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  1. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    45 stars Review first posted on Fantasy Literature Martha Wells’ Murderbot has been gathering enthusiastic fans which would be certain to have Murderbot hiding behind its opaue ard faceplate along with multiple Nebula Hugo and other awards and nominations as each of the first four novellas in the MURDERBOT DIARIES series has been published over the last three years In Network Effect the first full length novel in this series Wells is able to explore a complex plot and to fully develop Murderbot’s character and its relationships with othersMurderbot is now with Dr Mensah and the other Preservation Station characters who Murderbot was protecting in the first book All Systems Red and the fourth Exit Strategy Preservation is an unusually liberal society in this universe where single minded coldhearted corporate profit making is the norm and Mensah and her family and friends treat Murderbot who they call “SecUnit”as a person rather than as a possession Mensah’s brother in law Thiago however is suspicious of Murderbot’s influence over Mensah and Mensah’s adolescent daughter Amana considers Murderbot an annoyance especially after it scared off someone she thought was a romantic interest “Yes it was hilarious”As Network Effect begins Murderbot is accompanying Thiago Amana and several others on a survey expedition of another planet After surviving an encounter with pirates — where Murderbot gets a chance to flex its muscles and show its expertise as a security consultant — the group lifts off the planet to rejoin their base ship in space Just after the base ship exits a wormhole on its return to Preservation Station there’s another attack on their group This one succeeds in capturing Murderbot and Amena in their spacesuits and pulling them onboard the raider ship Murderbot is completely bewildered to discover that the ship that attacked them is its old friend ART an acronym for “Asshole Research Transport” from Artificial Condition But ART the powerful artificial intelligence that controls the ship Perihelion is nowhere to be found once they’re onboard the ship Instead there are gray skinned hostile humans that immediately try to kill Murderbot Now it’s onThe bot and AI characters — Murderbot ART and a couple of new ones — are absolutely fantastic Murderbot’s and ART’s friendship though Murderbot would be really reluctant to call it a friendship gets a lot complicated and real especially after Murderbot thinks ART has betrayed it One of the subplots features sentient killware a lethal kind of spywaremalware which was one of the best parts of this book fascinating and unexpectedly poignant Murderbot takes some substantial steps forward in its self understanding and in deciding what it wants to do with its life The right of self determination for all sentient intelligences is an ongoing theme in Network EffectIn addition to Murderbot’s favorite human Dr Mensah a couple of other human characters start to stand out including Mensah’s daughter Amena who has a way of cutting through Murderbot’s protective shell Wells has a degree in anthropology which explains a lot about how well she writes the relationships and interactions between people and bots in this series The title “Network Effect” has at least two different meanings it’s a key aspect of the enemy Murderbot and its friends and allies face in this novel but it also references the growing and changing ties between Murderbot and its human and non human friends Murderbot still hates the F word — that would be “feelings” — and it likes to snark about humans’ stupid decisions but it’s now willing to admit that it cares about people and actually enjoys helping and protecting themA little of the tension went out of her body “Thank you” Her face looked younger She looked like she had been pretending to have hope and now she didn’t have to pretend anyConfession time that moment when the humans or augmented humans realize you’re really here to help them I don’t hate that moment Network Effect isn’t perfect the pace lags in parts and the plot gets overly convoluted and confusing in the second half One significant aspect of the key danger that the characters face doesn’t make sense to me logically view spoilerIt’s an alien malicious code that needs to be passed from machine to humans to machines as it infects and takes over and controls you No good reason is given for this odd uirk hide spoiler

  2. Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller says:

