[Ebook] Prophecy (The Blending, #5) By Sharon Green – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk

Prophecy (The Blending, #5) The Chosen Five Wielders Of Elemental Magic Have Defeated Their Betrayers And Are Returning To The City Behind A Legion Of Their Followers Tamrissa, Fierce Lady Of Fire Rion, Noble Lord Of Air Vallant, Brave Captain Of Water Lorand, Clever Master Of Earth And Jovvi, Passionate Sorceress Of Spirit Have So Far Successfully Met The Challenges Set By Those Who Would Prevent The Five From Their Rightful Throne But The Struggle Is Not Over Yet Still Barring Their Way Are The Sinister Usurping Five, An Invading Army And A Peasant Rebellion The Battle Has Never Been Desperate, Nor The Stakes So High But Nothing Can Stop The Forces Of Fire, Air, Water, Earth, And Spirit When They Unite Behind The Greatest Power Of Allthe Power Of Destiny.