle such an important health issue “eating disorder” realistically without over dramatization Both characters’ past demons and the way they slowly destroy the barriers and come clean about the secretsThe weaknesses of the storyThe beginning was too fast and the way of starting their fake relationship was too coincidental Luis acted like stubborn and immature at the ending parts and his beef with his brother was a little illogical He is not the one to be blamed And I agree Sara’s sister at one point he had to grovel for winning Sara’s heart backOverall Sweet cute chic lit and great escapade for your lock down days 35 stars rolling up to 4 It could be 3 starred Switzerland reading but Navarro family members already stole my heartSpecial thanks to NetGalley and Kensington to share this entertaining ARC in exchange my honest reviewbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

  2. Samantha Samantha says:

    This writing style was not for me It was too repetitive and the set up of the fake dating was too uick for me to suspend my disbelief DNF’d at 15%

  3. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    You know how in every chick lit book in the early 2000s the heroine was the PA to some ball busting bitch in marketing?I think social media influencer is the new go to career for the floundering modern woman

  4. Lacey (laceybooklovers) Lacey (laceybooklovers) says:

    This one took me a while to get into The writing is cute but cheesy and I loved the setting of Key West wish I were there now but the romance dragged too much in the middle for me The hero is SO closed off which would’ve been fine but he makes the heroine open up while he doesn’t I wish I could’ve loved it but am I am VERY excited that this will be a series Hopefully Enriue is next 👀

  5. EmBibliophile EmBibliophile says:

    3 starsAn enjoyable read A little bit cheesy With a lovely island setting and a summary vibeThanks to NetGally for providing this copy in exchange for an honest review

  6. Jasmine Guillory Jasmine Guillory says:

    Read this in one day what a delightful vacation book whether you’re actually on vacation or you just want to pretend you’re on one I really liked both main characters a lot — I cared about them and understood their struggles and I cheered for them to come together They both have big complicated families and I LOVE books about big complicated families and if you do too you’ll love this one — I really understood the hows and whys of each of their problems with their families but I never doubted how much they loved their families and their families loved them Really charming book and I can’t wait for the next oneOh And also? THERE’S ONLY ONE BED

  7. Mara Mara says:

    35 stars can I just say how lovely it was to read a book filled with people who were just so nice? This is a book filled with nice people with some glaring exceptions that are a bit cartoony but just roll with it who I wanted to see be happy in life The family conflicts were great I was rooting for the main characters I will give TWs for ED substance abuse which I think are mostly handled with care but of course YMMV there My biggest drawback was related to authorial voice in the dialogue there was something that rang slightly off in my ear that kept me from getting fully immersed That said I did very much enjoy the author's narration passages so just a personal uirk on my partAll in all this was a really nice rom com with a heavy emphasis on family dynamics that I found really enjoyable I would recommend look for from the author

  8. ✨ A ✨ ✨ A ✨ says:

    how I even made it through this book is a mystery

  9. Nica Nica says:

    I loved the sense of place the main characters’ chemistry and the Navarro’s Cuban American family dynamics I just can’t get enough Latinx in my romance novelsI didn’t care so much for the implausibly rushed meet cute awkward pacing dialogue or the heroine’s story This was an enjoyable summer romance but not sure if I’ll continue with the series

  10. Fadwa (Word Wonders) Fadwa (Word Wonders) says:

    CW discussion of eating disorder cheating car crash and deathI think I enjoyed this bookenough I had a good time while listening to the audiobook and never felt bored of it but when I think about it in hindsight there wasn't anything about it that I particularly LOVED The chemistry was there but there was such an huge unbalance in communication where Sara gave and laid her soul bare but Luiz really didn't reciprocate that it kind of gottiring at one point Especially since both of them had some pretty major issues to work through The moments they did have together though were really adorable I also loved the family aspect of the story The way Luiz is close with his save for his brother and it's kind of the opposite for Sara but both of them trying to mend their broken and bruised relationships I am a sucker for family dynamics especially those with open communication that aren't always perfect but are actively working towards making things better and the book delivered on that front I want to point out that Sara is recovering from an eating disorder and I cannot speak on how good or bad that representation was as it is not my experience so I can't judge it I did like the fact that it showed that EDs aren't always triggered by body image issues What I do want to point out and something that made me a bit uncomfortable is that this book is weirdly focused on body shape and physical appearance especially when said book is supposed to be threading carefully around an ED There were a lot of comments on how trimmed and toned and those seemed to be put on a bit of a pedestal and i justwasn't a fan

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Island Affair[PDF / Epub] ☁ Island Affair Author Priscilla Oliveras – Goodreads Bookish Glitter Guide Best Of Most Anticipated Books of April Kirkus Reviews Bookpage Booktrib Smexy Books Most Anticipated Romances of 2020Frolic Book of the Week “I finished Island Affai Goodreads Bookish Glitter Guide Best Of Most Anticipated books of April Kirkus Reviews Bookpage Booktrib Smexy books Most Anticipated Romances of Frolic Book of the Week “I finished Island Affair with a big smile on my face I can’t decide what I adored Luis and Sara’s love story; their relationships with their complicated and difficult and loving families or the setting of Key West which sounded so beautiful I wanted to jump on a plane I can't wait to read by Priscilla Oliveras”— New York Times bestselling author Jasmine Guillory USA Today bestselling author Priscilla Oliveras launches a new romantic comedy series set in Key West Florida and filled with humor Latinx culture and fun family dynamics perfect for summer beach readingSought after social media influencer Sara Vance in recovery from an eating disorder is coming into her own with a potential career expansion on the horizon Despite the good news her successful siblings and their perfect spouses have a way of making her feel like the odd one out So when her unreliable boyfriend is a no show for a Florida family vacation Sara recruits Luis Navarro—a firefighter paramedic and dive captain willing to play the part of her smitten fiancé Luis’s big Cuban familia has been in Key West for generations and his uiet strength feeds off the island’s laidback style Though guarded after a deep betrayal he’ll always help someone in need—especially a spunky beauty with a surprising knowledge of Spanish curse words Soon he and Sara have memorized their “how we met” story and are immersed in family dinners bike tours private snorkeling trips sharing secrets and slow melting kisses But when it’s time for Sara to return home will their fake relationship fade like the stunning sunset or blossom into something beautiful“A captivating love story”—Farrah Rochon USA Today bestselling author “Priscilla Oliveras writes about families and love with warmth and charm If you love nuanced characters and big emotions read her books”—HelenKay Dimon author of The Secret She Keeps “Don’t miss this lovely beginning to Priscilla Oliveras’s new series Can’t wait to take my next trip”—Jamie Beck USA Today bestselling author.