    455 stars There are few things in life that make me happier than spending time with Murderbot which is ironic considering it would rather do literally anything than be social The Novellas alone were enough to solidify the series as an all time favorite so discovering this full length novel was in the works immediate jumped it to the top of my priority list for 2020 Network Effect was every bit as sardonic action packed and endearing as the novellas but took it one step further by adding even depth to the charactersThe uniue writing style is the best thing about these books aside from character construction It doesn’t follow typical storytelling constructs and often comes across as conversational than anything else There’s a great deal of punctuation used to convey Murderbot’s sardonic tone and no shortage of profanity for comedic impact I’ve never read anything that comes this close to how I communicate in my daily life so even the bones of how the story was presented sang to my soul There were a few occasions where the sarcastic voice was a bit heavy handed but this is one of the few cases I would rather a little too much than not enoughAnd then we have Murderbot The best character in sci fi hands downI think it’s my spirit animal It’s awkward and introverted and just wants to be left alone to watch its tv serials and I can relate to every single solitary time it couldn’t bring itself to “people” any But the brilliance in this novel is that social obligational constructs aside it still craves connection And that’s where the story becomes much than a action packed sci fi It’s about a rogue SecUnit trying to carve out a place for itself in the universe Did Murderbot make me cry? Maybe I don’t know Fuck offRecommendations The Murderbot Diaries is in close running with The Expanse and Planetside as my favorite sci fi on the market It’s exciting it’s funny as shit and it has that magic X factor that gets people emotionally invested Start with All Systems Red and I bet you’ll know within the first few pages if it’s something you’ll enjoy I was hooked from the first sentence and it has only gotten better from there Consider this an official Obsessive Bookseller endorsement – this series is fantasticVia The Obsessive Bookseller at wwwNikiHawkescomOther books you might like

  3. Nataliya Nataliya says:

    “You know if you don’t want to be manually eviscerated with your own energy weapon then maybe you shouldn’t go around killing research transports and antagonizing rogue SecUnits” I finally figured out that one of the reasons I love Murderbot so much is that it’s my soul sibling MB’s preemptive pessimism and expectation of the worst case scenario every time it is faced with a new problem is exactly my modus operandi although I’m rather good at concealing it “I was worried about Mensah if everything had been okay while I was gone I wasn’t sure exactly what “okay” would involve but I was willing to settle for “unmurdered”“It was too dark for her to see my expression I’m not sure what it was but you could probably describe it as “skeptical” Ratthi says that’s how I look most of the time” This is the first full length Murderbot novel following four amazing novellas that I only discovered a couple of weeks ago but already cannot remember what life was like without Murderbot in it I kid I kid well mostly In typical Murderbot fashion we have all the snarky sarcastic grumpiness of our prickly media obsessed nonhuman person who is secretly a softie but if you mention the f word view spoilerfeelings hide spoiler

  4. Ashley Ashley says:

    Post release thoughts aka Review I loved this book so much and that of course means I am at a loss to describe it I also read it almost three months ago and am only now attempting to write this review This means BULLET POINTSBut first I do want to say that I was very pleased with the first outing of Murderbot in novel form as opposed to novella I enjoyed spending a longer page count with Murderbot whose character arc continues to develop in a pleasing fashion I will be sad and displeased if Wells goes back to novellas I am typing all of this full well knowing that the next Murderbot book is going to take place before this one and it is going to be a novella I guess I am in “denial”•Murderbot once again has to save the pesky humans this time after they are all abducted•ART is back And oh my god it’s even better than before view spoilerMurderbot and ART have the closest thing to a romance arc an asexual android and fully bodiless AI can have complete with unexpected baby If you would have told me that Murderbot #5 was a closet romance novel I would not have believed you but I can tell you I am delighted about it hide spoiler

  5. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    45 stars I love Murderbot I was stoked when there was going to be a full length novel of our favorite MB I’m hoping there are many books to come There are of the characters we love in the book as well and the usual mess that ensues I’m going to leave it with a few lines from the book Humans have a bad tendency to use weapons unnecessarily and indiscriminately Of the many times I had been shot a depressingly large percentage of hits had come from clients who were trying to help meAnother significant percentage came from clients who had just wanted to shoot something when I happened to be standing thereWe made it outside to the pedestrian plaza and I asked her Do you need a medic? I thought she might be sick If I was human and I’d had to be in a pavilion with all those other humans for the past two hours I’d be sick I said If I thought he was going to hurt you I’d be disposing if his body I don’t fuck around eitherHey is that you? It was loud right in my ear and I almost screamed It was a feed contact but so close it was like it was already inside my head Who are you? It said I’m Murderbot 20 If this is going to be like one of those shows with the character trapped in a strange place and then ghosts and aliens come and mess with their mind I just can’t do that right now But I couldn’t ignore it I mean I guess I couldn’t Ignoring stuff is always an option up until it kills you Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

