What We Forgot to Bury Kindle Ä Forgot to MOBI

What We Forgot to Bury Kindle Ä Forgot to MOBI

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  1. Dita Dita says:

    Complicated to rate because this was slowwwwwwww but once this finally finally got going it was a twisted mindfck of the highest orderIf you're tempted to abandon I suggest hanging in there It gets there

  2. PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps says:

    Holy twists and turns Batman Everybody is lying Nobody is who she claims to be Everyone wants something she can’t have Nobody knows the whole story Everyone is gaslighting somebody Is there such a thing as righteous gaslighting?Elle longs to free her abusive father from prison for a crime he says he didn’t commit Charlotte lives in a world of fear so why does she let a strange teenager into her life I rarely find an First Reads monthly freebie that I enjoy and almost never as much as I loved WHAT WE FORGOT TO BURY I will definitely check out Marin Montgomery’s other booksI could barely pull myself away from WHAT WE FORGOT TO BURY Montgomery’s tension filled writing kept me thoroughly engaged from the first page to the last The pace never let upElle was a difficult character to fully embrace Often unkind to people her nebulous motives were uestionable yet her childhood primed her to be a survivor Elle came by her distrust and bad attitude through a series of unfair circumstances Even if her father was innocent of manslaughter he was guilty of horrific domestic violenceCharlotte didn’t make a lot of sense nor did her marriage to Noah one of the most absent negligent husbands I’ve ever read Was he that busy with work or as Charlotte suspected seeing his old girlfriend her former roommate and best friend For someone as untrusting as Charlotte she had terrible instincts regarding Elle who did a terrible job of trying in ingratiate herself to Charlotte I’d have called social services and run in the opposite direction if I was as traumatized with PTSD as CharlotteSo many reveals made sense and I never considered them WHAT WE FORGOT TO BURY ended with a big exclamation point not a period I highly recommend this book

  3. Nicky Wills Nicky Wills says:

    I was between 2 and 3 stars for this book It was very readable and I was interested in how it would all play out Unfortunately I mostly had no idea what was happening and not in a suspenseful mysterious way but in a frustrating and confusing way Parts of this story were so implausible and I found myself saying “what?” out loud over and over Not entirely unenjoyable but I don’t know that I’d necessarily recommend it

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    For my full review visit me at was a thrilling read and one where I couldn’t uite predict the narrative All of the characters had an agenda and I could not fathom who would be the most guilty Indeed it felt like we are on a journey with both Elle and Charlotte as truths are eventually discoveredFor my full review visit me at

  5. Monnie Monnie says:

    With all due respect to the author because I really did enjoy this book an First Reads pick I must say there isn't a single character in it who isn't carrying around some level of crazy In fact the whole thing seemed like a frantic chase to discover which one is the most dangerousAt a fairly impressionable age Elle's father was convicted of trying to kill his then wife Charlotte who lost an unborn baby in the process Elle was living with her mother at the time Her dad has spent 10 years in jail insisting that he's innocent and that it's Charlotte's fault that he's there Now Elle and her father whom she visits monthly at the prison have cooked up a plot to get evenCharlotte lives in an upscale neighborhood and has a part time job teaching at a local college but she's terrified of her own shadow Her husband Noah has a job that keeps him on the road almost constantly so she's double locked every door and possible entryway into their home including doors to the interior rooms Elle who on her own is an almost total misfit in society and lives with a nasty foster mom manages to arrange a meeting with Charlotte After that with chapters alternating between perspectives of Elle and Charlotte the rest of the book deals with Elle trying to ingratiate herself with the woman she believes is responsible for her father's incarceration Elle's boyfriend Justin even gets involved with helping to discredit Charlotte and trying to make her nervous or confused enough that she'll spill the beans about what really happened the night she was attackedNone is this is pretty and in some ways it drags on a little bit longer than necessary to get the point across That's especially the case after both Elle and Charlotte find themselves dealing with a real life issue one willingly the other not so much But as the end approached I couldn't swallow my need to know how it all turned out; with less than a handful of chapters to go I put off bedtime so I could find out And yes there were a few interesting surprises so overall good job

