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Sundance and the Princess Jeopard Surprise Was Robert Redford Gorgeous, A Golden Haired Outlaw Whose Enigmatic Presence Enthralled Tess Gallatin, Made Her Want To Break All The Rules And Lose Herself In His Arms He D Come Aboard Her Boat Pretending To Court The Blue Eyed Cherokee Princess, But His True Mission A Search For A Diamond Stolen From The Kara Royal Treasury Was Endangered By Tess S Sweet, Seductive Laugh She Was A Magnet Drawn To His Steel, But What Hid Behind The Dark Shadows Of His Iceman S Eyes Tess Could Deny Jep Nothing, But Her Deepest Secrets Or Her Mother S Precious Remembrance, But She Never Suspected Her Lover Might Betray Hernor Imagined How Fierce His Fury Might Blaze Jep Felt Heartless For Terrifying The Only Woman Who Had The Power To Hurt Him, But How Could Tess Refuse Him The Truth Once He Unraveled Her Mystery, He Tried To Set Her Free Could Tess Make Him See That His Soul Was Hers, That A Bluebird Must Follow The Sun