  6. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    Everything I was hoping for To be honest this full length book was no different from the previous novellas except in its number of pages Murderbot was still its cranky sarcastic amazing self The story went from one action seuence to the next And that special little bit of magic that Wells weaves into her writing to keep the reader captivated was still thereLoved the return of ART who is cranky sarcastic and amazing just like Murderbot I enjoyed the way the author brought the Preservation team into the action and also how she has set events up for the next full length we hope novelI strongly recommend that this is not read as a stand alone It needs the build up of the earlier books especially the previous encounter with ART to fully appreciate all that goes on Easily five stars for me

  7. K.J. Charles K.J. Charles says:

    Marvellous Incredibly readable and deeply humane depiction of a friendship which is funny because the protagonists are a misanthropic and deeply traumatised killer cyborg that just wants to watch soap operas and the utterly amoral AI of a large spaceship Murderbot is a fantastic creation and the emotional arc is deeply engaging as it reluctantly develops feelings and friendships and responsibilities The external plot is a bit out of focus at points but the joy of this is all in the characterisation and narrative style Plus the fights are excellent and there's some really good creepy stuff Spectacularly readable

  8. Choko Choko says:

    475 “I was having an emotion and I hate that”― Martha Wells Exit Strategy It is obvious I love this series I engulfed the whole thing in two days What I would like people to know about the Murderbot Diaries is that yes it is a Sci fi series with a cyborg for the main character but it should not be read by Science Fiction fans only If you are at all interested in the way humans relate to each other and how those with either body dysmorphia or Asperger's aspects might view their role in human society this is the series for you It is about friendship even when those we love might not understand what friendship is Families like mine who have someone dealing with certain spectrum of autism in members of our family or social circles would gain a lot of perspective as well as recognize a lot of the behaviors in Murderbot and some of his friends ““I don’t want to be human” Dr Mensah said “That’s not an attitude a lot of humans are going to understand We tend to think that because a bot or a construct looks human its ultimate goal would be to become human” “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard””― Martha Wells Exit Strategy I have no words to express how much joy this book brought me and I would really like to share it with as many people as I could possibly reach The writing is simple but very appropriate for the subject and the plot in the first four novellas as well as in this fifth volume but first full size novel is meticulous and deliberate but the interpersonal relationships between the characters is what makes this story shine The constant running internal monologue Murderbot shares with the reader is awkward uncertain insecure and so very human that I laughed and cried in eual measures And even though he is one of the grumpiest easily annoyed and impossibly stubborn creatures you could meet he will steal your heart and bring optimism and light to your soul “Possibly I was overthinking this I do that; it’s the anxiety that comes with being a part organic murderbot The upside was paranoid attention to detail The downside was also paranoid attention to detail”― Martha Wells Exit Strategy Highly recommend this series for everyone and you should definitely read the series in order not good for a stand alone “It was very dramatic like something out of a historical adventure serial Also correct in every aspect except for all the facts like something out of a historical adventure serial”― Martha Wells Exit Strategy Now I wish you all happy reading and may you always find what you need in the pages of a good Book 😉💜👍

  9. Melindam Melindam says:

    “Surely they won’t suspect anything” Ratthi was saying to the others at the bulk dock “Who runs around with a friendly rogue SecUnit? Besides us I mean” I DO I DO I DO my risk assessment module thought everything was great I know it worries me when I say that tooPerformance reliability 200% Murderbot is back and gets emotionally compromisedview spoiler was glad I could pretend to be too overwhelmed by being reassembled to respond because I kind of was overwhelmed That was ART and my humans and humans I had known for maybe five minutes and a Barish Estranza SecUnit that 20 had randomly found all cooperating to retrieve me I’m going to stop talking for a while now hide spoiler