  6. Amber Amber says:

    Why did I read this

  7. Donna Donna says:

    What We Forgot to Bury is told in alternating chapters from the perspectives of Charlotte who lives a life seemingly afraid of the world and Elle the 17 year old who seeks shelter at Charlotte's home in the midst of a storm The story begins with a look back at the arrest of Elle's father ten years prior and then jumps to the present as Elle is trying to find a way to prove his innocence Elle was a likeable character from the beginning possessing an inner strength underneath her tumultuous life that kept me interested in reading The reason Elle shows up on Charlotte's doorstep is not a coincidence but it seemed to be a long road to figure out why she did and how these two women's lives had intersected in the past Once the connection is made however get ready for the whirlwind of secrets lies and half truths There are so many twists and turns and everyone has an agenda making the reader second guess everything This book brings to light how secrets from the past can invade the present and destroy you if you let them Overall this was a good read but the descriptions of domestic violence were than I wished to read

  8. Maxine (Booklover Catlady) Maxine (Booklover Catlady) says:

    This was such an unusual book but a fantastic entertaining read Why unusual? The author manages to blend really real often raw characters very flawed with a plot that flips you upside down with its reveals It is so worth the wait as I did have moments of wondering where the darker' element was coming into play The only reason this didn't get five stars as I think some of that darker edge could have been slipped in earlier in the book Teasing the reader a bit I have not read this author before but absolutely will again The way the characters are developed through the novel is great and I got that sense of satisfaction that a reader gets when you can connect with them The book raised different emotions and thoughts in me also I think this is a fabulous book for a book club as discussion could be really lively on this oneIt is night its dark with heavy raining pelting down and a stranger knocks on your door Do you let them in? It could alter your life forever That's where the story begins Where it ends is a whole other matter You may or may not see it coming I did have an inkling but still loved the surprises and twists The book tackles some important social issues too I won't mention them here as they will spoil things for you but I liked the way the author weaved those in Go in with an open mind this wasn't exactly what I imagined it to be like but it certainly did not disappointA recommended read from me It will appeal to both psychological thriller fans especially those who love damaged goods characters 4 stars from me I really enjoyed this one Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for my review copy of What We Forgot to Bury All opinions are my own and totally unbiased

  9. Jennymanilow Jennymanilow says:

    After the energy it took to slog through this book I have none left to put into a detailed review Part of me would love to go into a long rant about all the frustrating aspects of this book and there are many but I just can't give any of myself to it Just please take my warning and save yourself Don't pick up this book

  10. Tahera Tahera says:

    For the most part while reading this book I found it a bit hard to keep track of what exactly was happening and where the plot was headedit was only the last 100 pages that made up for the mostly implausible and elongated plot line with a climax that I did not guess at and which managed to tie everything up together My thanks to NetGalley the publishers Thomas and Mercer and the author Marin Montgomery for the e Arc of the book

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What We Forgot to Bury [KINDLE] ❂ What We Forgot to Bury ❅ Marin Montgomery – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Truth and deceit blur as one woman's desperation twists into another’s desire for revenge in this mind bending psychological novel Charlotte Coburn has a tragically dark past But she’s safe now Sh Truth and deceit blur as Forgot to MOBI ð one woman's desperation twists into another’s desire for revenge in this mind bending psychological novel Charlotte Coburn has a tragically dark past But she’s safe now She lives in a gated community protected from danger When teenager Elle knocks What We PDF/EPUB or at her door looking for shelter during a particularly severe storm the woman can’t help but think how lucky Elle’s been to have found someone as friendly as her Except Elle chose her door on purposeShe knows all about Charlotte’s secrets because they ruined her We Forgot to MOBI ó family and her life And it is time that everyone else knew But Charlotte’s past has left a dark void in her life so she is concocting her own vicious plan convinced that Elle can help fill that voidAs events unfold the truth unravels and pulls both women into a dangerous game that will leave you wondering Who’s the villain.