  10. D.G. D.G. says:

    So many feelings Oops I said the f word Murderbot is going to be cross with me But I can't help myself Since my loss the release of this book is the only thing I've been looking forward to this year and it didn't disappoint Things I loved☑ ART is back I feel that I can write reams on this alone but I'll have to wait until my second or third re read I loved the way Ms Wells how the Preservation folks and ART came together even if Murderbot didn't Of course the most shocking development of this book is that Murderbot and ART have a relationship uotes aren't mine they are Muderbot's I also loved the setup for the next books because we know for a fact they'll be together It was so cute how excited ART was to meet Dr Mensah☑ We got some explanations as to part of ART's function met some of his crew and met Preservation folks We also got to learn about alien remnants and why they're so dangerous I'm not sure I got what was the bad guy hoping to achieve but the techie explanations in this series usually go over my head in the first read I'm hoping to get some clarity when I read it next ☑ Is this the start of the SecUnit revolution? Or whatever? Loved the addition of Three and Murderbot's realization that its uirks are not because its a SecUnit but it's its own person I liked how the 20 issue was resolved because otherwise this would have been too much like the Bobiverse☑ Really glad that Preservation folks were important part of the plot Ratthi my favorite of them all and really liked the addition of Amena Also I know Murderbot said that Dr Mensah was his teammate but to me she's like its momA few uibbles☒ I wish Murderbot and ART would have talked about what they were so mad with each other Saying I apologize for calling you a fucker wasn't enough for me I know this would involve talking about feelings but it's not as if ART doesn't know how to force difficult conversations Hoping this will come about in future books☒ I don't like that Dr Mensah is referred as Amena's second mom because it makes it seem like she's secondary Why not go with mothermamamom? ☒ Corporations as evil eevil eeevil I'm sure this resonates well with readers these days but at the end Corporations are groups of people and I don't like the assumption that everybody in Preservation is good because they are sort of socialists while everybody in the Corporation Rim are bad because they're capitalists I hope we won't have to wait 15 years for the next book and that some Preservation folks make it to future books Amena will be a good candidate although probably not for this next missionIn the meantime I have some new shows to watch Lineages of the Sun or Timestream Defenders Orion? RE READ #1Yes I already re read this book even though it has been out for like a week As always a few things always pop back for me on the re readI get it the Corporation Rim are the bad guys of the seriesI guess Ms Wells point is to explore a world where Corporate excesses are not checked and how bad things can become That said I still don't like the idea that being a Corporate immediately means you're bad person I think I'd like to see a good corporate and a villain from PreservationI still don't know what the heck the villains was trying to accomplish hereIf somebody got it please explain it to me What makes a person a personLike Murderbot I didn't get why Amena and ART were so upset about the whole 20 situation but I got it now I thought of ART as a person so why I was so callous of 20? Three as Murderbot's St PaulYou know the one who actually spreads the word Also are the files that Murderbot shared with Three his diaries? You know books 1 4?I bought the hardcover so I can go back easier to favorite sections and also spell the names correctly Seeing the actual book also made me realize why sometimes I have difficulty figuring out if Murderbot is speaking out loud or just thinking in the audiobook There are so many asides

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Network Effect ❮Reading❯ ➼ Network Effect Author Martha Wells – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Murderbot returns in its highly anticipated first full length standalone novelYou know that feeling when you’re at work and you’ve had enough of people and then the boss walks in with yet another Murderbot returns in its highly anticipated first full length standalone novelYou know that feeling when you’re at work and you’ve had enough of people and then the boss walks in with yet another job that needs to be done right this second or the world will end but all you want to do is go home and binge your favorite shows And you're a sentient murder machine programmed for destruction Congratulations you're MurderbotCome for the pew pew space battles stay for the most relatable AI you’ll read this century— I’m usually alone in my head and that’s where plus percent of my problems areWhen Murderbot's human associates not friends never friends are captured and another not friend from its past reuires urgent assistance Murderbot must choose between inertia and drastic actionDrastic action it is then.